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Mickey Rourke

Joe Eszterhas Is Just Bitter

Mel Gibson Didn't Like His Script

4/14/2012 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rourke continues to be Team Gibson all the way in the Joe Eszterhas/Mel Gibson feud -- telling our photog that Joe is just upset that Mel didn't want to make a movie with him.

Rourke -- who would only talk to us for a second straight day if our camera guy bought him ice cream -- said that Eszterhas is just bringing up "old s**t" because he has a personal beef with Mel.

Rourke supports Mel even though he knows it's not the popular thing, telling us, "I know my agent is going to yell at me tomorrow for sticking up for Mel, but ... somebody has to."


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I like the post from 'Golly' about Mel helping others. He has done a lot. I recall him reaching out to Britney, and Whitney Houston's family invited him to her funeral, so they think he's a good person. I have read of times when Mel loaned his jet for Haiti relief. And I would wager that there are more times he has helped then we ever read about.

820 days ago


Mel is a stand up guy.......he had a few problems but overall OBVIOUS heart of gold. I love him b/c he has given me the term sugartits to live out my days w/glory. Now anyone not supportive is just blind. This man is the **** and put through ****.....I love him.

820 days ago

A viewer    

Mickey is just so dang cool (and cute) . He's also not afraid of saying how it is. This is the kind of guy we all need, watching our backs.

820 days ago


Here's a fun game for the FLOCKERS to play: Explain why it's OK for MR MEL to speak his mind about others but others can't speak their mind about Mr MEL.
And the bonus round is - What Would Mickey say if he DIDNT get his Ice Cream?

820 days ago


I'm withholding judgement for the moment. I fully believe Mel would say things like what he's accused of, but if Joe doesn't come up with those tapes that he claims exist in the next week I will consider him a liar.

820 days ago

nipples mugee    

As much as TMZ wants to destroy Mel Gibson there are still people that like his movies and such. Why would TMZ want to destroy mel ??????????????? I don't get it... Whats tmz's beef?

820 days ago


WTF~ever... Ask Mickey Rourke what happened to his girlfriend Carrie Otis.. punch drunk love. Birds of a feather..that's really the only thing going on here. He's defending what hes done himself.

820 days ago


fuddyduddy: 29 minutes ago
Not going to play your game, but I will address the ice cream issue. First day Mickey gave a comment to TMZ was a freebie. Next day, the price is an ice cream for his comment. I think it's funny! Mickey is A-okay.
Oh please, you're not going to play because you know you can't win. In your eyes and in the eyes of the FLOCK - it's OK for MEL to say what he wants about others BUT others can not do the same.......what about that silly old "freedom of speech" that has come up time and time again.

820 days ago


Nadiadamit: 15 minutes ago
WTF~ever... Ask Mickey Rourke what happened to his girlfriend Carrie Otis.. punch drunk love. Birds of a feather..that's really the only thing going on here. He's defending what hes done himself.
not to mention both Mickey and Mellie have been charged w/ DUI...though Mickey's only been busted ONCE - Mellie he's been popped 2 or 3 times (no wonder Mickey thinks so highly of him)

819 days ago


Mickey looks and sounds wasted.

819 days ago


These two knuckle-heads (Mel and Mickey) better watch what they say; neither one will not be able to work in Hollywood soon.

819 days ago


fuddyduddy: 24 minutes ago
Win? What am I going to win? You never mentioned prizes for this game!
Comprehension problem, 2Idiots -- I am not passing judgment on Mel regarding the JE matter. If there are tapes, and they are authenticated, then I will be very disappointed in Mel. Everyone is entitled to believe as they wish and form their own opinions.
Why do you need tapes to confirm what Joe has put in writing? You didnt need tangible proof of the baby-shaking (cough cough) you bought it because MEL SAID IT WAS SO....
Why do you need proof of one thing but not another?
Mel said OG was running around the backyard acting crazy - you bought it because MEL SAID - yet NO PROOF.
And again, we're back to what I said earlier - MEL can say/do whatever HE wants and its OK - but anyone else it's NOT.

819 days ago


I'll buy Mickey his own Ice Cream store if he'll come talk to me, sigh....

819 days ago


fuddyduddy: 3 minutes ago
Never thought Mel was an angel, and I do believe that he and OG had a blow-out argument.
There was tangible proof -- Mel admitted in an affidavit that was part of a custody petition in a court of law that he slapped OG.
There was other tangible proof as well -- TMZ provided copies of notes, letters, text messages, court do***ents, affidavits from others, witness testimony -- all of that is proof.
In this case, JE has written a letter and made accusations. It's all hearsay. There is no proof to his claims.
Mel's word is not proof. Who's to say he didnt lie? Remember he denied hitting OG....

819 days ago


Mickey still has an agent? Does he ever act anymore?

819 days ago
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