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Mel Gibson Calls BS

I LOVE The Beatles!!!

4/13/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is telling friends ... he NEVER said John Lennon deserved to die -- in fact, he's a huge Beatles fan and he plays their music all the time.

Sources tell TMZ, screenwriter Joe Eszterhas' allegations the actor celebrated John Lennon's death are just false. As one source put it, "It's not uncommon to hear The Beatles at Gibson's house."

The source adds, Gibson was even playing "Imagine" at a recent function -- the same song Eszterhas says Mel bashed recently, claiming, "Imagine. I hate that f**king song. I'm glad [Lennon's] dead."

Mel is claiming ... he isn't surprised by Eszterhas' false claims in his 9-page diatribe -- because the entire letter reads like a "bad script."

We're told Mel is also convinced ... another major rift between him and Eszterhas had nothing to do with him -- or "The Maccabees" -- it had to do with Mel's other viking-themed film project, which Mel's been developing for years.

We're told Eszterhas was frustrated with Mel ... because Mel had been putting more time into the viking movie than he did into "Maccabees."


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Come on people...this guy was so willing to work with Mel knowing he was such a terrible person but only gets religion when Warners rejects his script and takes it out on Mel by making sure his 9 page letter goes public. You people defending this guy aren't that dumb are you?

822 days ago

Love Mel    

This show is built on trashing people, the moment someone says something about the Jews it's the end of the world.

822 days ago


This Joe dude is really committing career suicide by being so vindictive. So Mel is is an idiot. Take the hide road dude and STFU!

822 days ago

Matt Thomas     

Of course everybody is rascist but the Jews.They act like America belong to them.Why don't you go back to Israel and leave America for the Americans? In Israel nobody will be rascist to you because that is YOUR country.

822 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

Naw, I'm with Mel on this one. You can like the Beatles (and you should!) and still recognize that John Lennon was a total a$$hat and Imagine (not actually a Beatles song) is the anthem for an atheistic/socialistic world - oddly written and performed by a capitalistic business owner and multi-millionaire.

822 days ago


If you can't otherwise get arrested industry wide because you're a faded has-been, what better way to guarantee yourself a free publicity ride? This is just another example of a badly written, over the top Eszterhas script...

822 days ago


I don't belive Mel said John deserves to die. Same made up BS like he hates the Jews, which Mel doesn't. Mel made The Passion Of The Christ, and sent HIS OWN money on a movie about a Jew. Jesus IS A JEW!! If Mel Gibson hated all the Jew in the word, Mel wouldn't even bother spending time and HIS OWN money on one. Mel has helped the Jews in many ways. Like Mending Kids INTERNATIONAL for one. INTERMATION MEANS "ALL KIDS", AND THAT MEANS KIDS THAT ARE A JEW TOO!!

Why don't you spend your time reading The Good Book, and learn from it. Rather than telling lies, spreading BS around,and trying to get the whole word to hate Mel Gibson.
The only person that carries hate in their YOU!!

822 days ago


Mel is telling his friends who are calling TMZ to confirm it are they now?
Wow, I'm totally blown away coughsarcasmcough.

822 days ago


Whatever the truth is ...and we don't know it. He still has a right to speak his mind. If he was black or hispanic we would not be having this conversation. White people have civil rights too. Plus, everyone is just too damn sensitive. Get a life. BAM BOW BOOM

822 days ago


While I DO beleive that Mel has a very bad temper and some anger management issues, I don't think I buy most of this story. Why wait all this time to all of a sudden release all this crap when the story just came out about the movie being dropped? Why would you have recordings of someone but then say "we aren't sure if we are going to release them'? If you are using them to threaten then surely you would use release them no? And if they were really in fear for their lives, wouldn't we have known this earlier??? The timing is weird and the details seem sketchy. I'm just not buying all of it...

822 days ago

scruffy dog    

Hey, anyone who calls a a female cop sugartits is alright in my book.

822 days ago


God bless you Mel!
I wonder why such a concerted effort to make you look bad?
Oh yeah and look who owns Hollywood...couldn't be that?
it's gotta be Mel.
Look at the messengers.
Wake sheeple

822 days ago


Hey, Mel! I love ya ..yeah yeah yeah !!!

821 days ago



scruffy dog: 1 day ago

Hey, anyone who calls a a female cop sugartits is alright in my book.
Well, it was better that then calling her a pig.
Mel, baby, why didn't you just tell her she had nice shirts, dude! LOL

821 days ago


Lol Mel will end up in jail or he will finally flip his lid and kill himself. The dude's been bat **** crazy for years.

821 days ago
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