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Acura Super Bowl Commercial

Only Light-Skinned Blacks

Need Apply

4/18/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know that Acura commercial with Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno that aired during the Super Bowl -- well, we got hold of the casting call document, and they were very specific/exclusionary about their dream African American car dealer.

According to the casting doc, the role of African American car dealer would be played by a "Nice looking, friendly, Not too dark" African American car dealer.

Casting document for the Acura NSX Super Bowl Commercial
We just got hold of the document from an African American actor who didn't fit the profile, and who's pissed.

We made lots of calls, trying to find out why "dark" African Americans weren't right for the role.  Someone associated with casting the commercial tells us ... one of the reasons for the "not too dark" restriction was because lighting and special effects would get tricky. 

We made calls to Acura but no one got back to us.

Acura just apologized for the wording in the casting call document -- claiming, "We apologize to anyone offended by the language."


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Suppose there is a height requirement then are short people going to file a lawsuit?

917 days ago


Even black people don't like really dark blacks>

917 days ago


Obama ate dog as a boy. Some choices black people make are frightening at times.

917 days ago


TMZ stop trying to blow up everything...

oh why would you call Acura? they didn't make the video.. one o the biggest ad comps did.

talk about fail... maybe we should rename fail to harvey or tmz

917 days ago


Seriously???? Casting calls work this way all the time. They are very specific in what they want...sometimes it is a redhead child with minimal freckles who is skinny. Should the chubby brown haired kid sue? GET OVER YOURSELF, it is their commercial and they can request whatever they want. Pulling the race card...seriously????? Our society has become way to entitled.

917 days ago



917 days ago


Since when does Dark-skinned = unattractive, angry and/or fat?!? For those who claim racism/bigotry is dead ... all you have to do is read the comment section of an on-line article. It's extremely easy to be hateful when hiding behind the computer housed in your moms basement.

917 days ago


Casting directors are often looking for a very specific look. It's not unusual. Notice that no white actors are p!ssed or suing because the casting call is looking only for black actors.

917 days ago


Stop trying to make EVERYTHING racist, if a part calls for a certain look so be it, I'm ginger with green eyes, I don't get offended if a role requires an olive skin blue eyed white chick!! get a life people!

917 days ago


When they send out casting for people with blonde hair only, or someone who's over five foot... no one says anything. It's THEIR commercial and they are allowed to cast it anyway they want. TMZ is making a huge deal out of nothing here... they're doing that a lot lately. Now, if this guy went to audition and they told him they didn't want to hire him cause he's black... then you'd have something to bitch about... but they were looking for an exact type of person. who cares. And NO I'm not racist.. I just think that EVERYONE feels the need to try to relate EVERYTHING to race and it's STUPID.

917 days ago


TBH, why should we even care? Just another reason for people to be racist on the internet and trolls others. Don't fall for it.

917 days ago


I just read a lot of the comments and I'm pretty sure that THIS is exactly what TMZ wants. TMZ wants people to argue and hate other peoples words... it gets the page views going. Shame on TMZ. If you want people to read your site, write DECENT stories. Don't post some random casting flyer and call it racist so everyone goes after each others throats. THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY. I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but seriously, the government does this to it's people too.. it keeps all of us at each others throats and takes the focus off their ineptitude. TMZ... you kind of suck for this.

917 days ago


It's not a big deal. They were looking for a certain look. It's no different than saying "Caucasian, fair/light skin". People need to lighten up. ;)

917 days ago


Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama


917 days ago


When doing photo shoots, it is harder to shoot darker skinned people. It's similar to having a dark mahogany piece of furniture. Soaks up all the light and it's much more difficult to get the details. Same thing is true with photographing a black cat as opposed to any other cat. The darker it is, the more difficult. Time is money folks. People are reading waaaay too much into this. It's not always about racism.

917 days ago
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