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'Bachelor' Racism Lawsuit

Producers Encourage

White Power Mentality

4/18/2012 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The producers of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" are responsible for encouraging racism across the country by refusing to cast black people in the shows' central roles -- this according to a new class action lawsuit.

Christopher Johnson and Nathaniel Claybrooks filed the lawsuit today in Tennessee federal court against the shows' producers -- claiming they both auditioned for "The Bachelor" in Nashville in August 2011 ... but were brazenly denied based solely on the color of their skin.

Christopher and Nathaniel claim producers were afraid to cast them for fear of alienating "the show's majority-white viewership."

As a result, the guys claim producers are teaching the public how to be racist -- by demonstrating preferences for white relationships over non-white and interracial relationships.

They might have a point too ... because the show has never once cast a person of color -- black, Asian, Latino, whatever -- in the central role as Bachelor or Bachelorette.

"Bachelor" creator Michael Fleiss has even acknowledged the problem -- stating long before the lawsuit was filed ... "We always want to cast for ethnic diversity. It's just that for whatever reason, they don't come forward. I wish they would."

Chris and Nathaniel are now demanding a change in "Bachelor" policy -- requiring producers to "consider persons of color as finalists for the role of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette."

Oh yeah, they also want money -- an unspecified amount of punitive damages.


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Wow, these guys are not very good looking.

887 days ago


Seriously? Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that neither are very attractive in the way the shows bachelors have been. Those guys are all models if they want to be. And they have all been extremely successful. What do these two guys do for a living? Are they extremely successful? That's not a racist question but rather a legitimate one since they don't say in the article. I'm sorry you didn't get selected but to automatically assume it's because of your race, that the selected candidate got the spot because he is white, well honey, that's just racist.

As for Al Sharpton? That media-whore is one of the biggest racists that walk the face of the earth at the moment, not to mention just a plain old douchebag.

887 days ago


maybe the producers only cast white people because the bachelor or bachelorette on the show prefers their own kind and whats wrong with that? most white people stick with white people, most blacks with blacks, most hispanics with hispanics, most asians with asians. people tend to stick to their own kind.

887 days ago


Of course they're suing....

887 days ago


Totally ridiculous!!!!!!!!

887 days ago


I'm all for diversity, but these guys just aren't attractive enough to be "The Bachelor" not because they are black, just because there are way better looking black guys out there than these two.

887 days ago

Tigers Wood    

I'm a white ugly hobo and live under a bridge, I going in to audition, I wonder what they will do with me?
Blacks are so racist against themselves, they make racist remarks about the darker skin blacks, it's called black on black discrimination.
Read up about the movie "Dark Girls".

887 days ago

King of TMZ    

Wonder how many shows one can sue on BET lol

887 days ago


Wow. More race cards. This show sucks anyway, why would they want to be on it. Anyway.... this race issue is getting ridiculous.. I'm half-black and I've experienced my share of ACTUAL racism. As for these stories everywhere... nothing brings out the real racist like anonymous postings from behind the computer screen. So much hate... it's a sad world.

887 days ago


The absolute BEST possible thing for African Americans is to NOT be on this show!
This is the stupidest show ever put on TV. It's not REALITY TV it's FANTASY TV. Every man's fantasy is to have to choose among 25 beautiful women with whom he is going to spend his life with (which never happens)....
If you're going to fight for equality, use your energy on something that matters....

887 days ago


really?? dont these people have nothing better to than to be like "omg is it bcuz im black??" im not a racist but its gettin frustrating, black people have BET, latinos have telemundo, and white people have their shows.. GET OVER IT!!

887 days ago


So a heavyset guy and a guy who looks like Bubba from Forest Gump were turned down; I don't think it was their skin tone that was the problem.

887 days ago


These blacks are racist. Simple as that.

887 days ago


The comments posted here on this site just prove an even more pressing issue than the bachelor and that is the fact that racism in general is very much still alive. Reading all of this highly insensitive, unintelligent and supremacist comments just goes to show how many Americans still embrace and exhibt discriminatory acts. Mentions of blacks should get over slavery, they probably intended to sue in the first place and even the mention of Trayvon being a punk - totally uncalled for. Every ethnic group on this planet has at some point historically been a slave and every ethnic group has sued for personal gain. Why point your ragged, imperfect guilty finger at the guys regardless of their ambition when no one amongst us is in a position to judge. Clean up your own act and get yourselves together and recognize faults in your own ethnic group before jumping to attack another — losers!

887 days ago


I have to say it just like other people are. They were let go because they just aren't that attractive. Just like any show they want eye candy. Everyone knows that the show and all other reality shows want nothing, but pretty skinny girls and hunky guys. Even on survivor they only cast pretty skinny girls that can't afford to lose weight because thats what looks good on tv. I am an attractive, inshape, smart, educated young woman, but you wouldn't see me casted on either show because I don't haver a super model body. I think they aren't telling the whole truth of why they weren't interviewed. In the end they are wasting their money and abc's money. The case will just get thrown out and even if some how it makes it to a trial it will be a hung jury because they then would have to rule in favor of all races, religions, sexual preference. Pretty much Anything covered under equal opportunity rights. The fact is we are all discriminated in this world for some reason or another, I know race is one of the worst forms of discrimination, but I'm not going to sue Donald Trump because I'm not pageant material. They would take me to another room and would say what are you doing here.

887 days ago
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