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Kim & Khloe Kardashian

INSANE Road Rage Standoff

in Middle of L.A. Street

4/12/2012 9:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

and Khloe Kardashian furiously jumped out of their car yesterday in the middle of a busy L.A. street -- after another vehicle nearly ran into them -- and now, footage has surfaced of the angry standoff.

It's unclear what happened right before the cameras started rolling -- but sources tell TMZ, the other car had been driving aggressively, turning into Kim and Khloe's lane ... as if trying to run them off the road.

Here's where the footage starts -- Khloe, who's driving, cuts the other car off to corner it in ... then she and Kim angrily hop out to see what the hell the deal is.

It gets crazy fast -- Khloe BUM RUSHES the car's driver side door and tries to open it. Meanwhile, Kim snaps pics of the car's license plate.

Sources tell us, a woman was driving the other car with another female in the passenger seat. In the backseat, we're told some guy wearing a CBS Sports t-shirt was filming the entire altercation.

The footage is pretty wild ... but it only lasts a few seconds -- before the other car backs out and takes off.

Kim tweeted a pic of the other car's license plate yesterday (below) -- with the caption, "This driver tried to hit us and run while video taping it. She works for CBS Sports. Wow drivers beware."

Kim Kardashian hit and run image from Twitterupdate_bar
11:00 AM PT: A spokeswoman for CBS Sports tells TMZ, "There is nothing that makes us believe this person works for CBS Sports." The rep had no further comment.

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No Avatar


just don't watch their show coming out in may publicity stunt

892 days ago


What gives Kim Kardashian the right to post someones licence plate on twitter that is just as good as giving an adress and instead of rushing the car how come they did not just take down the plate and call the police. Just for tweeting the lince plate kims twitter account should be taken away by twitter. is Kim trying to get her follwers to harm this person what is the difference between a celbrity twitter using it to give out peoples address to do harm to them and what lets say charles Manson did telling his followers to go kill even though he was never at a crime seen isnt it the same thing celebrities are doing on twitter.

892 days ago


I see the circus is back in town. Now if those two would only get back to the feedlot things would be better for all of us.

892 days ago


I now feel stupider

892 days ago


Anything yet again to be put in the news....the 2 fat asses always have to be filmed....i wouldn't doubt it if they planned the whole fiasco....she's got some frigin nerve fat ass khloe trying to confront the person, to bad that person didn't punch her out or better still point a gun at her dumb ass....they get me sick.....when are they ever going to GO AWAY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YUKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

892 days ago


With SO MANY people despising them (obvious from comments on every "story"), who the hell is supporting their continuing wealth-building?? Watching their shows, buying their products, whatever else they make money off of.

I first watched out of curiosity. Could not stand the whiny, nasal voices and mind-blowing stupidity and fakeness of all of them. Never tuned in again. Never would again.

Someone is still supporting them. There must be a lot of hypocrites out there.

892 days ago


they seem so hated. Surely the read some of the stuff people think of them, yet the come accross as though the think everyone loves them. Tough skin a guess. I would have cracked a long time ago.

892 days ago

river rat    

I smell a set up! Surprised they don't have cameras filming their morning crap. This family is the lowest form of bottom feeder.

892 days ago


These girls are so ghetto. Another made up story for even more attention. They both need a real job.

892 days ago


khloe the BEST way to get a bullet between the eyes is to block someone in with your vehicle, bum rush the driver door trying to get inside.

It does not matter how the other person was driving, when you pulled in front of them then blocked them in you no longer could use the victim card.

892 days ago


****. If Kloe did that here in my town, she would get her ass kicked big time or even shot or just ran her and Kim over. What the **** is wrong with you? And you leave your vehicle in the middle of the road. That could be a big accident waiting to happen!

Stupidity is spreading.

892 days ago


they must have thought that there was some black **** in the car

892 days ago


it is the public that can make or break the kardashians and if you dislike them so much then quit commenting on them. you commenting on them makes them relevent so therefore you make them successful. So you need to fight temptation and quit making them relevent if they irritate you so much, and not watch their shows and buy their product its as simple as that

892 days ago


Sounds to me like OctoLeach's death threat and window breakage!! Another set up ploy to get attention!! This is what no talents do to keep in the news!!

892 days ago

World Record    

Look , bigfoots ass is like huge. Stomping around LA like she owns it, get your fat ass back to Dallas where we traded you. I hate those ho,s. I hope Chris burns Kim's ass. Shes a SKANK. She goes through boyfriends like a pair of dirty panties. Maybe she will go back to her home in New York, Fits her good A stupid yankee

892 days ago
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