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'Basketball Wives' Star

Sues Over Slap Fight --

I'm Soooo Traumatized!!!

4/18/2012 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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"Basketball Wives" star Jennifer Williams is finally fighting back after being slapped in the face by her reality show nemesis Nia Crooks ... with a big, fat, stinging lawsuit. 

TMZ broke the story ... Williams filed a police report after the January 21 incident, in which she claims Crooks delivered an "open hand" slap to the left side of her face during a group outing to a race track in Florida.

The incident was caught on tape by the "Basketball Wives" crew and aired last week. During the melee, Crooks threatened Williams right before the attack ... saying, "Do I need to slap you in the face to wake you up?"

Williams replied, "I wish you would." She got her wish.

Williams has now followed up with a civil suit in NY ... going after Nia's ass for assault and battery. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jennifer claims she suffered serious injuries in the attack ... as well as "mental shock, mental anguish and psychological trauma”

Williams is demanding Nia fork over a massive check for all of her medical expenses and other damages.

Calls to Crooks have not been returned.


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Pittsburgh's Finest    

Jennifer was one of the only chicks on the show that was actually a wife. The majority of these h*es were just a piece of *ss. They were good enough to get knocked up ,but never good enough to marry. Evelyn is always starting sh*t because she knows that there will be somebody there to break up a fight. They need to let her *ss fight so that she can get beat up. The whole world will see that her bite is not as big as her bark. She knows who to pick with ,because if this h*e ever stepped to me the way she does them, I will knock her *ss out cold!

889 days ago


What a show. People need to get lives. Your life passes you by while you sit on the couch watching this mindless drivel.

889 days ago


She know what she signed up for! I hate people who complain when something happens to them, knowing what situation they are in. What is ghetto about them? people see black and just say ghetto they far from it just cause u fight dnt mean u ghetto!

889 days ago

win the fight    

black on black. gotta luv it

889 days ago


Evelyn is really a bully. Regardless of what Jennifer did, she looks like the good guy because she conducts herself in a ladylike behavior. If you ask me, she would have a right to sue, since slapping someone is considered assault. These chicks really need to grow up, and I'm talking about Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie. Yeah, I peeped game. I saw how Tami and Shaunie were instigating stuff. As for Nia, stay in an assistant's place, and stop trying to be Evelyn's twin!

889 days ago


Jennifer has class and is mature unlike the rest of the bunch. Shaunie if she had any class would have broke it up and said enough but she is just not mature. Evelyn is so ghetto and really needs a reality check. You don't have to like everybody but you do need to tolerate and act civil like you have some kind of home training.
I watch the show and just pray because you need help

889 days ago


Seriously I am glad she is sueing her ass!! That girl Nia was out of hand and is all for show!! She only acted all brave because she knew evelyn was there.. Eveyln with her fake ass tears - she doesnt care about anyone else living in a two bedroom apartment please...

889 days ago


I have no problem with someone going to the law and then filing a lawsuit after a violent encounter. I realize it was just a slap, but this thug behavior from people on reality shows needs to stop. The producers won't do it until someone gets seriously hurt and lawsuits start flying everywhere, so the individual has to do it. I don't care that she told the woman to do it. I don't think she was serious and even if she was, the other woman knew is was against the law, so too bad. I say sue her into the ground and hope she also is found guilty in criminal court because she is a criminal.

889 days ago


She was there as someone's (piece of ghetto trash Evelyn's) employee and gets involved to the point of slapping one of the "stars" of the show in her face? Sue her a$$; drag her through the court system and let's see if Evelyn pays for her lawyers.

889 days ago


I'm glad she's suing. People need to understand that there are consequences to your actions. If someone were to smack me in the face, I'd sue the **** outta them.

889 days ago


the viewers of this clownish stereo-typical reality show should be in psychological trauma watching these women behave like dang fools!!!

889 days ago


To each their own if they like the show or not. I've watched from the beginning and I love it. I hope Jen sues this Non-significant ass called Nia. Evelyn needs to grow up. At least start getting barred from every place she steps foot into. No class. But I like her alot (Make sense)? Like her but not her behavior. (better)? LOL. I'm still shaking my head at WHY is Suzy still on the show? Really? I like her too, but I see no revelance to her whats so ever. She talks and acts like an ass. Kenya has no place here, but at least she tried. Love Shaunie! She rocks, period. Didn't care for Tammie's tude, but I love her now. She's a hoot and speaks her mind. Keesha is awesome and Royce...just luv her! :D Love the show and I wish em all and all their hot messes well.

888 days ago


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! JENNIFER I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUING one of these reality show women who think they can put there hands on somebody because of a disaggreement! YOU CANNOT TOUCH PEOPLE WHO DONT TOUCH YOU FOR ANY REASON ~ it is against the law AND the law is there to PROTECT people who RESPECT others...

It takes COURAGE to do what you're doing because of what some people will say BUT I who have never really had an afinity for you before NOW think you are a modern day HERO in the stand against bullying!!!

You will NEVER see NIA pop off on Evelyn or TAMI or someone she feels threatened by ~ NONE OF THESE WOMEN WOULD HIT SOMEONE they thought could whip up on them...


My NEW hero is Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!

888 days ago


Like really Evelyn GROW UP!!! It old you going after Jennifer I really dont get it what point are you making? like how old are you? And your homegirl what business was it her?? You made a point about Jennifer eyes I really dont care fake or not she is carrying herself more of a WOMAN THAN YOU!!!! AND SHE STILL IS BEAUTIFUL!!! GROW UP EVELYN BE A ROLE MODEL TO YOUR DAUGHTER AND LEAVE THAT HE SAID SHE SAID BULLS@&T TO THE CHILDREN!!!!

888 days ago


Many of you must not have watch the show or read the article on who she is suing. Evelyn did not slap Jennifer. In fact she did the same thing Jennifer did when Meeka was getting her behind kicked in Italy minus the laughter. She sat there and watched. That is until she decided to jump on the table and unless you have footage of next weeks show none of us know what she did after that. L.O.L. Jennifer is suing the girl named Nia and she has file charges against Jennifer for refusing to give her keys back to her apartment. Which by the way is part of why Nia was so ticked off. I guess we will all see next week what Evelyn actually did. Bye the way I don't think Jennifer it that traumatized or she wouldn't be all over the media reliving it and she would have quit the show.

888 days ago
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