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Joe Eszterhas

Mel Said John Lennon

Deserved To Be Shot

4/12/2012 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Mel Gibson celebrates John Lennon's death, claiming he deserved to die ... this according to the screenwriter of the failed "Maccabee" project, Joe Eszterhas.

In a scathing 9-page letter, obtained by The Wrap, Eszterhas claims Mel once ranted about the departed Beatle, "I'm glad he's dead. He deserved to be shot. He was f**king messianic. Listen to his songs! Imagine. I hate that f**king song. I'm glad he's dead."

According to Eszterhas, Mel saved his true fury for Oksana Grigorieva, saying, "I want to f**k her in the ass and stab her while I'm doing it."

And on the business side, Eszterhas claims Mel said this of Ari Emanuel, the head of the William Morris Endeavor Agency: "He's a c*nt Jewboy."

Mel has fired back at Joe, claiming the letter is a pack of lies.



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More %^$*& Bull **** from a no hopper Really what next This is total crap Easy to see people still have in in for Mel

Why can't they just lay off and leave him alone


922 days ago



922 days ago


.....Harvey is on a rampage again his trotted out his old Hate Mel Gibson Pony and is beatin the living hell out of it for all its worth.....
But I really think he has taken that one step to far on his vendetta against MeL Gibson this time because this time there is not the welfare of his baby girl he has to protect at all costs and he doesn't have to hold back his guns from firing back....And I am hoping like hell he comes ofter TMZ and Harvey Levin and the Jewish cartel that runs Hollywood ..they have been out to ruin the mans life and Career for years because he had the guts to tell them to kiss his ass when he started making more money then they did...and thats what its all about folks MONEY that he has and they don't...and they are playing the hate Jew card again...So dam sick of it ...I don't like Mel Gibson never have and never will but dam if I like a dam bunch of bullies Jewish or Arabs or Martians using their power to destroy anybody that gets in their way...
They tried it against Robert Taylor ....and tried to destroy his career again and again...but he died having the last laugh cause he died richer then all of them put together and probably owning the very land their dam studios stood on....
Sorry for the Rant but check in and saw the front page and blew my top....
These are the very same people who are pushing Lindsay Lohan down the publics throat every day...Grrrrrrrrrr !

922 days ago


Well, those DO sound like things Mel Gibson would say..hmmm...

922 days ago


I think there is something seriously wrong with Mel. Hit is coming.e does not act like a grounded, stable person. He is full of hatred. I hope he gets help before he kills someone he disagrees with, it is coming.

922 days ago


Another psycho is trying to hurt Mel Gibson.. Unbelievable! Love u, Mel!

922 days ago


So... Mel said all this, but this guy still wanted to work with him? What's that say about him?

922 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I like Mel and think it's funny sh*t when he goes on his alleged "rants", sometimes the truth hurts......

922 days ago


Cut the crap.

922 days ago


Ok, Mel said he wanted John Lennon dead........ It's not like we don't hear that all the at school or at a work place. Stop screwing with Mel those other times when he said that **** about his wife and the Jews. HE WAS DRUNK!!!! We all have done **** when we're ****ed up. Leave him alone,.

922 days ago


Who gives a flying CHIT!!!
~~ Mel Gibson rocks!! :)

922 days ago


5150 hold on Joe Eszterhas is right! Joe E gets fired by Warner Bros, goes stark raving mad, accusing Mel of all this stuff that Joe was party to? Joe would have stayed if he hadn't been canned? It doesn't add up. Besides, Mel wouldn't want to do anything with Ox that included physical contact! He wouldn't want to have to take another series of super-antibiotics LOL

922 days ago


Joe Eszterhas is a total failed script writer. add this one to the rest rejected scripts of his in the last 10 years. in 2007 Joe Eszterhas was fired for not finishing up the script for POLICE ACADEMY 8: COPS IN CHINA because he wanted Joe Piscopo to play the lead instead of Steve Guttenberg. Jackie Chan was also cast in the movie but Joe insisted Jackie Chan was not chinese enough for the role. He also couldn't deliver the script for the movie BLOSSOM based on the early 90's tv show in 2003 because he wanted to kill the main character Blossom Ruby Russo from an overdose of heroin. Joe has mental issues and is an uncontrollable hollywood freak show. outside of writing scripts, Joe is known to cupping his farts and storing them in jars. he was also convicted in stalking Gabe Kaplin from the tv show welcome back kotter in the mid 70's. Joe is in need of some serious help, and if he don't get it immediately it will be too late.

922 days ago

Mister E    

Mel kicks ass and his movies rock

922 days ago


I see Joe Eszterhas is still a "smut peddler" - I just read his 9 page letter to The Wrap. What a kook! He's writes like a cheap B movie horror movie LOL

922 days ago
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