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Mickey Rourke

I Believe In Mel Gibson

... He's an Easy Target

4/13/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0413_rourke_videoMel Gibson has at least one supporter in Hollywood ... his friend Mickey Rourke ... who tells TMZ, he thinks Joe Eszterhas is a LIAR ... who's out to smear Mel's reputation.

Mickey was leaving Caffe Primo in West Hollywood when we asked about Joe's allegations that Mel is a violent Jew-hater who hates John Lennon.

Mickey's response -- "Everybody is looking to make Mel look bad ... he's an easy f**king target."

He explained, "We live in a town that's built on envy."

It's not the first time Mickey's come to Mel's defense -- back in 2010, following Oksana Grigorieva's domestic violence allegations, Mickey said, "I wouldn't believe everything you hear ... I think he's a good dude, you know. And ah, screw the bitch!"


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An endorsement from Mickey Rourke? Hardly a positive! And I don't think many people envy Mel Gibson for anything.

921 days ago


We're all on Team_Mel, TMZ, leave us alone...

Mickey, The Barbarian Brothers, nof...

I said that two nights ago ...

921 days ago


I think the people that say Mel is a good guy are right
The people who say he is an ugly scary guy are also right.

I think he is both that shows something like Bi-polar.
Or a very spoiled person who thinks everthing has to go their way because of the power of money they own.

Question is where would Mel be without his money?

921 days ago


He told the audience during an acceptance speech to give Eric Roberts, another misogynist, another chance. That was the last award he will ever get.

921 days ago


Well i have always liked Mickey Rourke and Mel Gibson. I believe that Mel may have "went off" a bit, but nobody goes off for no reason. Something was said to him enough times or something to start it. Ppl. seem to like to pick on Mel esp. the gold digging skank he was with.....I also don't believe he said that about John Lennon either.....I would have to hear those things in order to believe it.

921 days ago


Mel is an easy target... I bet hes a nice guy.. But he made himself a target.

921 days ago

Brother S.    

I love Mickey Rourke. As to whether or not Gibson is anti-semitic, he may well be, but I certainly don't put my trust in the tabloid/Hollywood world to enlighten me as far as the truth. I respect Rourke for loyalty (even if it's misplaced) and I do think that at the very least Gibson should take a chill pill. He is an easy target but he obviously contributes to that situation.

921 days ago


just a side note - wasn't it illegal for that kid to record mel w. out permission?? i know it is in california, but not sure laws where he was??

921 days ago


I lurves me some Mickey.

921 days ago


Mickey Rourke. There's another stable guy.....

921 days ago

Johnny Handsome    

Mickey's the man. no bullsh$t here like the rest of the fairies in la-la land.

921 days ago

Boss blackfoot    

I just watched this actor in a movie Mad Max, he was good in it as he has been in all his movies, it is sad that he had to go public with is views about Jews...he is not alone in his views about different races and people of color, I do believe that there are directors, casting people, producers, and so on who think they are better of then the people they make there living off of, they use these people and they think they are better than them they but them down in private speak badly of them and keep them from advancing in the movie business, they don't give them a chance to advance in the movie business, but they claim to support them, they hate or put them down at every chance, they claim to be liberals, but they are Rush Limdopers and Fox News supporters they are in the closet with their hate for Jews, Women and people of color, This actor/director has been a favorite of mine but if he is a hater of Jews or any other People I will no longer go to his movies or anything he has to do with in the movie business, I don't hate anyone, I don't like what some do to others but I don't hate them for it, I know in my heart that if there is a hell, the devil will be waiting for them in hell when they die. God Hates ugly!

921 days ago


Last time I checked this was still a free country. If someone says something you don't like, you don't become a little snitch b*tch and tell everyone...what is this producer guy in third grade...AND A GIRL????? Freedom of speech is in the constitution and I for one will never apologize for what I say if it is the truth.

Joe Eszterhas, do you need me to bring you some feminine products because you are obviously on your period?!?!?!?!

921 days ago


I absolutely love Mickey Rourke because he just don't give a flying f*ck about what others say and/or think. He just tells it like it is (e.g. the truth)

921 days ago


You can tell how much someone has a vendetta against you by the number of articles on TMZ.

921 days ago
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