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Dwight Howard's Baby Mama

Dear Judge ... Please

Let Me Trash My Ex!!!

4/15/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Royce ReedDwight Howard's baby mama -- "Basketball Wives" star Royce Reed -- desperately wants the freedom to publicly trash talk her ex ... so she's asking a judge to lift the gag order that forces her to keep her mouth shut.

Royce had agreed to gag herself  back in 2009 in her never-ending, bitter custody dispute with Dwight.  But Reed now has a few things on her mind that she wants to share with anyone who will listen.  Reading between the lines, here's what she wants to say:

-- Dwight is not morally fit to have custody of their son
-- Dwight's mental state is sketchy
-- Dwight has funny substances laying around the house the kid shouldn't see
-- And she has other horrible things she wants to say about Dwight

Mind you, those are just allegations, but she wants to file legal docs making these allegations and she wants the documents available to the public.

A judge has yet to rule on the request.

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I vote for her to STFU and pretend to have some dignity and move on!

923 days ago

you know it    

I don't know these people, but usually when a guy talks smack about his ex it's usually they did something wrong and they got caught doing it and their first reaction is to talk bad about them not to apologize. Try apologizing first or not do what you did to piss her off in the first place.

923 days ago


C'mon that lil rat faced b!tch posting pix of her son asleep in the bed w/her current fling on twitter. Now she wants to lift the ban for her to stay on basketball but it won't matter because all the people on that show are irrelevant. I hope punk B!tch ass D.Howard gets his get and takes better care than his RAT FACED jump off-groupy whore baby mama.

923 days ago


So basically the gold digger has no relevance for her "show", she is hardly a star, so she needs to talk smack to stay on. This nasty troll is nothing but a jump off who purposely got pregnant to get support for 18 years. What a ho!!!

923 days ago


Listen you guys are ****ed up. Dwight Howard is an *******! He is fake as hell and everyone knows it. Is Royce the Gold Digger when she has that ****head lying to her telling her hes so in love and that hes going to take care of her? I know for a FACT that Dwight is a lying **** head. Think about it...3 kids, 3 different babies mammas and the day BEFORE he got engaged he was begging one of my wifes friends to hook up with him at a photo shoot! Ask him if its the truth. Hes a big doofy **** head. As an ex professional basketball player trust me when I tell you....this Dwight guyg is going to end up a ****ing nightmare! He lies with every breath he takes!

923 days ago


I met Dwight a few times and he is a pure PRICK. LMAO at everyone defending him. Please, meet the guy one time and then tell if you want to defend him again. This dude has controlling issues.
Why does he feel that he is allowed to talk all the crap he wants about his baby's mother but she doesn't have..FREEDOM OF SPEECH because of some freaking gag order she signed 3 years ago?! Give me a break.
I've noticed lately that every time it's a battle of he said/she said with a celebrity, their actions are excused. No it's the non-famous person, the person with less money, etc who is made out to be the bad guy. They are "extorting" or "trying to get famous".
How about this people? How about not every one is a money grubbing animal who uses celebrities. How about Celebrities are human beings like all of us and aren't some saints and victims that all of us normal folk are seething at the teeth to grab a hold of their money. Some are just *******s.
He's out there trashing her, so I don't blame her for wanting to tell her side of the story.

923 days ago

Charles Whitlock    

Here we Go..... More Baby Mama Drama....

923 days ago


I think the way this article is written is beyond biased.

1.) Royce is currently prohibited from saying Dwight's name in public, talking about any aspect of their relationship, from saying anything about her son, and from showing pictures of her son. She got fined for putting up a picture on Twitter of her baby. How many moms and dads put up pics of their children on Facebook, Twitter, etc? LOTS of them! Why should she not be allowed to do the same.

2.) It's not about trying to go on a trash-talking binge about her ex, but it's about being able to live her life without her ex/baby's father having control over it. I don't know if the same restrictions are placed on him.

3.) A lot of people are calling Royce Reed a "ho" or "slut," but she has one child. Dwight on the other hand has THREE confirmed children with THREE separate women, two of which are THE SAME AGE. Also, there are two OTHER paternity tests pending against Dwight Howard. If it turns out that he is the father, the Dwight Howard will have five kids by five different women. Why is Royce the "ho" for having a baby with her boyfriend, but not Dwight for cheating on his girlfriends and getting multiple women pregnant at the same time?

922 days ago


"Royce had agreed to gag herself back in 2009"
Really? That's the only time she's been gagged? I find that hard to believe.

922 days ago

Isis Phoenix    

Boycotting the Basketball Wives of Miami and Los Angeles
VH1 and its corporate parent, Viacom Entertainment has aired 4 seasons of their Basketball Wives television franchise. The show was initially promoted as an avenue for viewers to grow, learn and discuss the successes and perils of life as a “basketball wife.” However, the show has proven to be nothing more than a set of glossy choreographed boxing matches marked by superficiality and monumental levels of bullying. In the year 2012, where we have a bi-racial president and an African American first lady, we need not be “tragically colored.” The reality series perpetuates the most vulgar stereotypes about women of color particularly, Black women. The show has very few redeeming qualities if any at all. Young people across the nation tune into to the most grotesque illustrations of black femininity. Women well beyond their child-bearing years, cursing, fighting and destroying property. One would have to assume that the show’s wild success presents a complicated problem for thoughtful, scripted and well crafted television. American popular culture has taken on a particular tone similar to that of Ancient Rome. Americans have become a ravenous community obsessed with the “spectacle.” Romans were consumed with their violent gladiators and many Americans are consumed with their tragic reality t.v. “stars.” These questionable activities occur all in the name of entertainment. Hollywood is a beautiful cultural mosaic made mostly out of broken dreams and broken people. But, we refuse to partake in Black cultural degradation and misappropriation. In the year 2000, we thought that the matrix would hijack us little did we know that we would run towards it with open arms. It is beginning to border on exploitation and we are all finally tapping out on this one. We are people of color and we are talented, determined and cosmically powerful. We embody light and love. We do not want to see these types of representations of Black women on VH1 in the form of Basketball Wives Miami or Los Angeles!

914 days ago

Isis Phoenix    

Boycott the Basketball Wives Reality Series
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914 days ago


Why is everyone calling the women whores. These men are sleeping around just as much or more than the women. Just cause they get pregnant or sleep with a basketball player they are a whore1! Men need to learn how to say no, just like women. They need to learn how to use a condom as well, or child support will continue to be taking from them whether they like or not; that's the law!

909 days ago


Royce dear,sex is possible without procreation, dont be so quick to fall in love, make sure you keep an eye on the guy you have now...................?

907 days ago


Okay here we go again, these men have the same habits before,during and after, mthese women csan't change them and if they didn't have 2 dollars in the bank these women wouldn't give them the time of day. Royca and the rest of the basketball or celebrity wives, jump-offs etc are really looking for a 18 year payday. Perhaps the term golddigger is overrated.

904 days ago



893 days ago
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