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Jennifer Lopez

Rents L.A. Public Beach

Keep Away from My Kids

4/11/2012 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart on a beach.Jennifer Lopez is drawing a line in the sand -- paying nearly a grand to rent out a public beach in L.A. last weekend ... to keep randoms away from her family and children.

Sources tell TMZ, Jennifer forked over $925 to the city of Long Beach to rent out Marine Beach on Saturday -- 3,400 feet of shoreline -- just for her, her kids, her BF Casper Smart and other family and friends.

To keep out the riffraff, we're told lifeguards marked off the water using buoys -- and kept the beach gates locked.

We're told J.Lo and co. brought their own jet skis for awesome fun times -- and even hired a wakeboard instructor.

Meanwhile, a bunch of sad locals stayed home and played with dirt.


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I am so ashamed of the comments I have read...It wasn't Mothers Beach and yes, the city does rent the Marine Stadium for revenue.
Bad timing (start of Easter vacation)but otherwise not out of the ordinary. Shame for the
ugly comments and foul language. Can't believe the hate and anger expressed.

893 days ago


She needs to focus on keeping her men away from her innocent children,but I guess once a whore always a whore! Sad, Mark should take those kids, she is teaching her daughter how to be a whore! SAD

893 days ago


That snobby no talent over-sexed maniac would think of herself so highly.. Taking away from other beach goers..they don't want to be near your stuck up ass anyway JHo.. and I hardly would call her a good mother when she has bodyguards and nanny's doing it all for her, while she ****s around with her younger moron.

893 days ago


She rented out marine stadium people do it all the time no big deal. Glad to see her out enjoying life

893 days ago


I can respect the fact that she wants her privacy and to be left alone and enjoy somewhat of a normal life from time to time. However, stars have special places for this type of thing and I'm sure she already owns or know someone how owns there own private beach as it is.

893 days ago

Beau Hajavitch    

If anyone young with a great voice didn't like it, enter American Idol, make it to the live shows, and confront her with it after performing on a live show on FOX in front of 12 million viewers! THAT'LL get her!

893 days ago

Belmont Dude    

Just for everyone's info, I live in this particular area, and happened to be walking my dogs after Easter dinner on Sunday. First off, the area is NOT Mothers Beach, that is also a public beach that was packed with hundreds of kids and families. This area is also not private, as there were many people around near where Ms. Lopez and her family were hanging out. We saw her. No big deal. She was just being a mom and enjoying time with her family, causing no inconvenience for anyone. Hundreds of people must have walked or rode their bikes down that street all day long without noticing her so the previous comments are unwarranted. The stadium can in fact be rented out to any one at any time for your private functions. So, her family rented it that weekend? It's not like we were quarantined from the area. You all are being a bit rough.

892 days ago


1) she rented the Marine Stadium which is the waterway so that she can use the seadoos which are normally banned from the Stadium

2) the Marine Stadium beach remained opened to the public and the gates were down only to close the boat launches since the Stadium was rented

3) this was not the public beach known as Mother's Beach which was NOT closed or rented out. Mother's Beach close by but not part of the Marine Stadium

4) no swimming is allowed at the Marine Stadium as it's a motor boat only stretch of water, so your account that lifeguards marked off the beach with buoys is incorrect

5) I was one of the locals who was walking along the Marine Stadium beach as JLo and family were there. The only dirt I played with the lovely sand between my toes.

892 days ago


Too bad my friend was on mothers beach that day with her family and nothing was blocked off. they got several pictures of her riding her bike and playing with the kids... I dont know where this information came from, But its obviously incorrect.. lol People always believe everything they read

892 days ago


I guess celebrities don't know what to spend there millions on anymore!

892 days ago


Sugar Mama you can't buy LOVE You are not feit to be a mother. You paying him to be with you.

890 days ago


"I'm just Jenny from the block" ass

881 days ago
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