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'Basketball Wives' Star

Sues Over Slap Fight --

I'm Soooo Traumatized!!!

4/18/2012 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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"Basketball Wives" star Jennifer Williams is finally fighting back after being slapped in the face by her reality show nemesis Nia Crooks ... with a big, fat, stinging lawsuit. 

TMZ broke the story ... Williams filed a police report after the January 21 incident, in which she claims Crooks delivered an "open hand" slap to the left side of her face during a group outing to a race track in Florida.

The incident was caught on tape by the "Basketball Wives" crew and aired last week. During the melee, Crooks threatened Williams right before the attack ... saying, "Do I need to slap you in the face to wake you up?"

Williams replied, "I wish you would." She got her wish.

Williams has now followed up with a civil suit in NY ... going after Nia's ass for assault and battery. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jennifer claims she suffered serious injuries in the attack ... as well as "mental shock, mental anguish and psychological trauma”

Williams is demanding Nia fork over a massive check for all of her medical expenses and other damages.

Calls to Crooks have not been returned.


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Good for you Jennifer!!! I would sue her ass also. Who the hell is Nia anyhow? Someone who wants to have her 15 minutes of fame. With that $1 wig she was wearing I can understand why you need the money. You need to also sue Evelyn since she has attacked you on more than one occasion as well. I'm sorry. There is NEVER a reason to hit, slap or kick anyone. You ladies are adults and should be able to talk like mature women. I used to love Evelyn, but she needs some anger management. It's not healthy to have such emotional issues for no reason. Plus she's a mom. What the f$%& are you teaching your daughter? I always loved Jennifer and still do. She's mature, beautiful and seems peaceful with herself. She is a talker and not a fighter and there is nothing wrong with that. Team Jennifer!

926 days ago


when you lay down with dogs you get fleas!

926 days ago


Jennifer it's time for your EXIT, leave, just like that ugly ass ex husband of yours did!

926 days ago


But Nia stays in a 2 bedroom apt and doesn't have anything for you to sue for... Right Jen? I used to like this lady but now not so much.

926 days ago


First off Jennifer wasn't bothering anybody. Every function she goes to they are always starting with her. At least she has enough class to not try to pick a fight with them even if they are not getting along. They are grown as hell still picking fights and causing drama. And what do you expect, if someone was talking trash to you aer u just suppose to sit there and not say anything. So what you all are telling me is that if someone was starting some **** with you,(and you didn't bother or say one word to them) then they tell you they're going to slap you in the face. Are you just suppose to sit there and not say or do anything. Please. I wish Jen would have done more to defend herself. Nia just wants a spot on the show. Girrrl Stop

926 days ago


I really use to like Evelyn. But more and more her physical outbursts are bringing her image down. I makes me wonder how Ochocinco feels about this. Maybe she's starting to loose her mind with the pressures of planing a wedding, but she's starting to make viewers believe she is trashy, not classy.

926 days ago


I will be willing to bet that this is thrown out of court. It depends upon the exact wording of the contracts and NY state law regarding employment law. MEDIA WHORES all of them, fake a$$ lawsuit involving a fake a$$ show. It was probably scripted AND rehearsed before the cameras rolled.

926 days ago


COME ON TMZ you can censor groups of letters withen words IE cir***stance, which is ABSURD why can't you clean the money and dating SPAM.

926 days ago


I think it's hilarious that allof you fools are sooo invested in this piece of crap show. It, like every scripted "reality" show is a JOKE. People, get a LIFE.

926 days ago


Haha good lord I have no idea why I watch this garbage. Very guilty pleasure.

That being said: #TeamEvelyn!! ;P

926 days ago


The show is very disturbing to watch. All of these "women", more like dogs, are jump offs and none of them are "Basketball Wives." They are all either baby mamas, divorcees, or ex girlfriends from a decade ago. I think the perception of black women is actually harmed by shows like this one. They are always yelling, cursing, physically and verbally assaulting each other and this is at a lunch. I can't imagine how bad it would get at a club. Every one of the beasts on the show are nuts or sluts.

926 days ago


Trashy acting women, wow.

926 days ago


VH1 is promoting violence and abuse on air? Not cool.
These women look to be middle aged, why are they acting like this?

926 days ago


If anyone put their hands on me, I would press charges faster than they could put their hooker shoes and earrings back on. Evelyn should be embarrassed about how she carries herself. She has absolutely no class, and has a big mouth. How she got someone to agree to marry her ghetto a s s is beyond me. I'd be mortified if that was my mother!

926 days ago


ok ok we all know this is pre recorded right!!?!?!?! so why wait till the episode air to file suit against some silly bored female non-sense

926 days ago
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