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Donald Trump

Gloria Allred Did Jack SQUAT

for Transgender Beauty Queen

4/11/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump claims Gloria Allred...
Donald Trump claims Gloria Allred and her publicity-whoring shenanigans had NOTHING to do with overturning a Miss Universe policy that banned transgender women from its competition -- if anything, Gloria actually hurt their cause.

The Miss Universe Organization just released a statement, claiming its decision to overturn the transgender policy was "a result of our ongoing discussions with GLAAD and not Jenna's legal representation, which if anything delayed the process."

According to the statement, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation contacted the Miss Universe organization on March 24th -- over a week before Allred held her news conference with transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova.

In case you missed it, Gloria held the news conference in protest -- after the Miss Universe organization banned Talackova from competing because she wasn't a female at birth ... a decision that was quickly overturned.

But Trump claims Gloria wasted her breath -- because GLAAD had been working with the Miss Universe organization to rectify its transgender policy long before Allred's "public involvement."



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just because    

i think donald met his match....but seriously no one wants to see a tranny in a beauty competion. Sometimes i click on tranny porno's on accident and i just can't like it. Even though i am the most nonjudgmental person.

922 days ago


Here we go again. So this is what's been keeping this buffoon up lately.

I wonder if he needed a 'team on the ground' going through birth certificates.

Only one outcome for egomaniacs like Trump. The way of the Gaddhafi family!

922 days ago


hah hah this is probably going to be trumps next wife

922 days ago


i want to say in my opinion that trans gender person looks like trumps daughter ivanka because she looks like a man to if you look at her she looks very manly just like that trans gender person trump thinks hes god yeah write trump fix your ugly hair you look yellow like you have jaundice

922 days ago


donald trump is a moron he has his nose in eveything why dont you talk about how your sons killed beautiful elephants and other exstinct animals you want to bring attention to this what about your pea brained offspring they are deranged idiots killing innocent animals

922 days ago


Trump ranting about someone else's "publicity whoring shena****ns"????? What an ass. Pot meet kettle. Those two are 2 of a kind.

921 days ago


Was "publicity-whoring shena****ns" Trumps words or TMZs? Either way, pot calling the kettle black.

921 days ago


Miss Universe Pageant is a show I watch every year! I am not watching it this year, and I don't think I'll watch it again. I am sure a lot of people will not watch since it will become a freak show. If you are a man/woman and have an operation to become the opposite, you become a freak. You can desguise all you want, but you are who you were born!
The Miss Universe Pageant used to be about a woman's beauty. And the winner is the representative of a woman's grace and beauty. It was a formal show. And I remember years ago, they banned plastic surgery on the contestants. And now this? I know what Trump is going to say after the show, but the ratings will go down. He didn't have the balls to stand his ground, now he can stay with his show of freaks.

921 days ago


I have met a lot of gay people, and although they want to act neutral, they have issues with women. They hate women, but they want to be like them, what the hell is that? Maybe that's why they want to be in women's grounds, to disrespect them.

921 days ago


So, now men are allowed in all the beauty pageants. Any man can have surgery and be allowed in a pageant. Wow. I'll be on stage as soon as I shave my pubes and tuck my meat under my legs. Is there no ffing line that these total sell-outs won't cross. Trump, you sir are a coward.

921 days ago


"publicity-whoring" pot meet kettle...

921 days ago


Another reason why Miss Universe has become irrelevant now. Miss Universe was a goal by many women around the world, and pagents are big business in those countries. now to get a man involved? Why not start the "Miss Tranniverse" contest and allow either men or women.

921 days ago


Give 'em hell Glo!!!!! If Donald had'nt hit on her he never would've known it was a transgender. Besides she looks alot like his daughter.ONLY BETTER!!!!!!

921 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Gloria Allred looks like a drag queen.

921 days ago


No,he doesn't. Gloria Allred looks like the devil himself doesn't matter who's standing by her side! There's no fixing her.

921 days ago
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