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Mickey Rourke

I Believe In Mel Gibson

... He's an Easy Target

4/13/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0413_rourke_videoMel Gibson has at least one supporter in Hollywood ... his friend Mickey Rourke ... who tells TMZ, he thinks Joe Eszterhas is a LIAR ... who's out to smear Mel's reputation.

Mickey was leaving Caffe Primo in West Hollywood when we asked about Joe's allegations that Mel is a violent Jew-hater who hates John Lennon.

Mickey's response -- "Everybody is looking to make Mel look bad ... he's an easy f**king target."

He explained, "We live in a town that's built on envy."

It's not the first time Mickey's come to Mel's defense -- back in 2010, following Oksana Grigorieva's domestic violence allegations, Mickey said, "I wouldn't believe everything you hear ... I think he's a good dude, you know. And ah, screw the bitch!"


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The amount of ink that has been spilled in a deliberate attempt to tarnish Mel Gibson is truly unprecedented even by Hollywood standards. I wonder when the next "secret" recording will magically surface. The media circus of sensationalism and vitriol surrounding Mel Gibson seems like it is never ending.

868 days ago


TMZ was a completely unknown entity before the Mel Gibson drunk driving arrest. Essentially, TMZ owes its very existence to Mel's misfortune which is a fact that I'm sure is not lost on Harvey Levin. Clearly, Mel remains a big star whether it is for his talent as a director or for his bad boy behaviour. Mickey Rourke has it exactly right when he states that Hollywood is a town built on envy.

868 days ago


When will people come to their senses and stop believing every negative story that happens to surface regarding Mel Gibson? All I know is that Mel is a great director and remarkable actor which is considerably more than could be said about Joe Eszterhas.

868 days ago


Clearly, the only way that Joe Eszterhas can grab a headline these days is by concocting some BS about Mel Gibson. It's not enough that Joe wrote one of the worst films in history (Showgirls) but now he is back to inflict his ineptitude on us again. Whether Mel is an emotional wreck or not, at least he makes movies that are worth watching. ;-)

868 days ago


You know you've hit a new low when Mickey is in your corner since he destroyed his own career with his booze/drug/crazy antics, which included terrorizing and beating his then wife. Just because Mickey crawled out of the gutter to stage his tenuous comeback doesn't mean he's moved into sane territory.

Luckily, everybody knows now that Mel is a hate filled, ranting maniac, whether the Eszterhas stuff is true or not. Otherwise, Mickey's vote of confidence might actually do some damage!

868 days ago


Mickey Rourke certainly has a "valid" point. Mel Gibson is perhaps at the very top of the "Persona non Grata" list of many very influential people in the entertainment industry. Joe Eszterhas seems to be somewhat of an "OUTCAST" whom Mel Gibson mistakenly believed would be able to relate to his personal and professional issues. Unfortunately, things didn't work out for them, professionally, but Joe Eszterhas took the rejection of his script rather, personally, and now all "HELL" has broken loose. A scorpion is a "SCORPION"!!! A snake is a "SNAKE"!!! They're not "WARM & CUDDLY" by nature and neither are "INSECURE", "COMBATIVE" people. They usually operate in a "desperate", "survival" mode and WOE BE UNTO "ANYONE" they can "USE" to "ELEVATE" their positions in life. Bashing Mel Gibson is a tactic that Joe Eszterhas is using to deflect attention away from his professional failures and to curry favor with certain industry professionals for future work. If he actually gave a "RAT'S AZZ" about Mel Gibson, he could have easily spoken to him privately "face to face" and let the chips fall where they may but, IN HIS MIND, a "public lynching" would be much more advantageous from a "public relations" standpoint. MAKE NO "MISTAKE"!!! Joe Eszterhas IS ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT Joe Eszterhas, PERIOD!!!

868 days ago

little aussie reader    

Joe has taken the rejection of his (apparently poorly written) script badly.

I thought you needed a thick skin to succeed in Hollywood.

TMZ reported that Warner Bros. had rejected the script and Mel agreed with their assessment.

Where is Joe's letter to Warner Bros.? Shouldn't he be as scathing toward them?

As others have commented - if I had taken my spouse for a meal where someone in my group had gone off the deep end and displayed disgusting, frightening behaviour, there is no way I would take my family to stay in a remote location with that supposedly unstable person. Things would never, ever have reached the point where my child would have had to sleep with a knife... Let alone left me in bed, clutching a baseball bat in one hand and my Rosary beads in the other. Sorry, the image of that bit made me lol.

Maybe I'm just spoiled (I don't know - what do you put up with in yor life?), but there is no way my husband would tolerate the kind of sh!t (thanks Tell) that Joe alleges he and his family "suffered".

Looking for a payday Joe?

Maybe you can hook up with Mr Herzog - he thinks he has a story that can only be related in the, oh so melodramatic and self-serving way, that a truly talented story-teller like yourself (and himself of course), can embellish... I mean... relate in a believable manner.

Joe is as much an opportunist as Kristian Herzog. Maybe the two of them could get together and Joe could write the screenplay for KH's much self-heralded and oft-delayed (it was said to be published months ago) tell-all movie.

I'm with Mickey - Mel is an easy f**ing target and Joe is a LIAR.

868 days ago

Daniel McCLure    

WTF!?! this is news? I dont want to live on this planet anymore! most misleading headline ever?

868 days ago

Studley Buck    

Mel, he cool. Dude all right. He great man & fine actor.

867 days ago


I think Mickey Rourke has a point. Mel is an easy target and there are other Celebs like Linsay Lohan who people make up rediculous stories about. So I will stick by Mel. Just because he has a drinking problem does not mean people should have to make up crazy lies about him in an attemp to destroy his life. Mel maybe a drunk, but this person, Joe Eszterhas pathological liar.

867 days ago


can you really trust someone who tapes conversation...

867 days ago


"...He's an Easy Target" And a Nazi.

867 days ago


Thanks, Mickey !!

867 days ago



ccw_9mm: 37 minutes ago

"...He's an Easy Target" And a Nazi.


Mel is an easy target, because Mel is a too good of a person.
Mel is an easy target because he did The Passion Of The Christ, and is a Christian.
Mel is an easy target, because his low life, mean azz, so called gf gold digger set that man up, and got the ball a rolling for others to do the fcing same thing. Monkey see..monkey do.
Mel has had a monkey on his back for too long now. LET IT GO, PEOPLE!!

867 days ago


TWO LOSERS who don't belong anywhere

867 days ago
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