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We're So Sorry We Excluded

Dark-Skinned Blacks

4/18/2012 12:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Acura has issued a full-on apology ... after we ran a story that the car company's ad people sought an African American actor to play a car dealer who was "not too dark."

The commercial -- which featured Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno and ran during the Super Bowl -- was cast by an agency that sent out a casting sheet, looking for a "nice looking, friendly, not too dark" African American actor to play the role of dealer.

Acura just issued this statement:  "We apologize to anyone offended by the language on the casting sheet used in the selection of actors for one of our commercials."

The car company added, "We sought to cast an African-American in a prominent role in the commercial, and we made our selection based on the fact that he was the most talented actor."

As for the language "not too dark," Acura says, "The casting sheet was only now brought to our attention.  We are taking appropriate measures to ensure that such language is not used again in association with any work performed on behalf of our brand."


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Cognizant _illiberal    

I remember an episode of tmz where they were video-taping and asking a really dark skinned black male celeb questions and then they were laughing and saying you could not see him or who it was because it was nighttime

916 days ago

¡Arriba ¡Ándele!    

I work vereey cheep Senor!

916 days ago


Seinfield should have suggested using Kramer in "black face"

916 days ago


just as an experiment I will respond to previous posts without even looking at a single one... not true black people shouldn't be happy just to be considered. no black people don't just complain. black people don't just get upset for anything only when we feel an injustice.. how'd i do?

916 days ago


"nice looking, friendly, not too dark"... The problem is that it could easily be interpreted to mean that Acura sees darker-skinned African Americans as less nice looking, less friendly.
They might just be trying to make him look less obviously of any race so that it's not an issue, but they did make it an issue.

916 days ago


Perhaps they should of used a real dealer. That looked and spoke well. Regardless of skin color. Chosen on the content of their character. If they were selling used cars they could have picked Al Sharpton.

916 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

I wonder if Acura would have used sun loving George Hamilton?

916 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Oh brother! SO WHAT?!?!?! Blond, red, dark, light, tall, short, etc... The company has a right to describe what they want. Maybe I should get mad because they didn't want a woman for the job! I'm so sick of all this bs.

916 days ago

really people    

This is nothing new! I'm dark skinned and work in the entertainment industry. Everyday casting agencies send out what's called the breakdown list. And it essentially breaks down ever character that's in that commerical, movie etcetera. They often say they are looking for someone to be "gettho fabulous" or "darker AA". And for the people who want to think that every black person. Wis sitting at home infringement of their computer waiting for **** like this to hit the internet, the majority of us are not so stop using the phrase " all black people"

916 days ago


What if the casting call was for a brunette? Can everyone who isn't brunette get pissed? What the hell is wrong with everyone?

916 days ago


Wouldn't the advertising agency be responsible for the casting language and not Acura?

916 days ago


Apparently who ever is complaining about this has never read a character breakdown. This is nothing! If this get their undies in a bunch, they should read any character description for a woman's role. That's Hollywood, baby.

916 days ago


Commercials are so stupid now with the way they have to have a black in every single one or it's racism. It's ridiculous.

916 days ago

Tony the Giant    

To Holly, the point is, it's not whether you have a black in every t.v. commercial, or not. The point is is having some common sense and being respectful about whether you want this person or not. And the number one exception to the rule, is that you are not suppose to bring up race, or complexion. That has always been a number one viol. of the rule. But since the Presidential Election. They have been viol. all them principles, like they don't give a * You know what I'm saying?
And since then, I see more racism on the internet, and hate remarks than I never saw before. And they just come right out with it too. Well anyway, I don't know what planet they came from. But wherever I came from was a planet of free will. And not a controlled environment of racism. You understand what I'm saying Holly. You have limited free speech.

916 days ago


What's wrong with wanting a "not too dark" black? I mean, in casting sheets sometimes people asked for "tan", sometimes "pale" whites...what's the difference. Black people are so damn touchy. Who gives a damn if a car company wants a LIGHT BLACK actor...they're paying, they have a right to choose the skin color. If you don't like it then go bleach your skin.

916 days ago
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