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Secret Service Director

One BIG Question Remains ...

4/17/2012 7:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Sullivan

With the Secret Service in full crisis mode following the hooker scandal in Colombia ... there's one question throbbing in the minds of the American people ... and this morning in D.C. that question was asked to the Agency's top dog, Mark J. Sullivan.

Sullivan has been under fire ever since it was reported that 11 of his agents brought prostitutes back to their hotel rooms while in Colombia last week. 

According to reports, the only reason the story got out in the first place is because one of the agents refused to pay his prostitute ... so she went to the police to complain ... and it snowballed from there. 

It's unclear if the hooker ever got her money ... but Sullivan would know, right? 


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Jay W.     

So... the S. S. are humans after all.

883 days ago


Typical little head getting the big head in big trouble. Legacy of men.

883 days ago


Someone who is employed by the U.S. Government was accused of sexual misconduct? That's never happened before!

883 days ago


Love how the news outlets never bother giving any backstory. It's pretty common for servicemen overseas to meet women in bars, take them back to where they are staying, get their groove on, and then suddenly have the girl they met ask for money in a shakedown. Memos used to come across my desk all the time concerning this when we were deployed overseas.

But alas, no news agency has mentioned that yet that I'm aware of. They'd rather slant it as "the secret service tried to rip off a poor prostitute.

Prostitution is only legal in special designated zones in Columbia and this event did not occur in one. Yet the hooker still knew she could go to the police to complete the shakedown.

They broke with security protocol. They should be punished for that but there is zero justification for the press slandering them with unbalance and unresearched stories.

883 days ago


Did they service their secret? Hahaha :-p~

883 days ago


SS on the job! Professionals! what is it with men and their 3rd leg issues? Not realizing how a women have been taking men down in this area for centuries.The intent: She is a pro-fessional services given payment expected! $50-100 granted she was not a call-girl, she was a hooker! And he thought he could toss her like trash? Be she exposed your whole team. So, who nhad the real power? She is still working they are not.

883 days ago


Per ABC News Alot of this took place at CLub Pley( Which its website is mysteriously offline )A Club/Brothel where the agents were.

883 days ago


A question is either "put to" or "asked of" not "asked to", I am dismayed by the constant poor grammar on TMZ.

883 days ago


I did read elsewhere that eventually the hooker did get her $47. What a bunch of morons Americans are when they travel. Trying to beat a person in a third world country "Shame on You"

883 days ago


wait is this the $800,000.00 government trip story or this YET ANOTHER government trip story....and people actually still vote for these government thieves?

883 days ago


well those careers are gone, once that clearance is gone, it's almost impossible to get back. Sorta like a cheating spouse, you never trust them again. Sorry guys, shoulda not been followers on this fool hearty adventure.

883 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

Think! Of all the questions you're flunkies can come up with that's it?

883 days ago


This is not near as bad as our commander and chief having homosexual relations with three men that mysteriously died in 2008. Hmmmmmmm?!?! If you don't believe me do some research in it.

883 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Should've forked over that $47 you cheapskate Secret Service Agent. Now, look what you gone do... had the whole squad fired for your stupidity.

883 days ago


This is not funny right? I mean who do I laugh at the hooker or the agent.

883 days ago
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