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Usher's Brother

Baby Mama Demands More $

I Know You're Rich!

4/16/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UsherUsher is already involved in a bitter custody fight with his ex-wife, Tameka Foster -- now TMZ has learned his name is being dragged into another one ... involving his half-brother.

According to court docs filed in Georgia, Usher's half-brother James Lackey (they have the same mother) is locked in a nasty court battle with his baby mama Martina. The two have gone back and forth with nasty allegations -- he claims she ran off with their kid to Michigan; she claims abuse -- but where Usher comes in is, of course, the money. 

Lackey -- himself a record producer who has worked with the likes of BOB, Usher, Lloyd and many others -- claims the $1,300/month he's shelling out now is beyond his means.

Martina begs to differ, saying in her filings, "Given his opulent lifestyle, he has substantial income and assets available to him. He produces music with and for his brother Usher, he owns a recording studio, receives royalties, and owns a home and has several cars."

The case is set to go to trial next month.


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This is exactly what USHER gets. He cut off his mom and family for this women. Everyone was trying to warn him. He did not listen so this is what he gets. He should have listened.

899 days ago


1300 a month is beyond his means and he's a big time producer. What a d-bag. He probably spends more than that on h*es in a week. SMH

899 days ago


Money is why men kill their children....or at least why one cop did days after winning a paternity case, check the third murder down.

899 days ago


I can understand you guys doing a story about Usher, and maybe Usher screwing over his baby mama's in court through child support but Usher's half brother. C'mon man. Maybe if he had like gotten arrested or something, but the dude isn't paying enough child support. I mean $1,300 a month, if people wanted to read a story like this they would have to dig deep in the local news.

899 days ago


$1,300/Month is MORE than adequate to raise a child.

899 days ago


i pray for james lacker,and everything will be fine,trust god a nd he will fight for you ,god never abandonne is children.
but why the press report james lackey business,he is just usher brother,he should have his privacy.

899 days ago


his mama tried to warn him! hahah this is exactly what USHER gets. I don't feel sorry for him. Tameka was a low down dirty snake from second one.

899 days ago


It all depends on how much this guy PERSONALLY earns. It isn't Ushers baby so he doesn't have to pay for it. 1300 a month for someone who does earn a lot of money is not much at all. Especially when you consider all the expenses. Roof over the kids head, food, cloths, babysitting, toys and "luxery" items for the child. Little things add up quickly. If this guy is actually rolling in dough he should be giving more money to the raising of his child. If he doesn't actually earn that much then thats what the courts are for... he can have support lowered if he can prove the money isn't being spent on the child and he can't afford it, to my knowlege. I've never been in a child support battle.

To sum up, if you can't pay 50% of the dough it takes for a child to be raised in a comfortible, heathy and supportive enviroment, wear protection.

899 days ago


Hey TMZ.......Off Topic I know......but how about removing that Pannetierre chick picking her a$$.....We get it....she has a nice's been there for a week already......Move on!!!!!

899 days ago


Geez woman, $1,300 a month (and that is just the father's share of money) is more than enough to raise one child! We all know this isn't about the kid. You need to get off your ass and get a job instead of living off your kid's child support check!

899 days ago

Fat Mike    

Normally I'll just comment "typical woman" on these stories, but this guy sounds like a d!ck. Give her the money, you tightwad

899 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Have some respect. These women are golddiggers. They force themselves on these celebrities, get pregnant. And forces him to pay child support.I see why men these days are playing hard to get.
Keep on thinking $1,300 a month is cheap. It adds up now. Plus, Usher is not constantly making songs. He comes out with one every now and then.

899 days ago


Cheez and to think 1 condom or pill or ka-jillions other birth control method could have prevented all this crap.

899 days ago


Glad I have a wonderful woman that I'm with rather than one of these gold digging b*itches that seem to be so abundant in today's day and age.

899 days ago


Come on TMZ. Get it together. Having the same mother makes them "Whole" brothers. Having the same father makes them "Half." Basic genetics, they have a "womb" in common. You must do better.

899 days ago
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