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Kim Kardashian

'Seriously Considering'

Becoming Mayor of Glendale

4/18/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian to be the next Glendale mayor?
They laughed when Ronald Reagan ran for Governor of California. They scoffed when Arnold Schwarzenegger followed in Reagan's footsteps. So don't dismiss us when we tell you ... there's a serious move in Glendale, CA to make Kim Kardashian its mayor -- and we know Kim is on board.

Kim made a comment on Khloe and Lamar's show that she was mulling over the idea of running in the city that is a bastion for Armenians.

But now ... several prominent Armenians in Glendale are backing Kim. Former Mayor and current City Councilman Ara Najarian offered to make Kim his Chief of Staff to teach her local politics. What's more ... Artin Sarkissian -- a prominent Glendale realtor -- has offered to find Kim a home in Glendale.

So our Kim sources tell us KK can't believe the response she's getting and she's "seriously considering" buying a house in Glendale and taking Councilman Najarian up on his offer.

The only thing is -- Kim must run for City Council before she's eligible to become Mayor. Members of the City Council rotate into the position of Mayor -- and one thing Kim is good at ... rotating.



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I didn't realize that working prostitutes could run for Mayor in California. You learn something new every day!

854 days ago


That is the most pathetic thing i've ever heard, i fault the public or whoever these people are that hype this brainless, dumb , no-talented broad up. She is s*** and a liar and a disgrace to the human race! She needs to just go back to being peed on and used by black men.. thats all she seekd (black men) come on now woman go fingd some Armenain men .. if they will have her , because you know they say once you go black we dont want you back... how racist is that? but then again i know the real reason why they dont and they do too!

854 days ago


Just another way for her to say look at me. Famous for doing nothing. Look beyond the makeup. The whole family lies and none of them deserve any attention.

854 days ago


Kardashian gives 20 watt light bulbs a bad name.

854 days ago


I am so sick of people calling Kayne and other black men ugly.. pretty and ugly in every race and the same way they called Seal is pathetic(the man had lupus as a kid) and it must not have bothered Heidi too much she pumped out three kids by him! Dont these people have sense to know that when these women are looking for sexual satisfaction, they arent looking for looks.. why does a black mans looks have to come into the picture.. these women are looking below the beltline .. trust me on that.. king kong would be next in line for that matters..we all know what she and many other women are looking for in the bedroom! FACTS! and looks damn sure aint one of them! looks are fo fashion models!

854 days ago

Ricky Smith    

You got to be kidding me, this whore doesnt deserve the ground she walks on. She is a joke.

854 days ago


Are you so board with your life that you cannot find anything else to do with it! This is a joke right?

854 days ago


WTF!!!!!! if Kim Kardassion is put in a position to make decisions for the betterment of the people, well everyone is gonna lose. The Bible speaks about the world falling into dissaray before he strikes earth down with fire!!! Looks like to me the world is so far gone we cant help ourselves. P.S. Kim just go away. Move to any other land mass but this one. The Goose

854 days ago


That Hoe Can Be Anything She Wants To Be

854 days ago


I wonder if Calabasas or Beverly Hills has a city councel, and if they do why doesnt she want to run for mayor there???? Just looked on the Calabases web site and did not see her or any of her family donating any of there time for political reasons, nor are they members of the Chamber of Commerce in that city....Don't they own a busness there??
Maybe because all these positions are filled by people who actually care about their jobs and are not in it for the press it will bring them.

854 days ago


She's "seriously considering becoming the mayor of Glendale"????? Like, the only thing that stands between her and mayorship is her decision?!?!?! LOL. Umm, how about a vote, maybe?

854 days ago


Anything to avoid providing information on the HUMPHRIES-KARDASHIAN DIVORCE!!! Who has the clout(money changing hands)
to keep these proceedings out of the press?? Shady business
going on! Must be coke head Jenner & her seedy minions!

854 days ago


stop the madness

854 days ago


I WONDER IF THIS ARA NAJARIAN IS SALIVATING OVER MS. KIM??? Sounds like he "can't wait" to get her in his grasp!!! NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY Mr N!!! Perhaps he and this Sarkissian person will battle for first place attention. Wonder who the winner will be??? Stay tuned!!!

854 days ago


Pygmy Kim, spreading more tall tales! Seeing this family, ad nauseam!!! Talk about over exposure~

854 days ago
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