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'Real Housewives' Producers

Hunting for Christian Women

in Kardashian Territory

4/16/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The people behind the "Real Housewives" franchise are poking around in Calabasas, CA ... searching for Christian women to star in a new reality show inspired by "GCB" ... TMZ has learned.

We've confirmed ... producers have already reached out to several members of the Calabasas elite who live in the same extremely private gated community Justin Bieber will soon call home.

We're told producers are looking for "accomplished and upscale women in the Calabasas area who have fabulous lives, are very social, are involved in the community, but also have a very deep commitment to their faith."

The community is loaded with stars ... including Travis Barker, Shanna Moakler, Gary Sinise, D.L. Hughley, Kourtney Kardashian, Keyshawn Johnson and Nikki Sixx.

So far, it's unclear if producers have reached out to the stars ... but they probably should.


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It sounds like some jackass producer is up to no good again. But, the fact that these women live in Calabasas probably means that they want to be left alone and are safe from the clutches of these moron entertainment execs and their lackeys.

828 days ago


good luck with that

828 days ago


wow christinaes beware the deviel haas a camera.
They well exploit the woman and thier religon.
Dont do it!!

828 days ago


Donna D'Errico!

828 days ago

go home!    

Um, sorry....grew up in Calabasas. It's primarily jewish people and the Christians who do live there are not GCB religious. Wrong city, wrong state.

828 days ago

Throwback kid    

It sounds like the community is filled with mostly D listers. Shanna Moakler, Keyshawn johnson and Kourtny Kardashian are considered stars? Who would want to watch another srupid reality show with these hasbeens?

828 days ago

Throwback kid    

Has YMZ ever thought of just starting another website for just the Kardashians? that way you could tell stories about this talentless greedy family all day and the regular TMZ could be Kardashian free and you would only have to read about this disgusting family if you went to that site? Their brand is now almost dead and America is fed up with them but TMZ still shoves the Kardashians down our throats every day. Lets have a Kardashian free TMZ

828 days ago


WOW could TMZ really make it any more blatant that they're paid to promote the Trash-Kanians? Come on, KARDASHIAN Territory, really? You make it sound as if they "OWN" Calabasas.

828 days ago


I'm shocked Harvey didnt call it KARDASHIAN ****RY

828 days ago


Kourtny ktrash couldnt represnt chriastine woman beaucse she has two kids out of wed lock and she doesnt know jack about the bible and she is useing child labor to make her kkk products. Jesus would not aprove of anythign she is doing other than mybe that she didnt get an abortion like she was going to.
I dought nIkki stix and travies barker well be aprached get real TMZ noneof th elosers you metioned ar e chritanse by any strach of the imjaination. Kirs Jenenr wanted to go to church but no real church would have excepted her beaucse she promots porn
and is gulity of humman right s vilotions ect. so she founder her own church and she gets to use it for a tx right off enstead of givng to toher chritys she just created he rown chairty where sh can benfit directly form it. where she can control the pastor and all the going ons at her church. Her pastor is start struck so he well kiss t trash ass tell the cows come home but wont lead them to a personl realtionship with Jesu Chcrist.
KIm looks foolish poseing at her moms church still stinking of black mens juice. Pretty soon she well drag Kayen to church for all the cmaeras to see. K tras uses chruch for photo ops and now they haave deiced why not just turn it into a show.
K trash is not fit to shine the shoes of any real chirstaine woman. K trahs has found a way to put ther mark on so such of our dialy lives now they are trying to profit off of religion.
They are going to try to show religion in a bad light and laugh about it all the way to the bank but they wont be laughing in HEL:!!

828 days ago


Reality TV is now Preying on christiane woman that is discusting they well burn in hell. All there going to do is make fun of thier faith and the get the woman to talk down about eachtohters
comminent to thier faith. snes everyone is sick of whores now they go for chirstine woman they well be encourageing the woman to blast eachtohers fith and family. No matter what good intions someof the owman have for joing the show they well end up regretting it when it destroys thier lives and embarsss them in front of thier church. There is just no way the producers well want them to be portryaed ina good light. Its going to be disator. There well be amny run of the mill whores who well try
to claim to have money and fith but they well just be fame seekers. look at that one air head on orgnage conuty who proclaims to be a chirstien and is a self absorbed narsictic ho bag.Reality TV is actacking our religion now.

828 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

And I thought the Kardashians were at the bottom of the PIT when it comes to TV shows- But, just try REAL HARD to find a decent "actress" or celeb in the whole state of California will be hard to do?? The people who live ther e, specially if they are in show business, TV, Movies, are ALL TRASH- I dont think there is a decent Christian, Muslim or JEW in that Hollywood Community!!!1 Their life-styles tell their REAL STORIES-- 99% of them will do anything for Money, SEX and attention-- They had better look OUT of STATE for dedent people!!!

828 days ago


Why are they looking in that area? They could have loooooong look on their hands. Try the Orange County areas like Irvine, maybe go North in Orange County like Brea, Anaheim Hills. Those areas are upscale. Pass it along TMZ. lol.

828 days ago


I think they are looking in the clabassses area baecuse that is where Kris jeennr OWNS a church and they are problay going to set up scences to be shot at kris;s church to save on start up fees they get to use tkirs church for free and her church gets PR that well bring in members who well put money in the ofering plate and be back ground actors for the new christine womans
Reality show. After all the other frauds k trash has pushed on us now theya re going to do a furaudant show about religion.
Proplr nrrd to start boy cottin that show beofr it even goes into production! NOw we have the KKK=666 EXPLOTE-ING christin
woman. we need to finaly draw the line how much KKK=666
we are ebing forced to swallow. Kris H. where are you man?
Save the christien woman form the KKK!
somebody HELP!!!

828 days ago

arale norimaki    

the KRAPdashian are slut not hollywood stars

828 days ago
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