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Joe Eszterhas

My Son Taped A Lot

Of Mel's Hateful Rants

4/12/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0412_joe_eszterhas_gettyJoe Eszterhas tells TMZ ... he has hard proof that he witnessed the hate-filled rants he -- or someone -- just disclosed to the world, because his teenage son secretly recorded much of it.

Joe tells us, "A lot of the stuff is on tape." He says the recordings were made in Costa Rica -- by his son Nick. Joe would not say if the alleged comment about John Lennon -- "I'm glad he's dead. He deserved to be shot," or the comment about Oksana Grigorieva, "I want to f**k her in the ass and stab her while I'm doing it," or the comment about William Morris/Endeavor Chairman Ari Emanuel, "He's a C**t Jewboy," were all on tape.

In his letter to Mel, Joe wrote that his son recorded some of Mel's outbursts on his iPhone, but the letter did not disclose how much -- now Joe says, "a lot."

Joe also says people who allegedly witnessed Mel's rants are willing to come forward.

As for "The Maccabees" script that Warner Bros. rejected, Joe said, "I'm heartbroken. I put my heart and soul into a script for someone who hates Jews."

Joe said, "He needs help. Badly."


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Cuj you're such a wee-wee. Tell and Kathleen aren't cornered, they're running circles around you. None of us are a flock, we just don't like criminals. Mel is just a A type big mouth of the wild Irish kind - doesn't bother me, in fact it's rather refreshing to hear some honest feelings in this age of phonies. Bring on the tapes. I'm bored.

925 days ago


@Frieda - I so want those tapes. North Korean launching the worlds most expensive roman candle while their people starve. Obama trying to shake down the tax payers with his Buffet Rule so the GSA can hire mind readers, clowns and vacation in Hawaii. Give me a good politically incorrect rant. I need a laugh. Bring on the tapes.

925 days ago


Tell I don't recall seeing a personal attack against you. We are questioning flock logic because what Giblitz is OFTEN accused of, and even ADMITS to on certain occasions is beyond the pale and you know it. It makes us wonder where you draw the line ad far as bad behavior goes. NO ADULT has a right to visit their rage on a child, their own or otherwise, without repercussions. Mr Mel said himself he doesn't care about repercussions anymore, so his punishment that should otherwise be administered by the proper authorities gets meted out here and in other press. If he doesn't like it (WWAAAAAAA! I LOOK SO OLD!!!). That's too damn bad!

925 days ago


Taping without notification or participation may not be illegal in Costa Rica, where the recording took place. Also the recording isn't part of a lawsuit (yet?) and haven't been played publicly, merely Joe states that recordings exist. If his son was recording Mel, probably the son was in the room at the time, even if he didn't talk much, so maybe he was a participant. But regardless, Mel is a known bigot and has threatened other women in addition to Oksana. Probably he's in the midst of a crushing midlife crisis and still has substance or prescription drug problems. He probably is becoming bitter since his wife got fed up with his womanizing. I pity his daughter Lucia! He either will abuse her for simply being her mother's child or will poison her against her mother or terrify her with his rages - poor kid!!!

925 days ago


Cuj -- weren't you 'Team Mel' once upon a time? Forgive if I don't recall. I've been through an EF-5 tornado since those days and my life has been topsy-turvy since.

925 days ago


@Cug - I was attacked. Read back. Here is where we part ways. I don't necessary believe what Eszterhas says is 100% true. I think JE is possibly a bigger nutcase than Gibson and a HUGE opportunist. Did you read those links that Frieda posted? If Gibson is nutty (and I'm sure he is), Eszterhas is King Nut with less money.

925 days ago

Big Boy Pants    

Joe is a talentless crybaby... all that aside, who cares what Mel may or may not have said. Damn, we are getting to the point where you aren't able to express yourself in the privacy of your own home? I find that far more scary than any sh!t Gibson might have to say.

925 days ago


Show videos or it didn"t happen.

925 days ago


BigBoyPants: about a minute ago
Joe is a talentless crybaby... all that aside, who cares what Mel may or may not have said. Damn, we are getting to the point where you aren't able to express yourself in the privacy of your own home? I find that far more scary than any sh!t Gibson might have to say.
WOW BIG BOY PANTS! You've posted ONE COMMENT (in the last 10mins) and yet you have such insight. AMAZING.
I see Dumb Bunny Sam is creating new Pro-MELLERS!
@ CUJ - funny how the flock discredits what Joe is saying (i guess because there's no proof) yet the unsubstantiated claims from MR MEL were taken as gospel!
I'm beginning to think it was MEL who was running around the backyard in MELLIBOO (like he did in Costa Rica)

925 days ago


The only was this project would have turned out well was if he found a script laying on the bus.
This guy is famous for writing 2 movies... one of them the only thing people remember is Sharon Stone flashing her beaver, and the other one was Showgirls.

925 days ago


Joe Eszterhas comes across like a social parasite , totally classless , much like the Russian- Baby-Mama from last year's headlines. Disgruntaled employee with an ax to grind who uses junior to secretly tape private conversation. In many states thats a crime. Hope TMZ paid you the asking price Mr. Eszterhus because you're a s***bag of a humen being.

925 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Isn't this the guy that played Hagrid in all the Harry Potter movies? Didn't know he could write!

925 days ago


Well, Joe (who rivals Mel for looney-ness), smoke 'em if you've got 'em. Fire up the tapes and let's have a listen. The easiest part is knowing damn well Mel's more than capable of that kind of rant.

925 days ago

Tigers Wood    

The movie industry is so hypocritical because they aren't bothered that a pedophile known as Roman Polanski wants to make movies, but Mel Gibson, who has only said words, is somehow worse. Simply outrageous.

925 days ago


@Joe Eszterhas - bring on the tapes. We're bored. Are you still haggling with Radar Online?

925 days ago
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