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Denis Leary

Dick Clark Was a 'Leather-Faced

Syrup-Voiced Lizard Person'

4/18/2012 3:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dick Clark's only been dead a few hours ... but the roasting has already begun ... this time, it's Denis Leary leading the charge.

Leary went to his Twitter a few minutes ago and wrote, "With Dick Clark dead, Casey Kasem now reveling in his status as last and reigning king of leather faced syrup voiced lizard people."

There's more -- Denis wrote, "I'm gonna package a Dick Clark Hologram mc'ing a Tupac Hologram summer tour."

So, we gotta as ask ...


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Dennis Leary is a flaming Liberal--a true Boston Barney Frank supporter. He is not the tough guy, free thinking, America loving guy he portrays himself as in shows and his book, listen to the guy--a true Barney Franke supporter from the Boston area for decades now.

Dont follow this guy unless you are already a flaming liberal and a Barney type lover. Firefighters should be humiliated he portrays them in his show. Dont fall for the Irish heritage and boston accent, and usual red sox talk--he's a flaming liberal.

857 days ago


Dennis WHO? Dick Clark will be missed by millions. Sadly, Dennis while be forgotten yesterday...!

857 days ago


People People, Dennis leary gets off on your insults, trust me he's loving this, probably sitting down reading these right now. Wanna know what he won't like, do what I am going to do, NEVER WATCH ANYTHING HE MAKES, HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH OR EVEN HAS 1 PERCENT OF INTEREST IN EVER AGAIN.
His wallet, his advertiser's wallets, the people who have interest in him their wallets, his movies, or his shows.
hit him where it counts. Screw you Dennis, ya just lost another fan.

857 days ago


That is TERRIBLE!!!!!! Shame on you!!!!!

RIP Dick Clark

857 days ago


I don't get the leather faced lizard comment. What is the reference?

857 days ago


Denis who??? or is that Denise? Either way, "it's" an ahole loser. And of the 3 photos, Denis is the only one who looks like a lizard. Have another bottle of booze, bud, and crawl back under your rock.

857 days ago


dennis leary is an unfunny hack and he should just stick to his day job of copying bill hicks.

857 days ago


Leary has proven again what an untalented hack he is. Pity that Dick Clark is dead and Leary, Pee-wee Herman and all the Lohans are alive.

857 days ago

Freddy digs UFC    

if you have to ask too soon ? then you're lacking a sense of humor. comedy demands it be done in a timely fashion. and the time is now !

857 days ago


What a ********! show some damn resepct for the dead and for the man that save music!

857 days ago


Although I completly understand people being annoyed by his crass humor (people have different tastes) I do think it should be mentioned that that DOESN'T MAKE HIM A HORRIBLE PERSON.

His charitable work, especaially with fire departments is huge.

He even drove a fire truck on 9/11 to help the fire fighters. How many celebs...HECK PEOPLE PERIOD, can say they went down to ground zero on 9/11 to help?

Like I said, I understand his comment making people upset. Controversy tends to make a lot of people angry.

But a few controversal comments shouldn't be all some people have to define what they think of a person. So thats why I thought I would mention how much Denis has done for fire fighters.

857 days ago


Fine by me, just as long as Denis realizes that he too will die pretty soon, and that the public will laugh about his death after a few hours...whatever. He contributed a lot less to society than good old Dick Clark.

857 days ago


Can somebody tell me who Denis Leary is? Like what does he do? He sure doesnt have any class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He'll be lucky if somebody mentions his name when hes dead!!!!!!!!!!!! Really? How Rude!!!!!!!!!!! RIP Dick Clark. You helped shape my early teen years. We watched American Bandstand religiously in my house. Thank you for showing the newes artists, newest dances and the top 10 records of the week. You were one of the greatest. And lets not forget New Years Rockin Eve. Another LEGEND. Take your rest my friend.

857 days ago


It's all in bad taste holgraming dead people, not just Tupac, or Dick Clark. All of it. Yes, it is fun technology. But Aaliyah, Tupac, Biggie, they died horrifically and I just think that seeing them dancing has to be psychologically traumatizing for their families left behind.

857 days ago


D. Leary is a D bag plain and simple!

857 days ago
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