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Milli Vanilli

Who DOESN'T Lip-Sync

These Days?

4/17/2012 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Fabrice Morvan -- better known as one half of duo Milli Vanilli -- tells TMZ ... he's sort of a trailblazer ... because nowadays almost EVERYBODY in pop music lip-syncs their songs.

Fab was leaving Le Pain Quotidien bakery in L.A. yesterday ... when we asked about his infamous phony vocals scandal in 1990 ... when it was revealed neither he nor Rob Pilatus actually sang any of the hits on their album, "Girl You Know It's True."

Fab tells TMZ, "There is no difference between what I did back then and what people are doing now."

He explains, "If you wanna break it down, people might say, 'Well you didn't sing' ... but the fact of the matter is ... now the machines are doing it."

Fab says technology like Auto-Tune allows singers to completely change their voice ... duping fans into believing they can sing ... when, in fact, they can't.

"I ain't pointing the finger, but if you're doing all this and you're not performing the song live ... then you're not doing anything different from what I did."

In case you forgot, check out Milli Vanilli's biggest hit, "Blame It On the Rain." It was later revealed the real vocals were provided by several other people.


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BB not bb    

The real singer was an overweight black guy, but not so fat that he was shocking by today's standards. He just was an ordinary looking guy in a baseball cap, not some tall skinny guy with long dreds and some hipster clothes. I think it would have been cooler to just see him and hear him sing really. Maybe they could have had these guys dancing behind him for the ambiance the record company wanted. Then everyone could have been happy.

It could have been like Gladys Knight and the Pips, but instead be the real singer and the dancing rasta, Boy George hipsters.

883 days ago


"because nowadays almost EVERYBODY in pop music lip-syncs their songs."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
WELL, . . . There's a significant difference between someone "lip sync-ing" to their own voice, versus using alternate persons hiding in the shadows for nearly all of the audio.
NICE TRY, but it's just simply NOT the same!!!
The Milli Vanilli scandal was one of the largest "SCAMS" ever, in all of pop music history. This was not simply an "Ashley Simpson" type moment, but rather, something much more sinister!!!
"REALITY CHECK" TIME ! ! ! ! ! !
Good Grief.

883 days ago

Sirrus Rider    

They were pioneers! Who Knew!

883 days ago


Anyone who doesn't know that a "live" performance may require recorded playback and lipsyncing due to ambient noise and many other issues just doesn't know the business, but that wasn't what Milli Vanilli was all about, was it? And to compare studio production (mostly auto-tune now, but it's ALWAYS been done) to what they did? Nope. Not vindicated.

883 days ago

BB not bb    

What does Milli Vanilli mean anyway? I always thought it sounded like a gay name. Was one of them supposed to be Milli and the other one Vanilli? It reminds me of Tutti Frutti, as in very fruity. Them singing about a girl just didn't add up for me.

883 days ago


If you want to see a whole bunch of Milli Vanillis, just watch the kid actors on Disney and Nickelodeon shows. They are routinely pushed into doing cd's and "music videos" to get more of the kid viewers' money while they are popular because of their shows, but most of them are just like MV - they can't sing at a professional level themselves  Sometimes in the past when the technology was more expensive,  the networks let them try to sing a little at first without a lot of digital work (to test the waters, perhaps) so it was really obvious how weak and wobbly and narrow range their real voices were. For example: Hilary Duff's attempts to sing were downright embarrassing when singing the theme song at one point on Lizzie Maguire and that supremely awful Santa Claus Lane bit while Disney was promoting one of the Santa Clause movies.  And she was routinely awful even in later heavily digitally enhanced music videos because her acting skills actually deteriorated as she aged and she seemed to not understand the words. She never really developed the voice or stage skills even when pushed on tour to steal even more $$$ from her undiscerning young fans. Selena Gomez was also a vocal weakling although she became a good actor,  so once they started seriously digitally enhancing her, her music videos were fun to watch. Nickelodeon's Amanda Cosgrove had a weak little voice on her own and a wooden acting style, although the acting improved over time and the digital work certainly improved (although Disney has better engineers). Lindsay Lohan decided she could sing after playing a singer in a movie, forgetting that it was only the engineers that made her sound good (at least she could act before the booze and drugs fried too many brain cells). And so it goes. 
The kiddies in particular so rarely hear real singers who could belt out a song without a magic microphone, they don't know the difference. I suspect Justin Bieber is one of the rare real singers - if you listen to him, you can hear the real training in a real human voice. Likewise for Demi Lovato, who has a powerful voice and doesn't need any kind of a microphone. Miley Cyrus actually does gave a real voice now, although it took some time to mature. They used digital enhancement extensively for Hannah Montana because she was hired as an actor playing a singer (which she did well, she always put on a good show on stage)  but she can sing on key "a cappella". The Jonas Brothers were real singers who actually played their own instruments long before The Mouse got his claws into them. I suspect that the girl who plays on Good Luck Charlie might be a real singer also but haven't paid close enough  attention to be sure. The fact that I even have to use that disclaimer shows how far we have gone into fake singing - it's the norm now, not the anomaly. 

883 days ago


Um they were lip syncing to OTHER people singing, that was the issue. This band was a Karoke night special, with dancing models.

883 days ago


There is a difference Fab. Artists do lip sync today but they are lip syncing OVER THEIR OWN VOICE you and Rob were lip syncing over SOMEONE ELSE'S VOICE. Got it now?

883 days ago


AT least Mili vanilli had class to bow out in shame when caught. And the list goes on

1. Madonna - Fake singer
2. Beyonce - Fake singer
3. Brit Spears - Fake singer
4. Rihana - Fake singer
5. Jay-Lo - Fake singer

1. Cindy Lauper - Real Singer
2.Christina Aguilera - Real Singer

883 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

I agree with him, however the on vocals on Milli Vanilli records were not the actual voices of Morvan and Pilatus. So ya duh we know that artists that can't sing live Lip-Sync because in reality they use auto tune so when they sing live they sound horrible. Just listen to JLO sing live she and many other artists can't sing live, their cd's sound better thanks to auto tune.

883 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

I agree with him, however the vocals on Milli Vanilli records were not the actual voices of Morvan and Pilatus. So ya duh we know that artists that can't sing live Lip-Sync because in reality they use auto tune so when they sing live they sound horrible. Just listen to JLO sing live she and many other artists can't sing live, their cd's sound better thanks to auto tune.

883 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

He's sort of right. He and Rob were chosen for their looks rather than for their musical talent. So many of the pop stars or boy bands are selected this way. Today producers use auto-tune or drown out the voices with (loud) music.

883 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

Just listen to Britteny Spears. She can't sing at all but they digitize it and it's a hit for the 15-25 crowed.

883 days ago


It's One Thing To Lip-Sync Over Song YOU Recorded and Its Another Thing to Have Someone Else Record Songs and You Go Out And Pretend Like You Recorded Them By Lip-Syncing To it, You Can Do That At Karaoke!!!! Milli Vanilli Will Always Be a Fraud Because of This!

883 days ago

James Nickel    

Fab, you are a moron. Lip-sync was WRONG when you did it it is still WRONG today, just like Auto-tune is wrong. Just because you were among the first to do this and lost a Grammy, DOES NOT excuse your crime! You were and still are guilty. The fact that others are guilty also does not excuse you!!!

883 days ago
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