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'Lean on Me' Star

I'm Going to DISNEY WORLD!!!

... Before Prison

4/14/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Hopkins paid a visit to the most MAGICAL place on earth
Just days before being sentenced to the crappiest place on earth, "Lean On Me" actor Jermaine Hopkins paid a visit to the most MAGICAL place on earth -- Disney World -- and it was all in an effort to spend some last-minute time with his family.

As we previously reported, Hopkins -- who starred as troubled youth Thomas Sams in the 1989 classic -- was arrested in Arizona back in December for buying 200 pounds of weed from an undercover cop.

Jermaine tells us, he was nervous about spending time in the clink ... so he consulted a pastor in Newark, New Jersey -- coincidentally, Whitney Houston's old pastor -- who advised Jermaine to spend quality time with his family while he still could.

Jermaine took the pastor's advice -- and immediately flew his family down to Orlando to Disney World this week.

Jermaine tells us, it was the first time he and his kids had ever been there -- adding, "We had a great time!"

Jermaine is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday. He faces up to five years in prison.


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Watch out for the Magic Kingdom Neighborhood Watch!

921 days ago


Don't worry Jermaine when you get into prison, I am sure Bubba will take you on magical trip as well.

921 days ago


I guess weed is bad; it takes five years off your life. Good job America, house arrest at his expense would have been cheaper on the taxpayer and better for his family. Don't smoke pot kids, big brother will steal your life.

921 days ago


WTF was he going to do with 200lbs of weed? And don't say smoke it cause he would have to smoke that all day long every day to use that up before it started losing it's kick. Guessing he was planning to sell it to some folks.

921 days ago


200 pounds of WEED ..!! DAMN

921 days ago


my word the spammers are out today

921 days ago


With all those silver eyes in the photo, it looks more like Westworld.

921 days ago


Why is Ndamukong Suh posing in their family picture?

921 days ago

john johnson    


921 days ago


5 years for weed??? Come on how in the hell is Cigarettes legal when it causes death, cancer, and tons of other problems it all about taxing . USA continues to ban weed cause regular folks can grow and sell it and if Uncle Sam can't get a cut of the money make it illegal . But dude was buying 200 pounds of weed so I can't back him up to much but 5 years come on I say fine him and put him on probation with community service and call it the day

921 days ago


If the prison or jail does not have conjugal visits from his wife, he will go at least 5 years without making babies! If he sold 200 pounds of weed, he could take a lot of people to!! Guess if you go down.. you might as well go down big!!

920 days ago


no sympathy at all from me

920 days ago


He was also in the movie Juice!

920 days ago


Dumbazz. No sympathy here. If these douchebags could firgure out, that illegal drugs are a multi-billion dollar industtry in this country, and only the little fish get caught, they could go on with their lives. I'm just grateful they got him before he ruined any more lives. And you can bet he will rat out anyone who ever said good morning to him, to get a lighter sentence. and please, don't give me that first offense BS, because the police clearly set this semi-literate fool up, by letting him make larger and larger purchases.

920 days ago


Awwww, isn't that sweet? The drug dealer flew his entire family for a week at Disney. I bet drugs have given them lots of great vacations. I vote let his drug $ pay his prison expense instead of tax payers. He must have been smoking his drugs if he went to Houston's clergy because obviously the Pastor's record is not good!!!

920 days ago
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