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Vanessa Williams

I Was Molested as a Child

4/17/2012 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vanessa Williams
says she was sexually abused as a 10-year-old girl ... and believes the traumatizing experience caused her to become "highly sexualized" at an abnormally young age.

Williams dropped the bombshell in her new book, "You Have No Idea" ... explaining how an 18-year-old woman molested her during a family trip with friends.

The "Desperate Housewives" actress opened up about the experience to "Nightline" ... saying, "It happened one night where she told me, 'come over here,' I didn't know that it was wrong, but I knew that it wasn't right because I wasn't supposed to tell anybody."

"I think I was highly sexualized because I was in fifth grade and I had this experience. Because it feels good, you're like, OK, well this is supposed to be normal. That's not normal for a 10-year-old to be seduced."

In her book, Williams also reveals she had an abortion during her high school years ... but kept it a secret from everyone, including her mother, because she was scared.

Williams went on to become the first black Miss America in 1984 ... but was shamed into giving up her crown after several nude pictures appeared in Penthouse. Williams says she stupidly trusted the photographer when he promised to keep them private.

Now the actress is focused on moving forward saying, "I've learned to embrace my past. I embrace the choices that I have been given in my life."


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A molested attention whore slut. Thats about as american as it gets!

815 days ago


This is quite sad but I'm just not a big fan of over sharing.

815 days ago


I understand her never saying anything. A man down the street had sex with me when I was 6. I never told anyone as I had enjoyed it, but knew it was wrong as he said he could get in trouble. I am a senior citizen now and can speak of it without the shame that held me quiet all my life.

815 days ago


Well, well, another celebrity whose revelations of abuse just happen to coincide with the release of a new book.

815 days ago


It's not anyone else's business that she was molested as a child. This is something she should take up with a therapist, not a publisher. She and Oprah both are nothing but publicity seekers when it suits them.

815 days ago


I dont know why she waits to say this after a book deal..
She could have said it as Miss America and it would have had a lot more positive impact.
I suppose this is her way of justifying the Penthouse pictures that were incredibly graphic..

815 days ago


Finally a celeb woman who admits it was the WOMAN who abused her.
Society loves to judge men, so most celeb women blame their fathers, or other men for abuse, and protect the abusive mother/woman.
Public gives them more sympathy if the abuser was a man. When the abuser was a woman, the public simply ignore it, or excuse the woman abuser.
Over 80% of the exual misconduct with students in public schools is from...women teachers.
Go to sites like the Weekly Vice, or research the topic of female teacher sexual misconduct.
Notice the HUGE difference in the number of women who actually get busted for public school child misconduct...then look at the *mainstream* media and how they typically don't report most female sexual predators.
This is invalidating to the CHILDREN who are the victims.
Feminism has a grip on the media, fortunately there are some media sources such as TMZ who seem to offer a much more gender-balanced reporting agenda.

815 days ago


Oh no, not another one. Once your career looks like its done you come out a book with the "I was molested when I was a kid" story. Now you're back in the spotlight, your book will sell and maybe you get some deals with TV shows or something else to keep you going.

815 days ago


We all been through some bad experience's in our life and not one celeb is any better or different from the average hard working human being. But, true it's sad. I'm glad she feels comfortable talking about it now because, a bad past can ruin you if you keep it inside of you and hold on to it. Just speaking the truth when mix with white you do start to age fast and alot, she is looking pretty ageing but, still holding on. I'm still made at the bastard that tried very hard to ruin her just because, she was considered the first Miss Black America. Sick,nasty, and sex addict bastard.

815 days ago


Um, no. I was molested at the same age and became the opposite. LIAR......

815 days ago


every D list celeb has been molested....

815 days ago


"highly sexualized"

Was it high enough for Arnold?

815 days ago


Oh shut-up who cares. You are yesterdays news and I do not believe a word that comes out of your ass

815 days ago


Hmm!!!...So does she want sympathy?..Cause i don't understand the point of informing the World about her personal past.

815 days ago


Hmmmm! I'm writing a book so how do I get it to sell? I know! I'll claim I was abused when I was young. That should get the books off the shelf.

815 days ago
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