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Angelina Jolie Legs Out ...

With Engagement Ring

4/16/2012 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie engagement ringAngelina Jolie pulled a very special "Jolie" earlier today -- showing some leg on Hollywood Blvd ... while brandishing her fat new engagement ring.

The 36-year-old actress is serious wife material.



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billy cema    

She wants our boxoffice dollars. Since she gets millions for even unsuccessful pictures, the public has a right to comment on who they're forking over their hard-earned dollars for.
That huge bag hides a lot of her body. If Brangeloonies think posters are harsh now, how much worse would it be if TMZ shows us her pancake butt.
When a public star wants publicity at any price, then she should inform her following to accept that it takes two to do the tango. The public will have its say over anyone in the public eye. If loonies don't like it, maybe they can persuade Brangelina to retire.

898 days ago


1: her hands look so old, so do her legs. This is NOT sexy. He's we all love being thin, but there is a limit! We starve to enhance out appearance, but angie has been starving too long, instead of enhancing it is dominishing her looks.
She was once considered sexiest woman alive, now she looks old and boney and pale and gaunt! No wonder why she no longer gets in the top 10 "sexiest woman alive" lists.. Even Jennifer beat her for christs sake! And Angie was all the way down at number 14 was it?

2: she is only engaged because Jennifer is pregnant and close to announcing it, Angie wanted to steal her now Jen might even push back the announcement until the brangelina hype has settled down.

3: they are breaking their promise to the gay community, so much for equal rights. I'll never look at st. Angie again the same, I thought "well atleast she is good with civil rights/charity"
But really, she only does it for the media attention, throws some cash at some ethiopians to try to make people forget about her satanism days, if she really cared about equality so much, they wouodnt back out of their promise. How desperate can you be to get married? It's a piece of paper for gods sake, it's already been a decade and if they seriously plan on spending the rest of their lives together, then they have the rest of their life to get married, so why rush all the siudden when it wasn't important a decade ago? Oh yeah because Jen is getting attention for being sexiest woman alive, and now she's happy and pregnant and angie already tried so hard to be sexy by sticking her leg out like a stick insect preying mantis and failed miserably and got laughed at by every media station globally. So she pulled out the big guns- engagement, then I bet right on the due date of jennifers baby, she will have the wedding.
As if brad and her are going to be together forever anyway, she's already had 3 marriages, she of all people should know that marriage is nothing but a bit of paper that is so easily revoked like the other insignificant precious husbands.
She's already sucked the life and soul out of brad, he was once good looking and talented and happy, now he walks around like a soulless grumpy hairy goat, he has aged 2 decades and looks so miserable.
I believe the nanny stories how Angie never even looks after the kids, especially not the adopted ones. And she laughs when they hurt themselves, etc I can imagine her doing that, she is an evil cold woman. Sleeping with her mothers boyfriend, severing ties with her own father for years on end, the poor guy. If it wasn't for her dads good name she probably wouldn't be famous today.
But they are no longer spring chickens, they aren't what they used to be, they were once hollywoods power couple but they have been a bit meh lately. Appearance fading, aging, doing less movies, no new adoptions or pregnancies. I guess this is their last hurrah, the marriage, then..well the divorce. Then what else can they do for attention? She certainly won't be able to get pregnant on a diet of: 1 rice bubble a day.
I wonder how old Jen is..she looks so much younger then Angie but I always flout they were around the same age, a dew years apart. But now it appears decades apart.
It's strange how the tides can turn so suddenly.

898 days ago


Has the hands and body of a 90 yr old.

898 days ago


Ok, since Gia it has been some time, but why does she look so old?
My mother-in-law has younger hands...and she is in her 60s.

898 days ago


You look at this photo and you focus on the ring?!?! Holy crap... This woman needs to EAT!!!

897 days ago


Must sounds like a game of yahtzee when they have sex..all dem bones...

897 days ago


Angelina's self-loathing has taken many forms over the years, cutting, drugs, but her current eating disorder or drug use is taking a shocking toll on her body, she needs help!

897 days ago


She needs to get some sun light and eat a few burgers.

897 days ago


I hope for her sake that she get help and add some weight. She is looking anorexic.... I'd like to see her back to her sexy self.

897 days ago

Ramon Romero    

Who's Tales From the Crypt hand is that?

897 days ago



36?? i'd double that, judging by this picture. saying she lost it is an understatement.

897 days ago


Her hands look like an old lady! She needs to gain some weight... Jen is beautiful in compare to her...

897 days ago


I think Jennifer was way prettier than her. She is too thin,she should gain a little weight,maybe she'll look more attractive. Jen is always my favorite. I think Brad still loves her!!!

897 days ago


ok wait nicolett sheriden is older than angelina? is jennifer aniston older than angelina, is halle berry older than angelina? why will a woman who claims she donates money to the poor choose to starve herself. why jelina why? she is not healthy

897 days ago


remember shes americas sweetheart.... lol. what an old washed up hag. memeber when she used to **** in limos and wear blood... lol she looks like the leather handbags but died white. ugly...

897 days ago
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