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'The Bachelor'

African Americans Will Sue --

We're Not Wanted

4/17/2012 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" are about to get a thorny rose -- in the form of a lawsuit.

We're told the 2 plaintiffs -- both African Americans -- went to a Nashville hotel to audition for the role of bachelor. Christopher Johnson -- an aspiring NFL player -- claims when he arrived a producer asked him what he was doing there.

Johnson and the other plaintiff, Nathaniel Claybrooks, both say they were taken to the side of the room and left out of the normal audition process. Neither was called back, and they believe it's because of their race.

They will be filing a class action lawsuit in federal court Wednesday AM. We're told ABC, Warner Horizon Television, Next Entertainment, NZK Productions and creator Mike Fleiss, will all be sued.



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They need to get a life and get over it and grow up

897 days ago


@the_truth_hurts are you kidding you racist this is about equal oppertunity last I checked there hasn't been a single black person on either show somebody needs to find out why and a lawsuit is the best way to do it because they will have to explain why.

897 days ago

Elevate Yourself    

I'LL BE SUING TOO. Just because I am 72, that is no reason why I should be excluded from Bachelor or Bachelorette

897 days ago


This post shows that this country still has race and gender problems. TMZ you let a lot of ignorate people join your site.

897 days ago


They could have been passed over because they were fat or ugly. How do they know it was because of their race.

897 days ago


These guys are simply seeking their 15 minutes of fame. Assuming auditions were held in other locations and some Blacks/Asians/Hispanics received call backs and proceeded through the "normal audition process" this so called class action suit will be tossed out just as these two clowns were tossed from the auditions. If the selected bachelorette isn't interested in dating men of color why would the producers bother adding them as potential suitors? Did it ever occur to these two that others were deemed not worthy of an audition because they also didn't meet the specifications (age,ethnicity, income, education, etc) bachelorette desires? An "aspiring NFL player" how much does that pay lol and no occupation listed for the other cry baby! It sounds like the producers made the right call.

897 days ago


I don't "WASTE MY TIME" watching "reality" television; however, the producer overseeing the audition session these men attended should be "TERMINATED" IMMEDIATELY. Singling them out and not allowing them to participate in the normal audition process was BLATANT "DISCRIMINATION" BASED ON "RACE" WHICH IS "ILLEGAL"!!! I don't blame them for suing because these men attended what they believed was an audition advertised as being "opened to interested applicants" who met a SPECIFIED CRITERIA. As long as they met the criteria as it was "OPENLY ADVERTISED", they should have been given the "OPPORTUNITY" to audition, PERIOD!!! This lawsuit is a "prime example" that "RACISM" IS "ALIVE AND WELL" IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS!!!

897 days ago


Don't be fooled, just because we have African American President doesnt mean that racism doesn't exsist! The Bachelor has a track record of excluding people of color period. The sprinkles of tokens here and there I'm sure they feel is suffient but it is NOT!!!! The show is WHITEWASHED and if you can't see that then your in denial! RACISIM is overwhelming and it's everywhere, if African Americans of the past didnt "complain" too much about the issues then we wouldn't have this great old melting pot called America! Wake up People! To know your past is to define your future!!!

897 days ago

Pudding Tang    

meanwhile Kim Kardashian does her part to alleviate the situation by going on a romp rampage with every black man that crosses her path

897 days ago

Jeff Becker    

They need a black bachelor. I can see him banging ALL the giant rear ended contestants and the nasty cat fights that would ensue.

897 days ago


white people actually sue more than blacks. In this case i can believe its true bc i think ive only seen 1 black person on this show and its been on for many years.

897 days ago

buzz kill    

So how may white woman were allowed to enter the Miss Black America contests? No racism there.

897 days ago


Yeah, I think the race card is old and frayed, but that had to suck just being ushered off the show like that without even being able to adudition, but what did you expect? The American viewing sheeple aren't evloved enough to be able to handle the possibility of an interracial couple on this stupid reality show.

897 days ago


Harvey, Harvey, Harvey-------"GAGGLE OF GIRLS"...
you have got to be kidding me!

897 days ago


They have the right to sue and should if they were treated differently. But the show has been all about hooking up us white people so ABC needs to be real about it when they send out a casting call. If you look over the years the shows been on maybe there have been 6 black women over the seasons and the guy got rid of them and none of 'em were ugly after the second week. I think one black woman went several weeks but got cut when it got down to like 6 women but we knew the man would never pick her. the ratings were up just to see how far she'd go. you can have a casting that gives particularly what you're looking for and ABC should have did it.

897 days ago
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