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Mel Gibson Calls BS

I LOVE The Beatles!!!

4/13/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is telling friends ... he NEVER said John Lennon deserved to die -- in fact, he's a huge Beatles fan and he plays their music all the time.

Sources tell TMZ, screenwriter Joe Eszterhas' allegations the actor celebrated John Lennon's death are just false. As one source put it, "It's not uncommon to hear The Beatles at Gibson's house."

The source adds, Gibson was even playing "Imagine" at a recent function -- the same song Eszterhas says Mel bashed recently, claiming, "Imagine. I hate that f**king song. I'm glad [Lennon's] dead."

Mel is claiming ... he isn't surprised by Eszterhas' false claims in his 9-page diatribe -- because the entire letter reads like a "bad script."

We're told Mel is also convinced ... another major rift between him and Eszterhas had nothing to do with him -- or "The Maccabees" -- it had to do with Mel's other viking-themed film project, which Mel's been developing for years.

We're told Eszterhas was frustrated with Mel ... because Mel had been putting more time into the viking movie than he did into "Maccabees."


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BB not bb    

Mel will be petitioning for membership in NOW shortly. LOL.

860 days ago


I would not be surprised if this will be OG's entry to court where she asks for more money. She'll probably say she needs security and a new house in a gated community. And of course, Mel will be having to pay her lawyers and his. I am so sick of people trying to bring this man down. It's to the point where Mel is going to have to tell people to leave cell phones at the door when they come to see him, along with having a guard frisk them for recording devices.

860 days ago


Maybe TMZ, and all media outlets, should check ALL the facts before running with a slam piece; whether you like or dislike the subject of the story.

860 days ago


It appears as though the only Lethal Weapon that Mellie Mel has at his disposal is his mouth.

860 days ago

Lisa Bilgrien    

Trying to pick which of these two is telling the truth is like trying to decide what politician to vote for.

860 days ago


OK...we already know Mel was popped for a DUI...he made anti Semetic comments and apparently, is a boob man -the "sugar t*ts" comment - and made a complete azz outta himself.
But, WTF is it with these bizarre azz people always recording conversations with this man??? Obviously, they do it to have some sort of ammo against him to bring out when chit starts to calm down or they don't get what they want.
Why, after everything goes South with creepy azz Eszterhas, miraculously, there's a recording of Mel. Just like ahole Coksana when she wanted more money off of him.
He's no saint by any means, but all these weirdo's recording conversations with him and threatening to release them NOT when it happens, but AFTER, when they need to bad mouth him.
Mel may be s*** in many peoples eyes, but these aholes who come out with this recorded chit are what you find when you dig about 100 feet BELOW the s***!!!

860 days ago


COME ONE PEOPLE! Gibson has had an extensive history of being a disgusting human being... is it REALLY that DIFFICULT to believe he would spew this kind of hate from his ass lips again? NO IT ISN'T! I am just waiting for the day he says this kind of **** to the wrong person and that person beats the living **** out of him!!! Can't wait for the tapes to get released!!!

860 days ago


Seriously can we leave Mel alone like Mickey said Hollywood is built on envy.... and it looks like this guy is trying to get a rise out of everyone, I myself have been a Mel Gibson fan since the 80's doesnt change a thing for me!! still a great fan

860 days ago


Flower: about an hour ago
He's not an American. Typical Azzhat.
Dumbazz, he was BORN IN New YORK no longer part of the UNITED STATES. Asshat.

860 days ago


Sounds like a load of pure rot to me,some cretins should get a life....

860 days ago


We know how much you love the "BEAT"els Mr Mel!

860 days ago


If Eszter-ass is trying to destroy Mel, he will be the one who will loose just like Oksana did...most people dont like this kind of crap, so Eszter-ass better think twice about letting those tapes out, as it will show he set Mel up...Ari Emanual did you learn anything from trying to destroy Mel backfired then and it will again.

860 days ago

Gisele Stubblefield    

The source adds, Gibson was even playing "Imagine" at a recent function -- the same song Eszterhas says Mel bashed recently, claiming, "Imagine. I hate that f**king song. I'm glad [Lennon's] dead."

860 days ago


Really Mel? That's what you took away from this mess? A correction about the Beatles? Not, say, a correction about the vile things you've said about Jewish people or anyone else that doesn't meet your standards?

Do us all a favor and just go away and stop trying to convince us that you're anything other than what you are...a vile racist!

860 days ago

Jim Lahey    

Mel Gibson you are irrelevant and old...go away, no one cares about you anymore. Braveheart was overrated, anyone could have played that role. Passion = Christina propoganda piece of ****. Try playing a role that requires acting like say Sean Penn

860 days ago
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