Mel Gibson Grilled About Jewish Director After 'C**ksucker' Rant Leaks

4/18/2012 8:12 PM PDT

Just hours after Mel Gibson's latest expletive-riddled tirade was leaked onto the Internet, the actor was brazenly asked about his relationship with the Jewish director on his new film "Get the Gringo" -- and it was really, really awkward ...

It all went down moments ago at a Q&A session in Texas for Mel's movie -- the director, Adrian Grunberg, was wearing a Star of David necklace ... prompting the host to ask, "Did you [and Mel] have any trouble working together?"

Everyone laughed nervously at the question -- and Mel replied uncomfortably, "No."

Grunberg explained that he was indeed Jewish, but he's worked with Mel for years without a problem. Grunberg then joked, "I hate [Mel's] guts."

It's worth noting -- the third writer on the project (in addition to Grunberg and Gibson) is also Jewish.

The host quickly changed topics ...