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'NCIS' Star Pauley Perrette

Ex-Husband Charged

With Violating Restraining Order

4/14/2012 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Coyote Shivers and Pauley Perrette
"NCIS" star Pauley Perrette's ex-husband has just been charged with violating her restraining order against him -- and now the guy faces up to a year and a half behind bars.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Francis "Coyote" Shivers has been charged with one count of violating a court order, and one count of probation violation. If convicted, he faces 18 months in jail.

Shivers is currently on probation after he was convicted of sending Pauley's lawyer harassing emails.

As we first reported, Shivers showed up last month at a Hollywood sushi joint where Pauley and her current fiance were having dinner -- and an argument broke out.

Shivers said it was all just a coincidence -- but prosecutors feel differently.


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wowwwww. who's stalking who?? how the hell would you know what visa she has? shes a rolling stone writer, shes not a tourist...she works here, does a lot of stories...your anger is so transparent pauley perrette. get a life!

892 days ago


hat wasnt Mayra, that was Bebe Buell. The most known d* sucking groupie in the planet. Bebe wrote a bad book about being a rock groupie. Mayra's book is about depressio andis very very big in Brazil. Idiot. It's online you can read it. I'm helping sell the shirts to FREE COYOTE FROM THIS ****!

892 days ago


pauley perrette is online or paying someone to be.. what a witch

892 days ago


Dear Jinxy, you don't know nothing about May's life.
She already wrote 2 literature books, writes for one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil since she was a young teenager, worked with MTV Brazil also, and from then on she's just getting bigger works in journalism area.

She (and her family) is really well known in arts, literature here in Brazil (and some other countries, look for info dear), travelled around the world a lot and is allowed to be,and legal, in the US, as she current is. She's used to go to the US since she was a little girl, it's not any news for her.

Babe, having money isn't the greater thing in the world most of the time, integrity is. If she, or he, needs financial support from the family (one thing you can't proove), it is totally their own bussiness luv.

I follow this story since the beggining and it's not necessary to be living next door to them to know Perrette is insane and begging for even more attention (she already plays ridiculous "young cool" character, really don't know why she needs even more attention, her fiancé doensn't seem to be a big deal for her, acting like this until now).

Don't you think that old lady Perrette would show up in every place she knows they are because then she wouldn't have how to accuse him? If she is not smart she is hiring people to help her in this area.

If she wanted him simply didn't have an affair with the pizza delivery guy and deserve the company of her husband by her side.
If now she's not able to get it back just let it go, try to be happy with someone else and leave him do this do.

Anybody here is a saint, she is not only good, he is not only good, anybody is perfect (I'm not too religious, by the way) but there are some things over the top here...

But ok, if you fanatic ncis fans and "americans" (I know there are exceptions everywhere and I'm considering you exceptions) want to continue financing these insane ROs by paying taxes this loss of time in justice go on...
I would like my government to invest this in some other way...

May a Hollywood wannabe?
Come on... Do you really think she needs it?
You don't know anything at all...

892 days ago


I know you're Marcelo Mayra, you aren't a staff writer for Rolling Stone, you're a stinger. I know you are married to an elderly man who has multiple restraining orders, I know you are scared, probably of him. I know he's been accused of horrible crimes and will be convicted. I know he's going to be charged with another crime. I know you are a sad, pathetic woman Mayra who thinks everyone is either Bebe or Pauley and that couldn't be further from the truth. I know you like to act like a man and interact with your self via the marcelo sock puppet you use, which is pathetic. I know you are married to an elderly man you support. I know you don't have a work visa, I know your elderly husband can't support you. I might put up some other embarrassing personal information I know about you and your very old husband you might not like to see online, so far I'm being nice, truthful but nice. You need to stop Mayra and make a plan "B" before it's too late for you. That court date is coming up fast. I know you will not be walking out with your head held high. I know more than you could imagine. I know you are being manic trying to defend someone indefensible Mayra. No matter how many posts you make under multiple names you aren't going to convince anyone he's not a crazy stalker, or abuser. I know you are dishonest and deceptive Mayra, using all these fake names. It's not working Mayra.

892 days ago


People who are not stalkers do not think (and I use the term loosely) the way that you do.

You truly seem to have no idea how obvious you are to anyone who is not of the same stalker mentality as you.

The more you spew your crap, the more obvious you are.

I suspect that were it not for the mutual obsession with his exes, or the vain attempts to wank your egos by lame attempts at self promotion, he and you would have nothing to talk about or do.

Prove me wrong -- try to talk to each other or do something other than obsess over his exes or promote yourselves. It would do wonders for your relationship. Or end it, but either way it would be less emotionally sick.

892 days ago


kingborg bla bla bla...
Don't you know more people in the world know English, and many, but many, might know it better than you.
If I can retype?
No dear, and can speak it out loud with the best accent you've never heard, and you'll say like everybody that talks to me: Where in Europe are you from?
FYI: The clean accent comes from there...
Maybe in slangs you defeat me, but just FYI to know (and to teach) a language and to be a translator (as I am) you don't need to be native, just to be intelligent, have a good dregree and work hard!
I'm not Mayra, I'm a Brazilian woman that knows how to use the language better than lots of natives just by studying!

Do you know facebook?
I published my page my dear, in the first post:

I started writing at first and then decided to post more keeping the same line of thoughts? YES.

You are all fanatic bastards giving your money to the government to spend in this stupids ROs, unreasonable ones...
Go on, you could be having real problems fixed.

891 days ago


Dont y'all pay attention to these horrific hate filled bullying comments. It's a pattern I've been noticing in every comment space regarding this story. Either Pauley Perrette herself or someone paid by her come to the comments to accuse anyone who doesn't like her of being a stalker, or being her ex, or being his wife. (It's funny that his wife is only in the picture when she wants to accuse her of something.) She also blocked two friends of mine who told her things she didn't want to hear. She is one of those "yes man" actresses who can only be surrounded by people who believe everything she says and does is great. When things are not going her way, she turns into this extremely EVIL person as seen on these comments. Wishing the worst and plotting the worst. Pauley should leave de TMZ comments page and do another photo op in front of a person in a wheelchair, a dog, a gay guy or a midget. OR, here's an idea.. maybe go pay some attention to that poor fiancé she's got... I mean I figure he's out serving people their drinks as he's a waiter, but she should go down there and make the poor dude some company.

891 days ago


Here's what I found out in the last hour... Hahahaha... Pauley's fiancé Thomas Arklie used to date Elizabeth Hurley, but she dumped him because he wasn't successful. Now the guy's riding Perrette's NCIS fame and having her say that he is a "Royal" Marine when he was one 30 YEARS AGO! Remember when Letterman asked her where she met her fiance and she twice tried to avoid the question? Well that's because she met her as he was serving her. He's a waiter and bartender in Hollywood. Pauley has a thing for the help as her "stunt wedding" after Coyote was to pizza delivery boy Michael Bosman. Thomas thinks he is getting lucky here, but once Pauley Perrette testifies and is caught lying, this guy will have to live with a lot of embarrassment if he isn't already. Not only is his "fiancé" obsessed with her ex husband, she is only using him for publicity right now. Looks better on her if she is engaged, since Coyote is married to Mayra Dis Gomes. Even Letterman caught her when she said she wasn't going to get married before Prop 8. WHERE IS THE WEDDING?

891 days ago


Are you ignoring all the info I provided you, for free?
Me, Érika (, I'm real!!!!
I need to work to have food, where to live, there's no one doing nothing for me! (PS: I didn't get pregnant of any famous one to get money, etc, you know, real life).

I'll start charging to work as open minders.

Which part of insane amount of unreasonable ROs you have in your country are you forgetting about?
And that people is financing this ridiculous accusations, courts, etc, through paying taxes, just for old lady Miss Perrete,playing "young and cool" and earning a good amount of money for this, to play with. Playing with hardworking poeple's money!

Mayra doens't need to pretend she's anyone.
FYI: She can write on her own computer anywhere she wants, or film and interview, ops, she can do it even in Hollywood!
Have you heard about Brasil's Rolling Stone Magazine?
Folha De São Paulo newspaper? MTV Brasil?
Teen Vogue?
Academia Brasileira de Letras?

She is scared? For sure, she's not used to deal with sick fanatic fans that would kill a person just because of her favorite character actress' lies. Shooters in schools, malls, etc...
She is used to deal with existing RO, but reasonable ones, and as they are reasonable, we have it just if it is really necessary here!

I told before, we have plenty issues to solve in Brazil, and we're having good progress on them, but this kind of crazyness is not common here. Thank God!

When she went to spend her vacation in 2010 she met the love of her life and really quickly they decided they wanted to be together and married? From then on she continued living there, as normal people do, LIVE HER AND HIS OWN LIFE!

891 days ago

Swiss Miss    

FIRST OF ALL, unless you actually know the people involved, PERSONALLY, you shouldn't have an opinion because you do not know what you're talking about, especially if you are a gossip hound and get your info off of the internet.

Here are some TRUTHS to the saga of Coyote and his "wives":

Coyote divorced Bebe Buell. Bebe has stalked Coyote for years, including when he was married to PP. It continues to this day.

BB has gone out of her way to cause trouble for Coyote and even for his new wife, Mayra- using her connections to get them banned from shows and red carpets in Los Angeles.

BB befriended and teamed up with PP after Coyote left PP, so just imagine, TWO scorned exes, one with money, and one with lots and lots of connections (since she IS, after all advanced in years), having the same issue in common... = TROUBLE.

"Abby" isn't Pauley. PP is an actress. A lucky one, at that, but an actress, nonetheless. BB is an aging groupie/singer/rock and roll babymama with her golden years behind her. Here's hoping the truth will prevail.

Good Luck to the Shivers.

890 days ago

Jay Singer    

Stalking is a far more serious crime than the law has it. This guy has been making her life miserable for years and she doesn't deserve it. She's a major philanthropist and she deserves the same protection as all public personalities, celebs or government. Why doesn't the State Department do something about this and deport this loser?

794 days ago


wow i see pauley perrette and her team of liars number 1 angela garber a meth head with no money and an obsession for coyote i mean we r talking obsessed turned rape victim and some old broad that callls her self go go giddle and bebe buell a stalker in her own right are all over this page you all need to get lives i cant wait for the day pauley and Angela spend time behind bars where they belong i also heard coyote is not the only victim of these womens lies a few x friends of theirs were reported to police for various reasons and yet no one was charged as they had proof of these womens lies hmmm i wonder who the real stalkers are

678 days ago


being a victim of these womens lies myself all i can say is cant wait till justice is finally done a bunch of liars!!!

678 days ago


God, is she sexy.

548 days ago
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