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Lindsay Lohan

Hotel Worker Says

'I Saw Her Get in THAT Fight'

4/12/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A man who worked at the Standard Hotel the night Lindsay Lohan allegedly attacked a woman claims he saw Lindsay there, and even broke up the fight.

TMZ broke the story ... Marisa Dugas went to the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. and filed an incident report, claiming she was at Smoke and Mirrors inside The Standard Thursday night when she approached Lindsay's table and started talking to a guy, and Lindsay allegedly pushed and shoved her. Lindsay insists she was at home the entire evening.

The man who worked that night tells TMZ ... he saw Lindsay in Smoke and Mirrors sitting with a group of people. He says Marisa sat down near them and began speaking with one of the guys. The man says people in the group started throwing ice at her. Marisa got upset and a scuffle erupted. He says Lindsay was part of the scuffle and he broke it up.

The guy says the woman was escorted out of the club, where she cried hysterically and then said Lindsay hurt her, but she refused medical attention.

There are no pictures that have surfaced of Lindsay at the Standard Thursday night, but the man says there is a surveillance video showing the back of the hotel, where Lindsay pulled in and later left. We have confirmed the man has spoken with cops, although we do not know how much detail he divulged.

Sources tell us the L.A. County Sheriff's Department has already requested the surveillance tape three times from the hotel -- but hotel management is refusing to give it up. It's unclear why.

Detectives are still investigating the alleged incident.


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It's Nikki Bitches     

If Lindsay gets arrested for this, not only did she kill the last of what was left of her little career. She also took Honig down with her too. Who would believe a single word Honig has to say. He lied to everyone. The big mouth Honig went scrambling all over saying how he was going to take thhis girl down and Lindsay was home. Doors will be slamming in his face too.

927 days ago


“Sources close to Linds” have reported that more than a dozen trucks have begun to frequent the County Jail in Lynwood, Ca. Many of the big rigs feature decals and logos painted on the sides from companies such as Karges Furniture, Zales, Fantastic Clam's Catering, Me Me Me Minks, Brink's, Suzy’s Halloween Costume Shoppe, Jose De La Garcia's Discount Imports, and several others.

Immediate speculation that the Los Angeles County jail compound might be preparing itself for the predicted arrival of Linds was met with a blanket denial from jail officials. However, an associate of the Sheriff’s Dept. spoke with us under the shield of anonymity. "I'm not supposed to say anything. I could lose my job, but I will tell you that they’re building some special room on the top floor" the employee said. "I seen (sic) a lot of expensive (items) coming in here in the last few days" she continued. "I thought it was for the Warden, but he never even comes here since he got on the internet. Something's fishy... and not in a good way, if you know what I mean".

Sources attempted to contact DUIna to confirm or deny the possibility that Lindsay was prepared to accept a plea bargain, but were met only with a furious glare, and found that they had to retreat from the ensuing onslaught of eggs being hurled in their direction.

<>This comment subject to pointless TMZ-brand censorship<>

927 days ago


What nobody has considered and I feel honor bound to say, has nobody considered that LL being broke didn't pay off the hotel, that the trustfunders/rich Hollyweird kids at the table WITH her or their parents paid them off? Only makes sense, they don't want themselves/their kid put out there for all to see with the blight that is LL.

927 days ago


does anyone know what time "Homeland" comes on?
maybe since it was after 12 midnight..its considered friday morning.and lindsay and honigs twist on it will be.."IT WASNT THRURSDAY" witch is pety and immature..
about the ice thingy, lindsay would say "merissa looked hot, and I was doing her a favor by offering her ice"
the reason thses videos are so hard to obtain, because they would incriminate all the other law breakers and criminal acts going on there...
I was at a biker bar and took a few pics had my phone smashed..

927 days ago


@lindsaylohan tiger woods Iz out 2 get me

927 days ago


Could it also be possible that since Lindsay has a history and is "friends" with the hotel owner, that he assured her that her ass was covered, thereby allowing her to feel confident enough to lie about not even being there that night? And hell, if that is possible, it's also possible that he instructed his employees to say the same thing.
All kinds of obscuring of facts can happen if the right people are inclined to help her.

927 days ago


"the L.A. County Sheriff's Department has already requested the surveillance tape three times from the hotel -- but hotel management is refusing to give it up. It's unclear why."
How much did Lindsay pay them?
I told you all - she couldn't stay away from the clubs. At some point, there will be an order to release the video to the courts.

927 days ago

Ellie G    

I am not stupid enough to believe anything will ever come of this but it sure makes my day when she is caught in her web of lies. Its fun to watch her squirm and even funner to watch Lohan Inc. lay out all the bull crap reasons why she is LINNOCENT. Lohan Inc. always says TMZ is fair and just when they do a positive Linds story but they are just doing it for money when they are negative stories. When there are no pics of Linds doing any of her CS Lohan Inc. says its because she isnt always papped but when there are no pics of this event Lohan Inc. says where are all the pics she is always papped. Fun times!

927 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Funny how Lohan, Inc. is not out in full force..They must be scared

927 days ago


"Lindsay Lohan and her attorney, Shawn Holley, will go to the West Hollywood Sheriff's substation and ask detectives to investigate the woman accusing Lindsay of battering her."

Erm, LAPD, Linds was busy at the beach, shopping and noshing at Panda Express, so she couldn't make it down

927 days ago

Jay W.     

"The man who worked that night tells TMZ,"

I'm a mentally ill twit who's never been laid.

927 days ago



927 days ago


You all can stay and wait for the next episode of the "Never Ending Lindsay Lohan Quest for Another Chance Story " I'm absolutely sure Dear Harvey has one in the wings waiting for this one to die out...Goina keep the hits going cause his Mel Rampage Run ran clean in to a complete Roadblock of Disbelief and Dislike and died a quick death...except for a few he didn't get enough hits off the three stories to even support one.....
And I got news for him this one looks to be going the same way but have heart dear Harvey we the haters will keep it rolling for you...after all we like the playground......

927 days ago


I always like to keep a neutral position when it comes to these types of stories, at least until all the facts are in. But I do have a bit of a problem with some of the comments. I do believe Lindsey was there that night, but I also believe Lindsey is broke so she is not paying off the Night Club. I think maybe the parents of the other people in her group is paying off the club. Not to help LL but to stop the tape from showing that their adult children are hanging out with someone like LL.

Also the Night Club is probably not giving up the tape, because it shows other illegal activities going on.

One last thing,how about if you get attacked by someone you get medical attention to prove you have injuries to sue for.

927 days ago


There are pics of Lindsay supposedly coming back from a bar on April 6 Friday but it says LATE...but she could have been at the hotel Thursday before 12 am.

927 days ago
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