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'Hunger Games' Star

U.S. Should LOWER

Boozing Age to 18

4/12/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If 18-year-olds can fire a shot in war ... they should be able to take a shot in a bar ... so says "Hunger Games" star Josh Hutcherson.

Hutcherson was leaving STK last night when we asked a question inspired by his 19-year-old co-star Alexander Ludwig ... who triggered an investigation when he left a 21+ bar in Hollywood this week.

Hutcherson tells us the drinking age in America simply doesn't make sense -- saying, "I think the age to go to war is 18 ... so I think the drinking age should be 18 as well."

Hutcherson raises a good point ... so we gotta ask ...


No Avatar


This shouldn't even be a debate, you can vote, you can go to war and risk your life, or take another humans life, you can gamble, smoke, do porn BUT GOD FORBID YOU HAVE A ****ING BEER!.. makes zero sense period.

902 days ago


Get some smart camera people TMZ, 18 to buy lottery tickets and 19 to Drink in Canada


902 days ago


21 age for drinking is nonsense imo...(well i don't drink nor smoke) but in my observations people who are even 18 and below are drinking already especially like when there are parties or social gatherings

902 days ago

johnny G    

Seriously You DUMB ****ing idiot!! 18 legal age to drink?!?! someone slap this kid & his Mama!!!!

902 days ago


Yes, because what America needs is more minors drinking...

902 days ago

James Jones Sr.     

We have Enough ******* out here Already , Let them Wait ....

902 days ago


Drinking age should remain at 21, but the draft age should be raised to 21.

902 days ago

Just sayin    

I hate to point out the obvious, but- IF someone is in the US Military they can drink at 18, on military bases... so that argument doesn't hold up. I live in Italy where children are allowed to drink and it is part of society they have less problems with binge drinking because people grow up accepting responsibility for alcohol consumption. In America, it seems the government feels the need to act as a parent. Maybe if more people took control of their children at an early age the government wouldn't have to intervene.

902 days ago


If you can get your head shot off in Afghanistan at age 18 you should be allowed to enjoy a cold beer on a hot day or wine at the dinner table with family. I did! BTW I hardly ever drink as an adult now.

902 days ago


18 if they are on active duty in the military, otherwise 21.

902 days ago


18 year olds are young idiots as it is. Especially boys. Boys have the maturity of 10 year olds till they're about 30. Do we really need to feed them alcohol at 18? Half of tweezers can't even hold their alcohol as legally aged drinkers.

902 days ago


I think if a person is old enough to die for their country, and vote, their old enough to drink. Some countrys in Europe allow children to drink some wine with their meals. In this way drinking isn't that big of a deal, where they sneak out to some party, and get drunk, and in trouble. There's a lot of thoughts out there on the subject.

902 days ago


I would argue we should raise the age you can enter the army to 21... That's a more important debate than whether not an 18 year old should be getting their "drink on".

902 days ago


The difference is "firing a shot in war"....and drinking is that those in the military are under ADULT SUPERVISION!

902 days ago

Richie P    

the legal drinking age is 18 in all states, but the government will cut funding to the states for the roads if they don't abide to making the legal drinking age 21. Look it up...

902 days ago
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