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Oksana Grigorieva

Mel Should Be Investigated

4/11/2012 7:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Oksana Grigorieva is not publicly commenting about statements Mel Gibson allegedly made about her to screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, but her rep is doing the talking, and he tells TMZ authorities should launch a probe.

Eszterhas claims Mel talked about offing Oksana several times. To that Oksana's rep, Steve Jaffe says, "Mr. Eszterhas' charges are extremely serious and should be investigated by the authorities immediately."

Jaffe says Oksana has no comment. We're told she signed a confidentiality agreement with Mel when they ended their custody/money war.


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She should SHUT UP and GO AWAY. What has she contributed to the common good? A bastard child? Is that all she can do other then convince TMZ to continue running her smears and innuendo all to often.

Shame on TMZ for allowing this woman any space at all.

932 days ago


Investigated?? Really? For What? It's freedom of speech, you don't have to agree with how he feels or what he said!

931 days ago


Investigate him for what? Even if he said every abhorrent thing they claim, there is not one law broken. It is not illegal to be a bigot, so why waste taxpayer money "investigating"? Because Oksana hates Mel? She is worthless.

931 days ago


oh, you stupid, stupid, vindictive biotch. you
have already been down this path and were proven wrong.
go away ox, far, far, far away.

931 days ago


Ugh, I thought we got rid of her! Every time she opens her crazy mouth, she actually makes Mel look saner (quite an accomplishment). Can we drop off her and Octomom on a deserted island and leave them there forever?

931 days ago


She says he should be investigated - I say she should be shot. End of story...

931 days ago


When did the freedom to say whatever you want die? You don't have to agree with what he says but he should have the right to say it. Way too much censorship going on. We do have the right to say stupid stuff if we want. No one has to listen to it.

931 days ago


LOL I would think having your rep make public comments violates any confidentiality agreement. What a stupid bitch she is.

931 days ago


I've read every word Mel was alleged to have said about Octomom. C'mon face it! Every man has thought the very same thing 100 times over about her.........................allegedly!

931 days ago


I'm guessing this Butt Bangin' and Stabbing her while doin' was part of those tapes!
Let the investigation begin.

931 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Mel is an Actor/Director, not a moral leader. Even if all he is accused of saying is true, he has the RIGHT to say it and do so without persecution. (I do not believe he has said all he is accused of saying.) His rights have been violated severely.

Jesse Jackson is a moral leader. HE stands at his pupit in public, sober and has done so repeatedly screaming about 'whitie'. And yet HE never has a word said against him. Whites don't have rights??

Look at all the other ppl that have said hidious things and they live on, long fogrgotten in most cases, never in the news:

no names as names are not the point:
-a druggie, reportedly beat his wife, held a knife to her throat, made much worse anti semitic remarks
-while sober made very public and hateful anti semitic remark
-in the midst of a stage gig made hateful racist remarks
-while sober made incredibly hateful anti semitic remarks
-sober, threw a phone at a clerk, has had a handful of other public anger moments--by public I mean they were made in public
-attacked people in a fit of rage multiple times in public, inflicting actual damage that left visible marks
- while sober bit a man's ear off, pummeled his wife (see those pictures! really was hit multiple times definitely visible bruising and swelling and yet no teeth broken, convicted and did a term in jail
-beat his girlfriends face and body, and bit her! See those pictures! A face that was really hit multiple times, no doubt of that-- definitely visible bruising and swelling and yet no teeth broken. (NOTE: Nope not a mistake repeat--two different cases.) Hm...
-convicted thief
-multiple arrests for drug possession, shop lifting, drunk driving, served time in jail
-multiple arrests for drug possession, drunk driving, served time in jail
-served multiple sentences for drug offenses, broke and entered another's house
-drugged and raped a child (at least one), pled guilty and has never paid any price
-engaged in sexual abuse of his adopted daughter--any way you cut that she was abused and he admits guilt
-repeatedly has stood behind his pulpit and pounds away while he yells about 'whitie'. A racist epithet if there ever was one.
-multiple leaders, moral and government, of our country that have been caught in sexual abuse cases of the young, and sometimes very young
-warred on other nations at will without approval from the international powers that govern such. Be it right or wrong it doesn't change the fact that he did indeed do it.

Something is seriously wrong in this country.

931 days ago


She is a gold digging, ****roach st*r*****r. Her first kid is from a famous actor, then she found "love" with another A lister. Her "album" is out, not selling, so her "spokesperson/lawyer", who she should not need at this point, goes straight to TMZ. This gypsy is lucky she isn't in jail for extortion. I'm not defending Gibson, but this ho is s***.

931 days ago


"...and he tells TMZ authorities should launch a probe.
..." either TMZ writers need better punctuation, or TMZ has an authoritative arm :-)

931 days ago


Who cares what he said or did not say. This is AMERICA we are allowed to have our own opinions. There are MORE important things in this world to worry about. Get over it people.

931 days ago


Investigated for what??? Because his opinions do not fall in line with the hollywood liberals opinions? I know that in my life (and everyone else can say this) I have said stupid things. Come on now, who hasn't? Should we be investigated because someone doesn't like what we said? Liberals = Nazi's

931 days ago
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