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Jennifer Lopez

Rents L.A. Public Beach

Keep Away from My Kids

4/11/2012 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart on a beach.Jennifer Lopez is drawing a line in the sand -- paying nearly a grand to rent out a public beach in L.A. last weekend ... to keep randoms away from her family and children.

Sources tell TMZ, Jennifer forked over $925 to the city of Long Beach to rent out Marine Beach on Saturday -- 3,400 feet of shoreline -- just for her, her kids, her BF Casper Smart and other family and friends.

To keep out the riffraff, we're told lifeguards marked off the water using buoys -- and kept the beach gates locked.

We're told J.Lo and co. brought their own jet skis for awesome fun times -- and even hired a wakeboard instructor.

Meanwhile, a bunch of sad locals stayed home and played with dirt.


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nancy derby     

Who wants to be around them anyone

927 days ago


what an entitled bitch.

927 days ago


When I was little and we went on family outings the nicest part was the interaction with my parents and siblings all together outdoors or on vacation somewhere. Does she even touch her children if she doesn't have to? No wonder these celebrity children are so messed up.

927 days ago


That is one narcissistic b*tch yet she want's everyone to think she's the same ole girl from "the block" - yeah, right, we got it. I hope whomever made this decision is punished to the fullest extent because I'd bet that just any regular Joe couldn't rent out the public beach especially for the measly amount she paid. I'm so disgusted by this but it does remind me why I started hating this woman in the first place!

927 days ago


She would not be able to enjoy the beach with the pap, fans, and angry haters(such as most of these people commenting) around. Come on! Sometimes celebs just want to be normal, and how can they do so attracting so much attention. People snapping pics, running up for autographs, or who knows someone might have run up and threw flour on her in front of her kids. You never know! Who knows what she's been thru dealing with people. I say dont hate unless you are in a person's shoes.

927 days ago


I just have to ask, who would actually want to mess with them??????

927 days ago

just sayin    

J Low probably rented the beach to keep all of the young pretty mothers with their cute children away from Casper so he can't stare and hit on them for some on the side while he is using J Low for her money.

927 days ago


Doesn't this poor excuse for a mother and woman have any place else she can fly a private jet to - or haul some sand to one of her many homes with a pool and make her own beach= nope, she has to flaunt her wealth and close the beach so that how many families - no doubt on spring break cannot go to the PUBLIC beach. I'd be down right pissed off. She has pretty much lost the last ounce of respect I had for her.

927 days ago


i think its cool a person can rent out a beach from the city and celebs should be able to do that or anyone else with the money for that matter! home pools dont come close to the fun experience of an ocean or lake and beach. plus its great revenue for a city to do something like that.
boo-hoo to you cry babies if a few hundred feet of beach was closed off, like their isnt more out of it in california.

927 days ago

just sayin    

She is probably only dating Casper because his last name is "Smart"...its the ONLY REASON to use Jennifer Lopez and Smart in the same sentence!

927 days ago


Keeping a bunch of kids off of Mother's Beach during SPRING BREAK! Two losers: city of Long Beach (which is money grabbing... I work there) and JLo.

927 days ago


Im still Jenny from the block.....?

927 days ago


I'm just tired of hearing about how celebs buy exclusive access to public areas. Im with NWA - play in your own pool or since you're back to making zillions of dollars, go buy an island.

927 days ago


While odd that an individual would do so, film production companies take over Long Beach beaches quite frequently. Most of CSI:Miami is filmed in LB. As an LBer, I think our beaches should be rented for far more than 925.

Mother's Beach is a popular spot for families with little kids. There is a playground and the water has no waves because it is actually in a bay/wetland. However, because of that the water is nasty. It regularly receives an F rating for clean water.

927 days ago


You shouldn't be able to rent or own 'Public' property like that. I don't care who you are, how many waterfront properties does she own or rent. No let's deny everyone a public beach because you are selfish.

927 days ago
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