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Lindsay Lohan's Accuser

Lawyer Dredges Up LiLo's Past

'Once a Liar, Always a Liar'

4/12/2012 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0_0ajhovcx_0_znrxmozkThe lawyer for Lindsay Lohan's latest accuser just went off on live television -- claiming the actress has proven time and time again ... she spews nothing but lies ... and her "I was at home" excuse is no exception.

Mark Haushalter -- the lawyer for Lindsay's assault-accuser Marisa Dugas -- appeared on Good Day L.A. this morning, blasting Lindsay's alibi that she couldn't have attacked his client at The Standard Hotel last weekend ... because she was at home watching TV.

Mark said, "Let's not forget Lindsay Lohan has a drug addiction problem, a drinking problem, and has been convicted of crimes of dishonesty."

According to Mark, Lindsay's excuse counts for jack squat -- because "Once a liar, always a liar."


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He's a lawyer and he has the nerve to call someone ELSE a liar? She's not the most trustworthy but I can't believe that not a single paparazzi got a shot of her out at a club.

887 days ago


Bet Obama, pics him up to be one of his political advisor's. He would fit right in with this clown show.

887 days ago



Get real man! You haters say Lindsays pays someone off when it suits you. How about this for an answer, Lilo isn't the Standard's only customer, they have a privacy policy like most clubs, there were many celebrities there that night, if they pass the tapes over they would be giving information out about the other customers. They will give the tapes to police after a supeona is issued. Its normal.

887 days ago


I REALLY don't like this guy. Anyone that makes me feel sympathy for Lindsay has to be truly awful.

887 days ago


This is ridiculous! So now every time you are barely touched or spoken to by a famous person you have to report it?? As far as I know, the person did not go to the hospital and walked out on her own so she couldn't have been hurt who really cares?? Linsey is not a nun and never will be but did she really hurt anyone?? Get a life and let's move on...

887 days ago


Everyone knows the paps follow Lindsay around everywhere, so surely if she was out in public, there has to be a pic somewhere. If not, this person had better hope there is security camera footage that clearly shows Lindsay in that club at the time all this went down.

887 days ago


Prove it a**hole. Know one whats to give her a chance to prove that shes changed. What if she was your kid. Those without sin cast the first stone. Give her a change.

887 days ago


I wonder if she's going to sue him for his remarks.

887 days ago


Supposedly the "victim" shopped her story around to the tabloids and only filed a police report when she was told no one would buy what she was selling without one. I'm not a Lindsay fan, but this one thing raises far too many flags on my believability meter. Add to this that only recently has anyone come forward to say Lindsay was even there. At the time, no one saw her.

This is strangely reminiscent of another female a few months back who claimed a certain (then) underage celebrity had fathered her child.

I actually feel sorry for the rich and famous having to deal with these flakes.

887 days ago


Oh my, is this guy really a lawyer? If he had any sense he would have kept his mouth shut. By dragging up Lindsays past and calling her names has harmed him and his client, he seems more that a bit desperate, he lost the plot. He's an uncouth bully.

887 days ago


Wouldn't be funny if it turns out this chick got Lindsay confused with Amanda Bynes? I mean, wasn't Amanda at The Standard the same night this apparently went down? The two have a very similar appearance. Things that make you go...hmmmmmm...

887 days ago


Lindsay has recovered from her addictions. You know how I know? Because she wasn't treated by Dr. Drew, that's how I know.

887 days ago


The lawyer needs to apply the "once a liar" epitaph to himself.

887 days ago

Jim in Cali    

publicity stunt. a good lawyer wouldn't be going out on TV for this if he actually had a case.

team Lindsay

887 days ago


If this woman and her lawyer cannot prove her allegations they just left themselves wide open to a defamation lawsuit.

887 days ago
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