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Brangelina Engagement:

Gay Marriage Group Gives Their Blessing

4/14/2012 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A gay rights group in California fully supports Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's decision to tie the knot ... even though Brangelia always swore they wouldn't get hitched until everyone had the right to marry.

As recently as last September, Brad told Ellen DeGeneres, "I’ve said that we would not be getting married until everyone in this country had the right to get married." 

But Rebekah Orr, Communications Director for Equality California, says the group is totally behind the Brangelina marriage, even if the right to marry is still not enjoyed by everyone.

She tells us, "Marriage is something that says ‘we're a family’ in a way that nothing else can ... No one has to deny that for themselves or their family to prove they are an ally and supporter of equality."

Brad and Angelina finally announced yesterday they were getting married, even though they've been together for seven years and have six kids. 


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Technically, EVERYONE CAN get married if they simply travel to NY since NY marries gays now, and does not have a residency requirement out of state residents, right?

929 days ago


Guess weird-o Angelina gave up her bi-sexual ways. She had a relationship with a chick a few years back. Cant wait until that weak Brad Pitt gets the hots for another woman and walks out on her like he did Jen. HATE THESE 2!!!!!!!!!!

929 days ago


Who gives a rats ass what the gays think!! Do everyone a favor and go back into your closet's!!!

929 days ago

kk md    

Right to vote?? Anyhoo.....
They didn' t put much thought into the 3 marriages that came before, weren't worried about their affair and who it would hurt...makes pefect sense they would be so careful now when their poor kids are just begging to be a little normal....selfish aholes.

929 days ago


It was just plain grand standing to say such a thing anyway. Who cares if they got married? Did Branglina think that was a statement that carried any weight with issue of gay marriage? Please. I support gay marriage because I believe gay people should have equal rights and be allowed to marry whomever they want. My opinion was not at all influenced by that ridiculous declaration by those two.

It made me wonder if either one of them truly understands the meaning and reasons for marriage, especially with their track records. The only ones that should influence their decision to marry is their immediate family, which seems to have happened. Why they didn't know that before they made such a grand statement is beyond me.

929 days ago


Yawn. No one cars about you anymore. Go away and take the KockROACHians with you.

929 days ago


Hey TMZ! I care as much about this trash than I do Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians (Fitting company for these two). Which is not at all, now how about you stop catering to them. Like OMG the drug addict and the alcoholic are engaged, now maybe they can screw off together. And did anyone actually think they cared about gay rights? It's all about public image for them.

929 days ago


"Marriage is something that says ‘we're a family’ in a way that nothing else can..."

Unless that marriage is someone else's - right Angelina?

Karma please.

929 days ago


I am so happy for them and the children. How dare they put world affairs above their children. Them poor babies deserve to be legitimized and having the discomfort of them being different because their parents are trying to make a statement?

929 days ago

John dowser    

gee, these two are addicted to attention. Why didn't they just go off and marry? They just cant wait to be on the cover of People again. Who care's? their both Loonies. Go away !

929 days ago

TMZ should change its name to The Gay News

929 days ago


Gays shouldnt be allowed to marry...look its immoral, un natural and just not saying beat them up or nothing but no they shouldnt be able to marry

929 days ago


it's funny how everyone has forgotten how their union came about. brad cheated on jennifer with angie. angie new he was married. i can't believe that anyone holds high regards for this woman and her union with a cheater. she is a vulture and very calculating person. her movies suck too. i can't understand how she's getting to make big blockbuster movies when she is not bringing in the audiences.

929 days ago


WHO CARES if they gave their consent to their engagement... REALLY???? What if they didn't, should they re-think the marriage.... What a joke!!! Not news worthy!

929 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

"But Rebekah Orr, Communications Director for Equality California, says the group is totally behind the Brangelina marriage, even if the right to vote is still not enjoyed by everyone. "


Uh.... huh?

929 days ago
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