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Mel Gibson

Grilled About Jewish Director

After 'C**ksucker' Rant Leaks

4/18/2012 8:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Mel Gibson's latest expletive-riddled tirade was leaked onto the Internet, the actor was brazenly asked about his relationship with the Jewish director on his new film "Get the Gringo" -- and it was really, really awkward ...

It all went down moments ago at a Q&A session in Texas for Mel's movie -- the director, Adrian Grunberg, was wearing a Star of David necklace ... prompting the host to ask, "Did you [and Mel] have any trouble working together?"

Everyone laughed nervously at the question -- and Mel replied uncomfortably, "No."

Grunberg explained that he was indeed Jewish, but he's worked with Mel for years without a problem. Grunberg then joked, "I hate [Mel's] guts."

It's worth noting -- the third writer on the project (in addition to Grunberg and Gibson) is also Jewish.

The host quickly changed topics ...


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the Jewish necklace was only worn in order to promote the film and appear as if things are ok with Mel. how many people are dumb enough to fall for it? if you need to watch this man, then download a torrent.

896 days ago

frnacisco 2010    

Jewish director:this is my star of david because I'm Jewis and the other is apicture of jesus malverde who is(here he is interruptedby host and didn't finish the sentence)FYI jesus malverde was a mexican man who was a robber killer and rapist and is now praised by mexican drug cartels and drug dealers as a saint.why the hell is this Jewish director wearing this picture? does he think it's gonna protect from mel's fury, rants,bigotry and the rest?

896 days ago


This has nothing to do with custody. If the judge thought it was in Lucia's best interest NOT to have more time with her dad, then that's how the judge would have ruled. Judges have 'wide discretion' when it comes to orders regarding the best interests of the child. Also, CA family services determined that both Mel and OG were good parents to Lucia. Just because Mel gets bent out of shape from time to time does not mean that he is not a good dad to Lucia, or his other children. By all accounts, ALL of his children do seem to be well-adjusted, and much of the credit goes to Robyn for that.

896 days ago


Please...I am an actor...I am a vegetarian...i have done a burger commercial...FOR THE MONEY...Mel will work with whoever will pay this point he is lucky any person of jewish persuasion would want to go near him...he is a name...he needs to go away...perhaps rent Jodie's coach house...

896 days ago


I was at this screening and watched the Q&A, It's obvious even in this small clip that Harry Knowles was pointing out that the director was Jewish to make a point: Mel Gibson is NOT anti-semetic. Mel Gibson is NOT a bigot. He is NOT racist. You don't break into Hollywood being a biggot. I'm sure even wanna be failed actors who work at TMZ know this. Let it go. Let Mel Gibson make his art.

896 days ago


How do you tell the difference between a "REAL" interviewer/journalist and some second rate hack? The Journalist asks questions pertaining to the film, the second rate hack looks for a reaction to some garbage posted on TMZ.

896 days ago


Tomorrows headlines, Oksana in emergency family court hearing to strip Gibson of custody.

896 days ago


Gees, dont mess with this NUT when he's hungry!

895 days ago


How is that awkward?? Jews gets so offended. Relax

895 days ago


God bless mell. Hope he can find peace

895 days ago


Wow.. not exactly a grilling, but props to the guy for having the balls to just put it out there. If there really were no problems they should have said so in a loud clear voice, to clear things up. Their mumbles and nervous laughs tell more of a story.

895 days ago


Hi TMX webmaster.... since I installed the latest Flash update [Mac OS- latest Lion version] I've noticed your videos just show the spinning small hourly balls.... the videos are fine in iOS on my iPad but the latest Flash update doesn't work with your site on regular Lion on desktops and laptops. I've double checked on different browsers and different macs and it's common amongst all of them. .. Have a look, thanks.

895 days ago

john anderson    

this clip is a positive for mel

895 days ago


didn't seem too akward and everybody seemed to get along fine. Also the only thing Harry Knowles (the host, and owner of the cool movie site grills is his steak

895 days ago


TMZ, Mr. Gibson did not appear uncomfortable to me as he answered the question. Neither did the host quickly change the subject. He was savvy enough to get the question out there first. This man is a person, he may have his own human failings which maybe he will have to answer to, but he doesn't give a hoot about what YOU AS TMZ (think about him) or even my comments written here. Leave this man with his family alone to sort out his difficulties. You show your bias in reporting on this man. Shame on you for casting judgment. I believe I will take a break from this site for awhile. You are biased in your reporting on several people.

895 days ago
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