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Mel Gibson Audio

Costa Rican Explosion

'C**t, C**ksucker Whore!!!'

4/18/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Mel Gibson
is caught on tape exploding in a rage during a trip to Costa Rica last December, screaming at the top of his lungs ... and now the audio has been released. WARNING: EXPLICIT, FILTHY LANGUAGE.

The Wrap obtained the tape from Joe Eszterhas -- the man who wrote the screenplay for "The Maccabees" with Mel. Eszterhas has made shocking allegations that Mel ranted about killing Oksana Grigorieva, hating Jews, and praising the guy who killled John Lennon.

Eszterhas's son Nick recorded one of Mel's outbursts ... which starts with Mel blasting Joe, "Why don't I have a first draft of "The Maccabees?" What the f**k have you been doing?"

Mel goes on, turning his anger at Oksana: "I am earning money for a filthy little c**ksucker who takes advantage of me." 

Mel can then be heard slamming objects in the house, and then continues screaming, "Who wants to eat? Who the f**k wants to eat? Go have something to eat. Hurraaayyyyy!"

Mel continues to cuss, adding, "f**king c**t, c**ksucker whore."

4:59 PM PST -- Mel just arrived to a speaking engagement in Austin, TX to promote his new film, "Get the Gringo."  Wonder if anyone will ask him about Costa Rica ...



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That is scary!! I would have ran if I were there!!

882 days ago


Meh, this doesn't seem all that bad. Eszterhas' script sucked. Warner Bros said the same thing about his script.

882 days ago


I don't know who is worse... Mel for yelling or Eszterhas for only showing Mels angry side when he wasnt gonna make money on him. I mean, he claims Mel threaten Oksana to her life, yet never reported it until Mel fired him - WTF KIND OF PERSON IS THIS?

Nah, I dont think Mel Gibson is insane or dangerous, however I think he is childish. He yells and screams and shows a lot of passion. He need to talk with someone about that, usually people who never got attention as kids grew up to be like that.

I still think Mel Gibson is a genius and I love his movies, but he need to work on how he ventilate frustration and anger. My dad used to yell on my mom or my sisters, but that rarely solved the solution.

882 days ago


so he's an opinionated drama queen,, arent we all!

882 days ago


Why do we not hear the other side of the conversation? Was he being provoked?

882 days ago


Mel Gibson is twisted and needs help! I guess there should be more to come from Joe Eszterhas!

882 days ago


It could be anyone

882 days ago


Wow and he was in therapy last year. I guess Blair Berk can only do so much. This is disturbing.

882 days ago


I wonder much did Mel pay TMZ to defend his honor last time he blew a gasket.

882 days ago


Damn this guy needs help :(

882 days ago

Tigers Wood    

I guess Joe Eszterhas figured out he wasn't going to be able to blackmail Mel with the tape to get money, so he released it anyway.

882 days ago


Sounds to me like it's just as Mel said and this Joe dude either didn't give him the script or gave him a ****ty script. As for all the Oksana name calling, well it's true enough said there. And who of us hasn't lost our temper and screamed at someone (don't lie now) there's also no telling how many millions of dollars this Joe character cost Mel at the time with the script debacle - if someone cost you MILLIONS how would you react?

882 days ago


I have come to believe harvey, that because he made a slur, which was bad to say the least, you have had a thing about him. and Will forever. Stop it, you have gone over board, too bad one of your staff did not follow you and take down what you say, because really, you have crossed the line a few times and come really close more than a few. When you act like a dog looking for a bone, it tells me you have a bone to pick with that person for the rest of their lives. Grow up...

882 days ago


Obviously Mel Gibson is Looney Tunes. But why are we still discussing him? Why give this man a platform to spew his nonsense? This is the same recycled story from 2 years ago. We get it. Mel is insane and has rage issues. At the same time, I thin TMZ is grasping at straws trying to stay relevant and I think this Ezterhas family is exploiting Mel because they are pissed off at him.

882 days ago


I was raised in a house like this. It's terrible to be around someone who yells like this. He is venting, but in the process, also attacking everyone around him with verbal abuse and anxiety. No matter if he is right or wrong, going ballistic is not the answer. I cannot understand how some of the posters here think this is ok. Sure Oksana(?) is a golddigger, but her life is ruined now anyway because everyone knows it. Mel should have been the good guy there but instead she is winning the game because of his outrages. The guy has enough money to live comfortably so I'm sure it's a matter of principal and of course emotional damage from 'not being loved' (especially when you're famous and your wife doesn't love you). He has a sense of pretentiousness (over self-worth) which he feeds off too. Terrible combination for the guy.

Unfortunately I know he is impossible to reason with and completely irrational. Probably some sort of defense mechanism.

882 days ago
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