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Joe Eszterhas

Mel Gibson Made My Son

Fear for His Life

4/13/2012 5:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0413_ eszterhas_videoJoe Eszterhas says Mel Gibson's behavior in Costa Rica was so threatening ... Eszterhas' son slept with a butcher knife under his bed because he was so afraid of what Mel might do.

Eszterhas, speaking with the "Today" show this morning, told Ann Curry that Mel said the "vilest and most threatening things" he's ever heard while Eszterhas and his family stayed with Mel in Costa Rica to work on a movie script, "The Maccabees."

Eszterhas went on to say that the staff at the house became so afraid of Mel ... they told their kids to go hide.

A portion of Mel's rants are on tape, as TMZ first reported, but Eszterhas is unsure if he will release them.

For his part, Gibson has denied most of the allegations, saying in a statement, "The great majority of the facts as well as the statements and actions attributed to me in [Eszterhas'] letter are utter fabrications."


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fuddyduddy: 8 minutes ago
2Idiots -- you have the biggest mouthpiece of all here, why don't YOU take a go at this? After all, the burden of proof is on JE. So, give him a hand and try to show him as credible. Good luck.
AAAAAHAHAHAHAH! You CANT do it because you KNOW the pattern and the history. There's a VERY good chance Joe's claims ARE TRUE (he even went as so far as to NAME NAMES and REFERENCE a PRIEST and RABBI) Everything you championed last time basically blew up in your face. Why rake leaves in windstorm right?
Actually burden of proof is on YOU and the flock. You're the ones going on about JE making crap up and basically Lying! So you need to PROVE YOUR POINT.

890 days ago


Are you kidding us? Mel Gibson going off on a hate-filled anti-Semitic rant on tape? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

890 days ago


I'm starting to think 2Idiots is OG herself...anyone else think this?

890 days ago


uddyduddy: 6 minutes ago
2Idiots --
First of all, this is a repeat -- the burden of proof is on JE. He is raising these issues, then it's up to him to prove them. I have not heard of any proof. Even if ROL should happen to run snippets of any conversations involving Mel, those would have to be authenticated before they could ever be introduced as evidence, and even that would be up to the discretion of a judge. So, I would not even believe that it's Mel just because JE, who is disgruntled, states it's Mel. That is no solid proof to me.
If you want to try and prove JE's points, then knock your socks off. It's not up to Mel to prove that what JE is claiming DIDN'T happen -- it's up to JE to prove that they did. You don't seem to understand that.
As far as OG, her reputation and history precludes her. Let's just watch and see if she doesn't try for another round in court. It wouldn't surprise me. But then again, maybe she is happy being a lounge lizard and has come to appreciate the many blessings she has in life, because she does.
I dont understand how you were able to identify what was and wasn't fact in the MG/OG ordeal *actually you and flock enjoyed discrediting her* - now you have chance to discredit JE and you wont.
Why not use your highly tuned skilled to sort fact from fiction and substantiate what you're saying?
AND again, for the flock to not be concerned WHO leaked info.....just doesnt sit right.

890 days ago


It's obvious the letter was meant for publication. Despite the disclaimers at both beginning and the end of the letter. Why go into stupid details about the luxurious items in Mr. Gibson's home; the product placement of Mr Eszterhas' book and that oddly placed non sequitur about Mr. Gibson taking his sobriety seriously? What a heavy handed attempt at forestalling libel litigation. The man has the subtlety of a bulldozer. He missed his calling. He should be writing for The Enquirer.


890 days ago


Well, let's see -- didn't OG try and get mega-bucks out of Mel for traumatizing Sasha? Wonder if JE will do the same?

890 days ago


ho hum
beater boi is still a racist, anti-semite wannabe rapist & murderer
nothing new here!!!

890 days ago


if they were so afraid of Mel why didn't they just leave?

890 days ago


Release the tapes and prove Mel is a liar... or just STFU already.

890 days ago


Release the tapes and prove that Mel is lying... or STFU.

890 days ago


I believe Eszterhas because of a phrase he quotes Gibson repeating, "oven dodgers." Winona Ryder, who is Jewish, claims Gibson said to her at a party some years back something to the effect of, "You're a fetching little oven dodger, aren't you?" It totally freaked out Ryder -- and indeed, it's the first time I had ever heard the phrase myself. In short, I see NO reason to buy a ticket to any project Gibson is involved in ever again until such time as he entirely renounces his anti-Semitism and the holocaust denial b.s. his father has long spouted...

890 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

If Esterhaus's claims are true, and if tapes reveal that he's telling the truth, then IMO Gibson will be OVER. Gibson will be like toxic waste; nobody will want anything to do with him.

890 days ago


Release the tape or quit talking about it. I tend to believe it because of Mel's upbringing with his father and his past rants when drunk, but it could be way overblown. I think Mel is a mean drunk and his political correctness goes out the window when he drinks too much. Sober, he has it under control and can spin a story with the best of them.

890 days ago


fuddyduddy: about a minute ago
I'm starting to think 2Idiots is OG herself...anyone else think this?
RALLY CRY for back-up?
Come on Fuddy, you and the flocked RIPPED OG APART for over a year and dissected her every word - do it now. Pick apart JE's comments - tell us what's real and whats not.
Point out those things are FABRICATED.'re so good at it. Do it now. Even MR MEL said it's not ALL true....tell us where the lies are.

890 days ago


He's raised the stakes to the point that he MUST release the tapes if they exist. Otherwise he's going to lose all credibility. I actually believe Joe right now, but if those tapes never materialize I will consider him to be a liar.

890 days ago
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