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Kate Major Calls Cops on

Michael Lohan ... for Millionth Time

4/12/2012 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Major
just called the cops on Michael Lohan (again) -- claiming he violated his restraining order (again) -- but Michael insists it's all BS (again).

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Michael's on-again-off-again-on-again GF called the Delray Beach Police Dept. in Florida today, claiming Lohan had shown up to a salon she was at (a violation of the current protective order against him) and started furiously banging on the glass windows.

We're told cops showed up -- but by the time they arrived, Michael had already split.

But Lohan tells us, he didn't violate the court order because Kate INVITED him to the salon in the first place ... to borrow money from him.

Michael says Kate has been seriously involved with him recently and -- shocker -- the two have been secretly living together for awhile.

Law enforcement sources tell us, police took Kate's report when they showed up to the salon -- and have also spoken with Michael about his side of the story.

We're told the case will be referred to the Florida State Attorney's Office -- to decide if charges will be filed.


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buzz kill    

Now we know where Lindsay gets it from.

888 days ago

buzz kill    

You don't have half a brain between them. One is as crazy as the other. the cops should just ignore them, let them kill each other. Who cares?

888 days ago


Not that she matters but this Ho has lost all credibility with me.....btw....she looks like a blonde & smaller version of KHLOE KARDASHIAN, doesn't she?

888 days ago

Jay W.     

These two... may very well be... the dumbest people on planet Earth !

888 days ago

Phil Mcl    

I hope Michael has to go in front of the told him. I don't care if she calls you and tells you to come over. You are not to go over there for any reason! There is definitely something wrong with this man. If a girl friend ever called the cops on me. That would be the last time. I would ever,ever talk to her!! i would be so gone.

888 days ago


I just wish these 2 douchbags would spontaniously combust.

888 days ago


The po-po have set her up to get a "frequent caller discount" fact, she only has to dial "9"...the phone understands that the 11 is implied.

888 days ago


They both need to be deprogrammed from each other and locked up thousands of miles away from one another. So sick of hearing of this TMZ.

888 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Alright, I used to like this guy but his repeated facination with this pathetic POS has worn me out. He's a real dumba*s that's all I gotti say........

Shot her fat a*s already so we can be spared this kind of BS in the future.....

888 days ago


Again, another pic with his damn mouth open! I loathe these wastes of cellular material!

888 days ago


Who cares?

888 days ago


Kate Major is a joke. The next time she calls the police about Michael Lohan, they should just hang up on her. If she's dumb enough to stick with him after all this sh_t, then she deserves whatever he does to her.

888 days ago


Funny how whenever Lindsay is in trouble for something, Micheal ends up in the tabloids for something. Does he do it on purpose to take the heat off of Lindsay, or is this just one messed up family all the way around?

888 days ago


Can someone please take the trash out of delrey???

888 days ago


like father like daughter.

888 days ago
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