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Oprah Winfrey

Ripped By OWN Reality Star --


4/12/2012 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody watched Ryan O'Neal's reality show on the OWN network ... NOBODY ... not even Oprah Winfrey ... this according to Ryan O'Neal.

The 70-year-old Hollywood star -- who starred with his famous daughter on "Ryan and Tatum: The O'Neals" -- was out in L.A. yesterday when we asked how he felt about O's admission that she wasn't ready to launch her network.

O'Neal replied, "I wish we had known that ... she should have told us."

When we asked if he was worried that the extremely low-rated reality show would tarnish his reputation .... he simply shot back, "No because nobody saw it ... I don't know if Oprah saw it."

We're guessing there won't be a Season 2.


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I dislike The Oprah very much but even I can;t blame this disaster on her. This show was awful, pathetic flop sweat inducing. The O'Neal's are awful disfunctional people. Crawl into a hole with a bottle of vodka and oxy and go nite nite forever.

922 days ago


ya i watched it as well...
sad, yet an intresting watch..
both sides have tremendous issues, but i wish them both ( ryan & tatum) the best of luck

922 days ago


Don't know which was sadder: Bitter Ryan trying to extend his 15 minutes or that retard of a 'reporter' trying to articulate a thought.

922 days ago


At least, in my opinion, he is in a group of LUCKY reality stars. He had the platform to not look like an idiot, to be a part of a network that doesn't include Snooki's Vagina, drugs, booze, etc. in a context of MTV. Or a "Real Housewives" spinoff.
It looked boring. I like Tatum..but it just looked like a boring show. Probably because it was his life, and I didn't really want to watch it.

922 days ago


would not watch you on any network at any time

922 days ago


i tried - but all i could remember was the interview ryan gave w/ vanity fair where he said he didn't recognize tatum at farrahs funeral so he hit in here - he just makes me sick!

922 days ago

vern dufford    

I watched and kind of liked it.
Really liked his new dog,it was pretty darn cute.

922 days ago


Ryan, the Kardashians have ruined it for everyone with reality shows. Plus, no one buys TV Guide any more hardly, so I didn't know you had a show. Sorry Buddy.

922 days ago


Ryan O'Neil is piece of human garbage.

922 days ago


Sorry - tarnish his reputation?!?!?! TMZ you're a riot!

922 days ago


Maybe if you didn't have pay the cable company for the extra tier just to have access to be able to watch OWN. As it stands, you have to pay extra as it isn't offered in the expanded package they offer. I'm not paying extra for that crap.

922 days ago


I watched this series, and I suggest that Ryan should be happy that no one watched this show, because he was a huge jerk. Does he really want people to see him act like a total doosh (sic) to his family? I think the show would have received more followers if it had been on a major station. I had to search for the OWN network, in order to DVR this show, and it took a while to find it. Her position on the channel lineup is NOT good. I did enjoy the series she did of Shania Twain immensely, though.

922 days ago


OWN is what happens when your ego gets in the way of all sensibility

922 days ago


The fact that no one watched the show has nothing to do w/Oprah and everything to do with no one gives a crud about Ryan or Tatum O'Neal!

922 days ago


i argee with everyone its sad that he put his kids last over Farah and atfer watching the show she wasnt any better to let him treat them like that he seems to only care for redmond !!!! sad sad

922 days ago
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