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Nicki Minaj's Dad

Gutted She Wanted to 'Kill' Him

4/15/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj
's father is completely torn up over the rapper's recent comments -- that she wanted to "kill" him when she was a child -- and now, he wants the world to know he's not some violent monster.

In case you missed her recent "Nightline" interview, Nicki went OFF on her dad Omar -- describing the guy as a drug addict and alcoholic who often threatened to kill her mother ... once even burning down their house.

Nicki said, "I wanted to kill [my dad]. I used to wish he was dead ... 'We were afraid for my mother's life because whenever he would have a real bad outburst he would threaten to kill her."

But family sources tell TMZ, Nicki's anecdotes are grossly exaggerated -- Omar admits he had anger issues when she was a child ... but insists it NEVER reached the point Nicki described in her interview.

Sources tell us, Omar never knew Nicki felt this way about him -- and he's absolutely crushed she decided to air her grievances in the media.

We're told her father still loves Nicki very much ... and always has.


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Wow... the people on here are ridiculous hardcore haters. I adore Nicki and will continue to do so. Came from a household where we did and still do feel the same way about my father; yeah, the truth hurts, but it's better to say it out to everyone at once than to say it to him in private. Why? Because she's a celebrity and her experience can reach other people who have similar stories to tell; it shows you that nobody is invincible--even the fabulous and famous. Of course her father denies it. What man wouldn't? But really people, what has Nicki Minaj ever done to any of you? GTFO here.

918 days ago


Why is this ugly, no-talent POS famous? Can someone please enlighten me?

918 days ago


TMZ, you're disgusting. Clearly, domestic abuse issues are beyond the scope of something "sources" should be commenting on! You'll side with Kim K on EVERYTHING but you won't even back Nicky Minaj on sensitive childhood family issues? You're sick. Your "source" is probably the Dad (I HOPE it's at least someone in the family - who else would know?!) and is the Dad really going to admit burning down the house and threatening the mom? Did you even bother to take the time to research and see if her house DID burn down? I'm sure you didn't. Jerks.

918 days ago


Nothing about this woman is real. Fake voice Fake singing Fake body Fake hair Fake skin tone Fake smile......AND strange enough paid millions to be FAKE and pretending to be happy. Sad! Who knows maybe she cries herself to sleep everynight having to be someone else she really isn't. Sad again.

918 days ago


Victimhood is in. Triumph over adversity trumps good luck.

918 days ago


Sounds like another wack-job entertainer that is more than likely in to Kabbalah! Idiots!!

918 days ago


Hmmmm. He didn't know how much she hated him? Really? He burned the house down, but didn't know how much Nicki hated him? He doesn't approve of her airing this in public, despite the fact that she has repeated the same stories in multiple interviews for the last couple of years without a word from him? I don't believe this story. Ya'll pay for/buy anything.

918 days ago


He didn't try to burn the house down, he DID burn the house down with her MOTHER IN IT. Of course she's going to feel that way. She does not want sympathy. When he treated her family like ****, yeah she wanted to kill him, but she forgave him and they have moved on, but she can't forget. She's only human. Nicki is FAR from a freak. She dresses "weird", but recently she has toned it down. She's been wearing normal wigs and dressing normal too. But if she wats to dress like a "freak" LET HER. It's her body.

918 days ago


@minnietx and @TheVolleyBallGod you are so lame if you don't know who Nicki Minaj is ! I didn't know D-List celebs performed at SuperBowls, and Grammys.....where have you been under a rock,?

918 days ago


Alot of times parents do terrible things and think they're kids are too young or don't know whats going on. Kids brains are much more absorbant than people realize. Lids see everything, and when they don't have the intelligence or maturity to understand what's happening, they must try to figure it out for themselves. They're usually scared & alone because most parents tell their children to "stay out of grown folks business", instead of helping them understand that what daddy said when he was drunk, it's really going to happen (hopefully).

918 days ago


I agree with the dad if you felt this way why not speak with him before airing it to the world...BAD MOVE!!!!

918 days ago


I don't like Her Dad for not burning down the House while she was in it. This Trollop is a disgrace to Music and as a Human Being...If that is what She is.

918 days ago


Ummmm...what is this thing?

918 days ago


Mean, fake, vindictive, self righteous...
All known traits of Ms. Minaj.
She's NASTY in every way.

918 days ago


Haters stfu you were not in her home she has said from the start that he was an abusive man Keep doing your thing girl

918 days ago
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