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Mel Gibson

Can He Recover ... Again?

4/12/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


How many times can Mel Gibson spew racist slurs, burst into violent tantrums ... and still be forgiven? That's what everyone's wondering after reading Joe Eszterhas' outrageous accusations. Plus, why Gibson's gonna need a plan B if he really wants to make that 'Maccabees' movie. 

Also, LiLo's attorney Shawn Holley knows all about juries -- she worked on O.J. Simpson's murder defense team -- and she's breaking down the Trayvon Martin case. Don't kid yourself ... RACE will be the biggest factor in George Zimmerman's trial. 


(0:30) Mel Gibson is accused yet again of violent, anti-Semitic tirades ... and it shocks no one.
(10:39) The Trayvon Martin murder case ... Shawn Holley -- one of O.J.'s lawyers -- joins in to talk about how race affects cases.
(17:10) BS called on Lindsay Lohan over the battery accusations ... and she could be in deep you-know-what.
(23:37) Marc Anthony says sayonara to J.Lo.
(20:10) Kim and Khloe's roadside vigilante justice ... caught on tape.
(24:50) Axl Rose hates Slash so much ... he won't even show up to his own induction to the Rock N Roll hall of fame.
(27:30) Breaking news -- Morgan Freeman on the attack.
(34:10) Nate Dogg ... back from the dead.
(37:40) Charlie Sheen is having the last laugh -- mocking "Men" in a promo for his new show ... as his old one tanks in the ratings.
(44:23) We take your calls!


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Sienna Sacha    

WHY does the media keep running stories on what a racist Gibson is. . .but nothing on racist s*** like Kanye West?

If Gibson wasn't Christian he wouldn't be getting hammered like this. . ... I am all for EVERY racist being scorned, but not this selective crap. . . .

893 days ago


2 1/2 men should be about the kids Jake and Eldrige - they are funny guys!!

893 days ago

who dat    

You guys are on the kardashian ass kiss train. Hope they keep showing this kind of attitude. You can cover them from the morgue.

893 days ago


How stoned is Max???

893 days ago


Thank goodness for George Z that he is drawing from the same jury pool as Casey A

893 days ago


First hologram was a duet done at the 1992 Olympic Games with Spanish soprano opera singer Montserrat Caballé. The due was "Barcelona." At least, I believe it was the first one.

893 days ago


I fast forward through half the show every day. I miss the days when it was half an hour outside, just a little informal show in the middle of the day to break things up.

892 days ago


Just take a look at this:

especially point 3, and down. That would answer many questions.
There are so many pages about why people hate Jews, and not many about why they should be loved.
Even if Mell hates them-that's his own feelings, and public those feelings are, because he is a celebrity.
But, get interested between day to day people, you would be surprised............everyone hates them, Even Jews hate themselves!


A group of people who seem to be the most hated race on the planet, bar none. Additionally, they also seem to be the race hated for the longest period of time (eons, it seems). Chances are, if you can think of a race, they probably hate Jews too. However, it does appear that the vast majority of people who hate Jews are either from Europe or the Middle East.

Reasons for hating this group of people range from greed (Jews are cheap, they are penny pinchers, etc), ugliness (big nose, ugly hair, etc), and evilness (control everything, looks like the Devil, etc).

The above list ranges from the time to time, but the general traits that makes the list are usually greed and evilness. Oh, and also arrogance. In case you're wondering, certain groups of people believes the Jews are arrogant for believing they're "God's Chosen People", "God's Ancient People", or however you want to say it.

However, ultimately, there is only one thing I can say about all of this: I don't give a damn either way. If you want to hate the Jews, fine. If you don't want to hate the Jews, that's also fine. I don't hate Jews myself but that's because I don't care at all.

892 days ago

El Gato    

I've read the initial police reports in the Zimmerman case, Agency Report 201250001136. Something appears to be rather inconsistent. Specifically in Officer A49160... Ayala, Ricardo's report stated as "Time Completed 2/27/2012 3:07. Both Ayala and Smith go to great lengths to address Trayvon Martin as "Black Male" or "Subject" in their reports which were allegedly completed at 3:07 and 3:29 a.m., but they readily identify Zimmerman as "later identified as George Zimmerman" yet Ayala's report, again allegedly completed by 3:07 am, clearly states: "MARTIN, TRAYVON BENJAMIN - DOB 2/5/1995 - Person Type - VICTIM-JUVENILE - City of Birth - MIAMI." It has been reported that Trayvon was submitted to the morgue by the Sanford Police Department as "Jon Doe" because they could not identify him. Also, Mr. Martin did not file the missing persons report until the next morning when he woke up and discovered his son was not there. So how did Trayvon's information get into this report that was time stamped as "completed" at 3:07 on 2/27/2012? Has the "Partial Report Only" for the public been tampered with? Is the report that has been released actually fraudulent? Is it lawful to add or change data submitted on a time stamped police report after the fact? Did the Sanford Police in fact identify Trayvon Martin before 3:07 or 3:29 a.m., perhaps by fingerprint? but omitted the information in the NARRATIVES to make it look like a "Jon Doe?" What were they hiding if so? If they did identify Trayvon and knew he was a juvenile, why was not every effort made to contact the parent[s]? The story that was reported by Mr. Martin was that before and when Trayvon was shot, Trayvon put his "left hand" on Zimmerman's mouth and proceeded to strike his head against the ground, How then is it Zimmerman screaming for help on the 911 tapes so distinctly and audibly with a hand on his mouth? Zimmerman also alleged that Trayvon said "You Got Me" after being shot. How do you utter any words after being shot point blank in the chest with a 9 mm? The impact and shock would surely take ones breath away immediately and damage to the heart and or lungs would also prohibit such an exclamation. There is much more to this case, which is why the FBI is involved. Any ideas Shawn Holley?

892 days ago


Max just gets better looking every single day...

892 days ago
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