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Acura Super Bowl Commercial

Only Light-Skinned Blacks

Need Apply

4/18/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know that Acura commercial with Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno that aired during the Super Bowl -- well, we got hold of the casting call document, and they were very specific/exclusionary about their dream African American car dealer.

According to the casting doc, the role of African American car dealer would be played by a "Nice looking, friendly, Not too dark" African American car dealer.

Casting document for the Acura NSX Super Bowl Commercial
We just got hold of the document from an African American actor who didn't fit the profile, and who's pissed.

We made lots of calls, trying to find out why "dark" African Americans weren't right for the role.  Someone associated with casting the commercial tells us ... one of the reasons for the "not too dark" restriction was because lighting and special effects would get tricky. 

We made calls to Acura but no one got back to us.

Acura just apologized for the wording in the casting call document -- claiming, "We apologize to anyone offended by the language."


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Acura has the right for an ideal "look"...they really do. However, for all you people on this site that don't understand where the insecurities of "African Americans" stem from you are pretty pathetic LMBO (slavery);or well frankly in denial. The ironically strange thing is though (referring to the ignorant comments of course) that think it is okay to refer to US as (jungle monkeys) I have one question. If we are such an undesirable culture (race)...why have you stolen everything from us? (Music, philosophy (Egypt), cosmetics, tanning beds (to add color to your skin) lip injections, butt injections (Kim Kardashian), perming your hair (to add texture). It is really flattering actually. So continue with the ignorant comments and we will continue to shine like we always have!!!!!!;)

888 days ago


Casting is inherently racists, weightist, ethnicity-ist, height-ist, look-ist... it's not just this casting company and it's not only Acrua specifying what they want to that degree - it's just that someone got pissed off and sent TMZ this one card. This kindof story is what I hate about the internet... ugh.

888 days ago


Since when is it a crime to have a preference? If the producers of the commercial wanted to certain look what's the big freakin' deal? They wanted an AA of a lighter hue big deal what if they wanted an actor of a darker hue would blacks with lighter complexions raise a fuss? Doubt it. People need to stop complaining about every little thing and realize they're not entitled because of the color or tone of their skin and living in a perpetual state of victimization is keeping them forever enslaved mentally.

888 days ago

The Truth    

The sensitivity of Americans are at an all-time high. Young people are growing further apart, when they should be closer together. How do we stop this? By the way, I'm sure Acura had NO idea of what was happening. And, this is protected by BFOQ (Bona-Fide Occupational Qualifications), anyhow. It's a form of legal discrimination that companies (especially production companies) use to particular criteria in recruiting. It's protected by the constitution, folks.

888 days ago


You all are racist and hiding behind a computer spewing your hate. TMZ, this is my last site visit.

888 days ago


Hey everyone GUESS WHAT?!?!?

The "RACE CARD" doesn't exist anymore.

Get over yourselves. They required something specific for their commercial, and you did not fit the bill.

888 days ago


Why is this any different than putting out a casting call for a blonde or redhead?

888 days ago


I'm not understanding why you all think this is no big deal. It is discrimination. So dark skinned people can't do commercials now. Really? That bias and racist. "Not too dark." And why not? Give me a reason why? I saw someone put because of lighting, Please! Point Blank this world is messed up. And reading all of your comments just confirms how messed up it is. It is really sad how some of you people think. It's ridiculous. Please seek God. You all will be in my prayers. Because all of you sound like devils.

888 days ago


GET OVER IT. It's the entertainment industry. Light skin - dark skin...the person is still black. They request blonde opposed to brunette. SAME THING. This country needs to stop being so sensative. MOVE ON.

888 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Directors should not put a profile type they want in a commercial or movie? I guess women should sue because they were not considered to be Acura car dealer too. They probably did not want someone who is too black because Seinfeld is so pastey white. I do enjoy the contrast Liberals have when it comes their work. They can exclude people for their race, gender, weight and height, but if an employer decides they do not want to hire someone for one of those reasons they will be the first ones protesting.

888 days ago


Are you kidding? I'm an actor and do you know how many roles I haven't been able to audition for because I am not Hispanic? I have never once thought of suing. Maybe I should sue Tyler Perry because there are no white people in his movies. Come on', this is ridiculous!

888 days ago

Pompano Ann    

Great more fuel for the Black and White issues of this country. Wasn't Beyonce critized for a cosmetic ad she did and the blacks said she looked too white??? Since we're on the race card....why were there no hispanics on the Hunger Games? There were blacks, what there wasn't a hispanic district??

888 days ago


Are you trying to start a race war here TMZ?
I am a blond haired, blue eyed actor in L.A. and the fact is if you go on any of the castings sites, most breakdowns state the following. No Blonds, No Blue Eyes, Not to Model Like.
So the fact is. I am pissed off, as I am getting no work.

888 days ago


it has nothing to do with race! it has to do with photography. I know. I do this for a living. When you have two actors right beside each other and one isa very light skinned white guy and the other is an African American, you run into exposure issues. If the African American actor is very dark skinned, you have to blast a lot of light into his face to get a proper exposure. If he's standing beside a pasty white skinned actor, that light needed now is too much exposure for the white guy. If they weren't right beside each other, it wouldn't be an issue. So, one solution is: Don't cast a pasty white guy. But in this case, that was a given since he is the celebrity. So the next logical solution is: make sure the African American guy isn't too dark. Simple advertising photography 101. Nothing to do with race.

888 days ago


I called the Acura Complaint Department 1800-382-2238 they verified that I did purchase an Acura. I spoke with a gentleman name Martin and informed him of my complaint.

My Wife and I wont be purchasing another Acura or a Honda.

888 days ago
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