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Joe Eszterhas

My Son Taped A Lot

Of Mel's Hateful Rants

4/12/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0412_joe_eszterhas_gettyJoe Eszterhas tells TMZ ... he has hard proof that he witnessed the hate-filled rants he -- or someone -- just disclosed to the world, because his teenage son secretly recorded much of it.

Joe tells us, "A lot of the stuff is on tape." He says the recordings were made in Costa Rica -- by his son Nick. Joe would not say if the alleged comment about John Lennon -- "I'm glad he's dead. He deserved to be shot," or the comment about Oksana Grigorieva, "I want to f**k her in the ass and stab her while I'm doing it," or the comment about William Morris/Endeavor Chairman Ari Emanuel, "He's a C**t Jewboy," were all on tape.

In his letter to Mel, Joe wrote that his son recorded some of Mel's outbursts on his iPhone, but the letter did not disclose how much -- now Joe says, "a lot."

Joe also says people who allegedly witnessed Mel's rants are willing to come forward.

As for "The Maccabees" script that Warner Bros. rejected, Joe said, "I'm heartbroken. I put my heart and soul into a script for someone who hates Jews."

Joe said, "He needs help. Badly."


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Jewish Mayhem    

As if Gibson's latest crap is any surprise to any of us. Give me an f'in break!

Joe, you are probably more reprehensible because you knowingly tried to work with a Jew hater. Shmuck. Capo goof.

WB is just as bad for pushing this debacle. More shmucks and capos.

Just proves once again just how spineless and vapid and unprincipled and honorless most Jews in Hollywood and in the entertainment biz truly are. I bet half of HAMAS's budget comes from Jewish Hollywood donations.

Sometimes the line: "It's just business", does not cut it anymore.

Who needs enemies with Jews like these!

863 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Mel sure knows how to pick them...
first, a gold digger GF,
and then Joe Eszterhas to
write his "Jewish movie"
Talk about POOR judgment...

863 days ago


Joe Eszter-ass is a idiot..I dont care if Mel has tantrums..Joe looks like he could throw a few good ones himself, oh wait he has, only he acts like a coward..and isnt it illegal to tape someone without their knowledge , or is he going to try to blackmail Mel like the Oxy-ho tried...and who cares what the hell he said about that racist Ari Emmanuel, who by the way is probably behind all of this...those Hollywood Jew boy bullies never learn or let go of anything..enough with the Mel bashing we are all tired of it..let the man make a living....Go Mel

863 days ago


Hey douchebag Eszterhas, we know you're pissed about your rejected script. Just sell those tapes to Radaronline like Ox did instead of trying to extort Mel in this subtle fashion.

863 days ago


Why did he specifically mention that the SECRET recordings were done in Costa Rica. Hmmm maybe cuz its illegal to record someone without their knowledge in the some states.

863 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Mel went of the deep end
after POTC...
Karma from above!
Religious HYPOCRITE!

863 days ago


You got the audio? Play it. ANYTHING that proves some of what Eszterhas mentioned in that letter will show what Mel is really like. Just do it so we can see who is really telling the truth.

863 days ago


Who cares? Doesn't mean Joe isn't a famewhore with an agenda.
Mel needs to keep skumbags out of his home and he'll be fine. We should all be able to speak freely in this country, especially in our own homes.

863 days ago


i took the time to read the entire letter.

it reads more like a short story than a personal letter. if it was only sent to mel's personal assistant, why is it out in the open now?

why take your wife and your SON to someone that violent and aggressive?


it's the same with mel as it is with michael jackson. once accused, always guilty.

that guy is just upset cause his stupid script is lame. and with this "letter", he gets all the wanted attention. smart move but on the wrong person's back!

863 days ago


Tellthetruth59: 10 minutes ago
Hey douchebag Eszterhas, we know you're pissed about your rejected script. Just sell those tapes to Radaronline like Ox did instead of trying to extort Mel in this subtle fashion.

863 days ago


an iphone, don't they record video too
is there an a.v. recording

863 days ago

just my opinion    

just curious to the mel supporters...if the tapes are revealed and we here him AGAIN making racist, misognystic, hateful and sexist remarks...will you STILL justify his bigotry? still forgive him because he made lethal weapon? I truly dont understand the logic. he has a RIGHT to say and feel how he wants about anyone, id never take that right from anyone...but theres a big difference in agreeing in his right to opinion and actually saying people should stop being sensitive, who cares, etc etc. this type of destructive thinking is the reason why so many injustices have taken place throughout the world.

the problem is...many people are so far removed from experiencing hate that they cant empathesize OR theyre too stupid to care, too busy worried about the new iphone 5. kinda sad.

863 days ago


Did TMZ read the letter? Bottom of page 8 says that Esterhas' son recorded the event on his IPOD. So, either Joe had a brain fart and thought it was an IPhone or it was an ipod and there is no recording.

863 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Get The Gringo...

Total budget 20 mill.
made less than 1 mill since it's
release March 22...
(in Russia and UKRAINE, O$kanky Grig's
another BOMB for Mel!
An aging and raging Hollywood HAS BEEN!
The Norma Desmond of Malibu!

863 days ago


AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!! Anything that has been "digitally" recorded can be "EASILY" edited, PERIOD!!! Of course, Joe Eszterhas ISN'T commenting on his "OWN" contributions to these so-called RANTS!!! What I really don't understand is "WHY" would Joe Eszterhas allow his child to be "EXPOSED" to this sort of behavior unless he regularly "EXPOSES" his child to the EXACT SAME OUTBURSTS!!! His timing for the release of these alleged "rants" are also SOMEWHAT SUSPICIOUS considering he's angry because Warner Brothers decided NOT TO MOVE FORWARD WITH HIS SCRIPT!!! Joe Eszterhas seems to have quite a reputation for going "NUCLEAR" when he DOESN'T GET HIS WAY!!! Could he have possibly "EMBELLISHED" his account of what actually happened -- MOST CERTAINLY!!! His own "reputation" ISN'T ABOVE REPROACH!!!

863 days ago
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