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Donald Trump

Gloria Allred Did Jack SQUAT

for Transgender Beauty Queen

4/11/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump claims Gloria Allred...
Donald Trump claims Gloria Allred and her publicity-whoring shenanigans had NOTHING to do with overturning a Miss Universe policy that banned transgender women from its competition -- if anything, Gloria actually hurt their cause.

The Miss Universe Organization just released a statement, claiming its decision to overturn the transgender policy was "a result of our ongoing discussions with GLAAD and not Jenna's legal representation, which if anything delayed the process."

According to the statement, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation contacted the Miss Universe organization on March 24th -- over a week before Allred held her news conference with transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova.

In case you missed it, Gloria held the news conference in protest -- after the Miss Universe organization banned Talackova from competing because she wasn't a female at birth ... a decision that was quickly overturned.

But Trump claims Gloria wasted her breath -- because GLAAD had been working with the Miss Universe organization to rectify its transgender policy long before Allred's "public involvement."



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lost grrl    

You people are among the most intolerant and hateful people I have ever come across. Referring to her as it, he-she, etc...repeating Trumps repulsive Jenna Talia "joke". I wonder if any one of you has ever met a transgendered person (or even a gay person, far that matter) and gotten to know them as a person...I doubt it. There is not a person alive who would choose to face this sort of hatred and discrimination unless they had a deep belief that what they are doing is correcting a discord between body and mind. Some of you have mentioned DNA and how you cannot change that. I would suggest you check out studies done on the brains of transgendered persons--they look and react like the brain of the sex opposite than their birth sex. On top of that, both transgendered and gay people report from a very young age knowing that something is "not quite right" even when they have zero exposure to gays or transgendered people in any way shape or form, even through media. How would you explain that?

One last thing...why do you guys even care? Why take time out of your day to make such hateful remarks? Her existence does not impact yours in any way. And hey! Those of you who are holier than thou should be glad because according to your warped view on Christianity she will be burning in hell while your judgmental self spends eternity in heaven.

891 days ago

Joan K    

Idiot Trump should pack it up too, can't stand the sight of this creep.

891 days ago


Miss Universe?? Good God are those idiot shows still on? I thought beauty pageants were done with long ago. Who in their right mind actually still watches that crap lol

891 days ago


This whole thing is TOTALLY DISGUSTING!!! If you're born a man, YOU ARE A MAN, NO MATTER WHAT you do to surgically alter your appearance. Same goes for being born a woman. I will NEVER watch the Miss USA or Miss Universe again. How revolting. Trump has now totally destroyed the integrity of what was once an amazing set of pageants to watch.

891 days ago


Could Terminatrix be in the pageant? She is living tissue over metal endoskeleton.

891 days ago


men are such pigs

891 days ago


Trump is such a loud mouth jackass!! Gloria's presence made Trump back down!! Love it!!!

891 days ago


They both waste their breath. They both have ego issues. They both like the media too much. They both talk a lot and say nothing.

They both project hypocrisy.

891 days ago


Trump loves to exploit and humiliate women on TV and in the media, it makes him feel better about himself. He is the epitome of a bully.

He loves bullying women and putting them down. If he can humiliate them for attention or ratings, he will do it, look at why he owns the pageants, he loves to exploit women, he has no respect for them.

891 days ago


A guy who bullies and humiliates women for a motive, just shows what a weak, insecure little boy Trump really is.

Little man syndrome.

891 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I really wish Allhead would walk through the wrong neighborhood with a hoody on..................

891 days ago


Can ANYTHING traditional be left alone? If you are born a woman & look halfway decent, then participate in the contest if you want. If you are born a man, then get therapy to figure out why the hell you want to be in a woman's beauty contest. I won't ever watch again because I won't know what I am looking at. Too Bad. Bert Parks is flipping over in his grave!!!

891 days ago


Allred's a bottom feeder

891 days ago


Won't be long before drag queens are allowed, too! Just wait, they'll be suing next year!

891 days ago

Lindsay's duck lips    

Gloria Allred is an old windbag, just like Trump. Here, I for once, agree with Trump. She's ineffective. She uses her "clients" to get her ugly mug on tv. Nearly everyone she "represents" end up worse off than before they met her. She uses her clients for her own ends: More publicity for Gloria.

891 days ago
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