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Lindsay Lohan

Parties at Coachella

4/15/2012 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Parties at Coachella
Lindsay Lohan has clearly discounted/ignored the advice of Judge Stephanie Sautner who urged her to stay away from the club scene, because she was front and center at hard-partying Coachella this weekend.

She was there with a dude, didn't drink as far as we can tell, but nonetheless the temptations at the music festival are endless.

On the upside, she looked good.


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Bye the way TMZ must of had a hard time finding these two pictures that were at least have way flattering to her to post because after seeing the rest and there are lots early in the night like these and then later in the night when she has had her usual change of cloths with the white transparent umbrella (LOL) gotta make sure the Papz can get a good pics........) anyway...the rest show the bloating face the double chin the wobbling eyes... She was really flying by those last pictures for the new man ...face it that was no boyfriend that was her lasted John....

923 days ago


How quickly we forget! People said the same thing about Charlie and Brooke. Come on people, Lindsay is clearly more of a crack head than Amanda, and just because some handlers have gotten a hold of her and told her to dye her hair and apply her makeup better doesn't mean she's better. She's still out clubbing.

923 days ago

Red Cloud    

The main thing about this thread that is SO UPSETTING to haters and non-fans is the FACT that Lindsay looks so good and happy and confident. After all, she's clean and sober and her future is bright as she climbs higher and higher up the comeback ladder. Just look at that happy, healthy, young, pretty face. Annoying??? Sure, if you're a delusional hater trembling with rage as you witness the rise of pretty Lindsay. I mean WTF??? She should be in JAIL!!!! And she should look 87 years old!!!! She shouldn't be happy. She should be driving drunk and stealing and punching people and kicking your dog and getting arrested!!!!
Lighten up for fk sake. She's 25 y/o. What should she be doing??? Sitting down and knitting??? Get a grip!!

923 days ago


Over at Huff post, the real celebs are talking about the party, no mention of Lilo being there, cuz no one cares where she is.

923 days ago


Terry said
she even tastes Guilty"
Vikram now has two humps on his camel.l
and sam Nuf said

923 days ago


And another member for the Hall of clowns. (Oh sorry- one of Mr Stupid's "Random" fans." They even try to spin a non-story. Pathetic:

18 hours ago

923 days ago


QUACK QUACK QUACK. Too fvckin much and I LOVE it!

923 days ago


You're a bunch of morons, Linds can stay clean and sober and be at a music festival. I've been sober for 11 years and gone to music festivals more than most of you have had glasses of wine & I'm still fine. Give the girl a chance to get sober and leave her alone for pete's sakes. And no I don't mean Pete Doherty.

923 days ago


Red Cloud: 12 minutes ago
After all, she's clean and sober

Spoken like a true in-denial drunk.
How stupid are you that you actually believe she's clean and sober?

F*** you're dim.

923 days ago


Lindsay is moving on to bigger and better things. Get over it and mind your own business. Lindsay doesn't need or want your approval.

923 days ago


Nice try Lindsay trying to flash that water bottle like shes sober we all know that its just clear vodka. This woman will never change she wants this lifestyle and the only reason shes ever been to rehab, AA meetings, and therapy is because she was court ordered to not because she wanted to change her life. I have no idea who voted on that poll but Amanda Bynes is nowhere near as bad as this skank. She has gotten in trouble recently and has been partying a few times but I just think shes having a bad patch in her life at the moment and will sort herself out soon she'll never become like Lindsay shes too clever and smart to fall like that. You can definitely see that shes high as a kite in these pictures by her eyes and was drinking and I bet if they did a random drugs test on her it would come out positive. Shes done in Hollywood and will never be in a high profile film again and she'll never have a comeback because she wasn't missed in the first place or had any genuine talent. Keep partying away Lindsay nobody cares anymore.

923 days ago


"Ticket, please. Thank you. Services to the left. Have a good time. Peace out". *Esther walks through the gate, dragging a wagontrain piled with clothes and jewelry*

*AA Aliana walked right past the attendant unnoticed*

*DUIna is nowhere in sight*

"Ticket, please".

"Move that rope. I'm Lindsay Lohan".

"Congratulations. Ticket, please - everyone has to pay".

"What?!!! You want MONEY?!!!


There's so few things you can just flat-out depend on.

923 days ago


It's nice to see her red hair back.
She looked horrible with the blonde.

923 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

She looks good. Leave her alone.

923 days ago

Red Cloud    

Nice try Lindsay trying to flash that water bottle like shes sober we all know that its just clear vodka.
Are you clowns actually serious??? Do you REALLY think the bottle contains vodka? And just how do you know that??? Please explain? If you would like for me to die laughing later when I come back, provide HONEST answers. How do you know she's NOT clean and sober? How???? Be specific.


923 days ago
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