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Bar Refaeli

Real Touchy ...

About Airport Security

4/17/2012 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bar Refaeli is ticked off about an alleged patdown rubdown she got at airport security -- and we're ticked off too! That we didn't witness this in person.

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B!TCH needs to get over herself.

885 days ago


What? Isn't checking her vulva for contraband part if the standard airport screening? Talk about an overreaction...

885 days ago


Well gee, S***BAG TMZ, you are all upset you didn't see a pat down and get the video. You *******s are SOOOOO skanks, as in looking at this from your **** transcript. Gee and the rest of us are surprised, WHY?

885 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Luckily for her she never had to squat and cough.

885 days ago

Peter Sc    

Every kind of jobs have its good benefits. Unfortunately strict rules prevent the officers to check travellers of the opposite gender.

885 days ago

Peter Sc    

Secondly I don't think that the airport security is as strict as it is in boarding schools.

I visited a good friend in Conroe, Texas and there the girls had to undress themselves and jump with their legs spread before they could be enrolled in the boarding school.

885 days ago


***yawwwwn*** ***Strrrreeeetcccch*** Zzzzzzz....

885 days ago

just because    

iJustine from youtube got karate chopped in her vagina by TSA. here is the proof...

885 days ago

American Mom    

She is clearly not a foreign terrorist or threat. Why are we the people still allowing this behavior? Everyone should boycott all air travel until tsa has to stop touching people. This is a violation of our rights. Other countries do not do this at their airports. What ever happened to the old fashioned wand! Seriously with todays tech. isn't there something else reasonable and safe for travelers besides touching? TSA Touching is a violation of our human rights!

885 days ago

Louisa smith    

I think that she is so More conscious about her security.
colon flow

885 days ago


Nice App

884 days ago


American Mom; this was a London airport, so no, it wasn't TSA, and other countries HAVE been doing this for years because of security threats - remember a little group called the IRA? It's just that US airports didn't take things seriously until 9/11. And she's "clearly not a threat" why? Because she's rich, good-looking, or white?
But Barbara needs to get over herself; keep treating service people like crap and she's gonna find her luggage "misdirected" a lot more.

884 days ago


She is just trying to get attention, and she needs to get over herself. TSA was doing the job that they get paid to do. If you fly a lot, chances are you will have it done sooner or later too. Also, Israel's security is much more indepth that TSA's any day. I get a pat down every time I fly our of Tel Aviv. She is just hoping that she will attract attention with her comments bc, although she is good looking, she is still not that well known and there are many better looking ladies in US of A.

884 days ago

American Mom    

Telstar, Some other countries do not do this. My point really is that touching is a human rights violation and there should be another way to check people that is safe besides touching. This subject is about human rights being violated not sexual prefrence, rich, beauty or color. We all know she isnt a terrorist because you need means motive and opportunity. She and most others are just hard working Americans providing money to the economy by traveling and having their human rights violated.

884 days ago

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