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Joe Eszterhas

Mel Gibson Made My Son

Fear for His Life

4/13/2012 5:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0413_ eszterhas_videoJoe Eszterhas says Mel Gibson's behavior in Costa Rica was so threatening ... Eszterhas' son slept with a butcher knife under his bed because he was so afraid of what Mel might do.

Eszterhas, speaking with the "Today" show this morning, told Ann Curry that Mel said the "vilest and most threatening things" he's ever heard while Eszterhas and his family stayed with Mel in Costa Rica to work on a movie script, "The Maccabees."

Eszterhas went on to say that the staff at the house became so afraid of Mel ... they told their kids to go hide.

A portion of Mel's rants are on tape, as TMZ first reported, but Eszterhas is unsure if he will release them.

For his part, Gibson has denied most of the allegations, saying in a statement, "The great majority of the facts as well as the statements and actions attributed to me in [Eszterhas'] letter are utter fabrications."


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Unsure if he'll release them...well, Garbus and Horwitz will be after them. It gets them back in court and back on Mel's meter for billable units, and in the media. OG will be crying for the TMZ cameras, and she'll be asking for security and a new house in a gated community.

891 days ago


I think he is a liar if mel was that out of control like he said there is no amount of money that would keep me and my family near mel, but yet he stayed with his family. He is not realsing the tape because there is none, he is trying to extort money from mel and he is using the media to do it.

891 days ago


Eszterhas is unsure if he will release them = How much will you pay me for them.

This guy looks creepier each time. So Mel was arguing with someone at his home. Now the staff tell their children to go somewhere else probably to their rooms which is what normal parents do, but this jerk tell his son to come a little closer and record it. Then he says they were fearing for their lives, but stay anyway and go to bed. And to top it all off he lets his son sleep with a butcher’s knife under his pillow which I find the creepiest thing. If he was so scared why didn’t he let his son stay in his room so he could protect his son himself instead of letting his son sleep with a big sharp knife under his pillow that he could have injured himself with while sleeping.

BS or RADISHES call it what you want.

891 days ago


How long is he going to dine out on this??? Now he's dragging his son into it ... I'm sorry I don't believe him. I need more proof; something other than a 9 page insane rant by someone with a very personal ax to grind. Stop interviewing him and giving him air time - there is no story here!!!

891 days ago


Hmmm... let's see.
Fact 1: Joe's movie just got shut down
Fact 2: he's out all that money he could have made

Sounds like someone's dying to cause drama so his movie can be picked up by a production company. If you spout off enough nonsense, it'll generate media hype and make you money. Mel's an easy target.

891 days ago


I'm concerned that Eszterhas kept his young child in a situation where the boy felt so scared of Mel that he was sleeping with a "butcher" knife under his bed. Was Mel holding their passports?

891 days ago


Wonder if his 15 year-old and OG's 14 year-old both go to Buckley? These stories sound too similar.

891 days ago


I would say Eszterass , if you release any tapes of Mel in his private moments of conversation with you, that you planned on doing this to destroy the man further if you can. I also think you dont realize that Mel has fans all over the world, so Eszter-ass you will be the hated backfired on Oksana and it will on you too..People all rant and rave, and say awful things, they just dont have horrible people trying to blackmail them with it by recording it.

891 days ago


I don't believe this guy for a second. What type of person would stay, with his family, if they felt so threatened? I know I sure the hell wouldn't!

891 days ago


Save the drama for your mamma....pass me a tissue tito

891 days ago


It's pretty bad when even he LA Times thinks Eszterhas is full of crap:

891 days ago


there are just way to many incidences involving Mel Gibson. He is a racist and knowing that there is a tape that will hopefully come out will end the career of someone I once thought was a great actor. He has mental issues and I believe at some point he will seriously hurt someone or hmself. How his 1st wife survived him, I will never know. By the way Mel, John Lennon was about peace and love and he lived his life that way, never speak his name again!!

891 days ago


Fuddy, I think the F-5s blew your brains away. For whatever reason (and you've made it abundantly clear) you are OBSESSED with OG. Why do you think she or Garbus or Horowitz will be around asking for more money?
What's really funny in the WHOLE situation is how you and FLOCK rant and rave when people (like Eszterhas) speak their mind about all start up with "extortion plot" "that person is lying"...YET when MEL speaks HIS mind (racist comments, anti-semetic, homophobic) it's OK with you and flock. It's hypocritical beyond belief.
If Joe wants to go on TV and bash Mel - let him do it...remember the FREEDOM OF SPEAK the flock pontificated about for over a year? It applies here. Maybe Joe DOES have tapes and maybe he will release them maybe he wont. I'd bet Joe talked to a lawyer before going on TV just to make sure he would face legal repercussions.
Speaking of legal repercussions, why hasn't Blair Burk or one of Mel's attorney's issued a statement threatening Joe? Maybe because they KNOW he has PROOF and witnesses?
And regarding OG, you and flock are ready to pounce on her the moment she appears....she's never done a DAMN THING to you or any flocker yet you crucify her at every chance. Your hate filled comments are an insight into your soul and shows EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE.....a bunch of BITTER LONELY WOMAN

891 days ago


I believe Mel Gibson to be a human being with strengths and weaknesses just like the rest of us. There comes a time to forgive and forget. The large majority of people just want to see him back on the screen or behind the camera and continue doing good movies. This is what most of us want, and what he does with his private life is, as it should be for him as for the rest of mankind, his thing and should be none of our concern. I think we are all sick and tired of him being pulled trough the mud.

891 days ago


Look at Eszterhas face...he blinks a lot, tilts his head down, looks from side to side....typical of a liar.

891 days ago
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