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Lindsay Lohan

Parties at Coachella

4/15/2012 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Parties at Coachella
Lindsay Lohan has clearly discounted/ignored the advice of Judge Stephanie Sautner who urged her to stay away from the club scene, because she was front and center at hard-partying Coachella this weekend.

She was there with a dude, didn't drink as far as we can tell, but nonetheless the temptations at the music festival are endless.

On the upside, she looked good.


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That's funny. Not even close to Lindsay Lohan. Check out the nose.

Lohan will probally try and sue, again over nothing. (got to get money). Hey, Kim Kardashian is sueing Old Navy/The Gap for $20 million dollars over nothing.

891 days ago



Marley Jane @UnicornCocaine

I did coke with Lindsay Lohan last night at Coachella.
9:13 AM - 15 Apr 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details

891 days ago


Not that long lindsay was begging the court system not to put her in jail, and to reduce some crimes because she had a substance abuse problem..
then when she screwed up and faced more jail they said it was mental..
Witch one is it? a combo of both?
anything to get her out of deserved punishment..but the bad part is she cant use the same old excuses the next time around..

891 days ago


Lying whore!

891 days ago


you sound just like the three year old who is pointing her finger across the room at another little girl who panties are wet...and saying" shes the one who peed on the floor" as pee runs down her won legs.....!!
Amanda Bynes is having trouble right now , yes she is but no deny that but Lindsay has been in dam trouble and causing problems for 6 dam years now...there is no comparsion..sweetie...thats like comparing Charles Manson to the kid who got pick up for keying a car....whole different level of wrongness....Go have another shot of vodka sweetie you need to get ready for the party tonight....

891 days ago


This is so stupid. Why do any of you people care? Is she really that important to you? Come on people. What she does has no effect on your lives. If she wants to go out and party that her business. Focus on your own lives.

891 days ago


Whoa nelly, the enablers fingers are really stuck on Bynes name instead of Blohans. Good times, miss these idiotic polls!

891 days ago


It's kinda too late to help LL, but Amanda could still be helped. Her family needs to at least sit her down and help her before she turns out like LL.

891 days ago


I have never been a fan of Lindsay Lohan at all. BUT I think people especially negative ones need to get off her F'in back. Let the girl be. IF we blew up everyone else's nasty laundry they would be biting their tongues. Hypocrits...Let the girl just be and live her life and just wish her the best. THE END!

891 days ago


& no one noticed because Zoe Jakes was Dancing there.A REAL woman,not some hollywood FAKE.

891 days ago


Oh my dear you sound a little bitter right there ! ......better check your zipper.........
I will tell you this behind the scenes of Amanda Bynes story there are people who are fanatically working to legally get her ass under control and not doubt they are in the process or plaining a intervention on her behave...and you will see that in a few days ..if TMZ doesn't ride her ass into the dirt first...which they tend to do when they see a weak moment ...Kind of like jackals after a herd of roe deer they circle and circle till they spot a weak one who falters and they go in for the kill and if they herd doesn't rally and encircle the poor weak thing the Jackals TMZ will tear it to peices.....Lindsay Lohan and Lohan Inc feeds the Jackals to keep them off of her because if she didn't they would tear her to pieces like the rest...

891 days ago


Rouge Wearer Rouge Wearer
You’re absent again
Linds wants you to Tweet her
At exactly 10:10

She needs you to help
With her favorite new hobby
Beheading the tourists
In the Chateau lobby

891 days ago


luvlindsay: 45 minutes ago
Marley Jane @UnicornCocaine
I did coke with Lindsay Lohan last night at Coachella.
9:13 AM - 15 Apr

891 days ago


Sorry @Help
Isn't goina work........She's got all the "help" she needs without us having to abandon Lindsay.......And besides we stop posting on LIndsay and Lohan Inc would have a heart attack and go into panic mode..cause this "attention" she gets on TMZ is the only thing that is keeping that sinking ship afloat...and they would sink like a stone if Harvey TMZ dropped her stories from lack of Hits.... her only gossip site still on the payroll.....

891 days ago


Actually, help, people have a lot of sympathy and compassion for people with substance abuse issues.

It's lying thieves who make a habit of hitting people while all the while acting like a self entitled brat and putting on airs that bugs people.

891 days ago
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