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Kanye West

Theraflu Has Last Laugh

in Rap Drama

4/17/2012 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West and Theraflu
The people at Theraflu insist they're not as stuffy as you think ... claiming they DID NOT force Kanye West to change the title of his new song.

The song in question is "Theraflu" ... or WAS "Theraflu" -- Kanye retitled his Kris Humphries diss track over the weekend and it's now known as, "Way Too Cold."

Rumors are swirling that Kanye buckled under legal pressure from the company behind Theraflu -- but both Kanye and the cold medicine people claim it's all BS.

In fact, the Theraflu people sent us a statement about the situation ... telling us, "Novartis Consumer Health did not ask that the name be changed -- that request would be way too cold."

Ha. Ha. Ha.


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Hey Kayne just remember this every time kim yells "OH BABY" she is thinking about the pounding RayJ gave her on video for the whole world to memorialize.

916 days ago


She is going to make fool out of him oops to late.

916 days ago


This story has been a PR joke from the start.

916 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Kanye looks like he needs Theraflu on the pic above....

916 days ago


I use to love watching the kardashian sisters interact when I thought it was real. Now they are publicity whores and will do whatever it takes for a buck. I think that whole family has lost their way.

916 days ago


Theraflu is not the meds Kanye will be talking about if he keeps porkin' that nasty KK chick - a mattress with lipstick. As bad as he looks in this picture, I guess its already catching up with him!!!

916 days ago

Joan K    

That picture of him makes a person want to go take a shower, he looks slimy.

916 days ago


they may not have asked him to rename the song but im sure he would have at least been expected to pay for use of the name and that is probably why he changed it

916 days ago


Whatever Kanyucky! Find it quite amusing that the last 3 words from the Theraflu people are "way too cold" the same name that Kanyucky renamed his song. YOU SUCK AND YOU KNOW IT KANYUCKY & KIM KARTRASHIAN!

916 days ago

Lady Juliette    

Kayne can't keep his big mouth shut can he. I guess this is the only way he can get any publicity huh! He and Kim deserve each other. This woman just can't stand to not have a man in her life. So sad she's not comfortable in her own skin. Kris is so lucky he got out when he did. Kim better watch out. Kayne may write a song about her if she isn't careful.

916 days ago


Probably a marketing plan from Theraflu with Kanye and his management.
Top-of-mind-awareness marketing. We all now have both Kanye and Theraflu on the top of our minds.
Kanye will get thousands of youtube hits simply because his face is on the covers and people are thinking about him again.
Theraflu will sell thousands in the next weeks because people see them on the covers and are now thinking of...."ah yes I forgot about Theraflu, it's good to have a package on the at home for when I get that dreadful flu again"
We're all suckers to the marketing machine, in fact I'm going to buy a cheeseburger today because of the melty-cheese commercial I just saw on TV. (so are some of you after reading the word "melty-cheese")

916 days ago

Tn Viewer    

Thanks to Mr. West I now dispise Jay Z. Too Bad Jay Z isn't smart enough to chain his bully dog up and muzzel him. Bunch of trashy bullies is all they are! Take Kim and go far away!

916 days ago



916 days ago

Someone who actually knows what they're talking about    

Lets see now, Kanye, ... Mikhail Prokhorov shells-out $200M for a controlling interest in the Nets ... and you think your buddy Jay Z's $1M investment means something?

Your buddy owns 1% of a franchise controlled by a billionaire with Russian Mob ties .... you're a guppie trying to act like a shark.

916 days ago


Kanye is a dolt. A douche bag. And that was the worst song I ever heard. Kanye calls himself a *****. At his age. AT HIS AGE!!! He is an old ass grown man and should know better but he's trash like the skank he dates. That **** was not music that was a child sucking his thumb. Kanye is a talentless hack. Wheres big willy? Now thats class and talent. Kanye west? Please! LOL. Turn the headphones up?? LOL....naw man turn that **** off!!

916 days ago
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