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Casey Anthony's Lawyer

Thank You ABC

For Paying for Our Defense

4/19/2012 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's lawyer, has for the first time publicly acknowledged he was able to mount a successful defense thanks to the money he got from ABC news.

Baez, who appeared on PBS's "Frontline," explained how they got $200,000 from ABC for photos of Casey and Caylee, and that money was used "so we could mount a proper defense."

In 2010, Casey's team divulged in the trial that they spent $275,000 on the defense, and the major portion came from the ABC deal. Now Baez explains the money was critical in beating the murder rap.


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I would love to know if that $200,000.00 was claimed on Casey IRS form also the money from pictures at OLD NAVY.or Casey claiming she is indigent,Casey has not got off her butt to take any job.and Cindy enjoying the wealth that came with using her dead grandchild.There is no memorial for Caylee but the Anthony are living high.Clayee's Law is remembering Caylee,the Anthony's did NOTHING but grap all money for themselfs.I hope Zenaida ask for MILLIONS,AND HOPE THE PEOPLE OF ORLANDO WILL NOT STAND FOR ANY MORE USING fLORIDA TAX PAYERS MONEY.

917 days ago

linda thompson    

George and Cindi Antony knew from day one( when Casey was arrested) that Cayle had accidentley drowned the Monday after fathers's day. GA was a former cop he should had known cpr( probably too late for Cayle ) Caylee was most likely in the pool for hours) why all the $$ making efforts on George and Cindi Anthony's part about " find Caylee" etc??

917 days ago


Thought nobody was aloud to profit from their crimes?This is a injustice for all.ABC has NO morals!

917 days ago



917 days ago


You guys DO realize that ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX are all basically the same, right? Owned by the same people/shareholders...
Just turn off your TV's people!

917 days ago


Here's a BIG F'N F&*% YOU TO ABC!!! You suck!!! YOu have NO F'N MORALS, POS station!! Thank you for letting this POS "mom" be free!

917 days ago


Casey didn't profit from a crime. She was found innocent. And the main reason she was found innocent is no proof was ever found that a crime actually happen.

917 days ago


Way to go ABC, hope you sleep well at night. Because of you there will never be justice for Caylee. Hope those ratings gave you big ratings. I won't watch your channel.

917 days ago


I just wonder who else these backers of baby killers (ABC)are financing.Maybe the war on America.Maybe the terrorism that has all of us True Americans on edge every day.I agree BOYCOTT ABC and All their SPONSORS.Who's next George Zimmerman...

917 days ago


Linda--Caylee DID NOT die in a swimming pool. WAS THAT EVER PROVEN.She was DRUGGED TO DEATH,AND THROWN AWAY TO DECOMPOSE.and be eaten by rats.ASK YOURSELF were was Caylee the times before the 31 days when Casey claimed Clayee was with the nanny.there was NO NANNY.She was not in the swimming pool,where was she.?

917 days ago


Poor Beverly, did you not know there was a trial and she was found not guilty??? Get a life and everyone should thank ABC for helping an innocent person get a fair trial and set free after bogus claims!!! Thank you ABC for helping an American get justice!!!!

917 days ago


Hi Bev & Lin!

Well isn't it interesting to know where some of the money that CA has - has been coming from ABC! Wonder who else is in the mix, lets see here - the friend of one of CA's lawyers who owned the plane for the decoy that day, one of the lawyer's supplying the home, food, clothing, utilities, security, etc. since the trial ended. It would be interesting to know, who else is paying for CA's anything! Did she get a advance payment from anyone for a Book Deal? What about all her Back Taxes? Who is paying them? And why is the Probation Dept. & the State of Florida giving CA Special Treatment over anyone else? But like the majority of posters here - I agree with the sentiment about BOYCOTTING ABC! I know that I personally will no longer view that station after this nonsense! Anyone who supports and helps a Baby Killer is Not Welcomed in my home! ABC can Kiss My A**! Just my opinion mind you!

917 days ago


it reallly hurts all the fat cows on here that Casey Anthony is beautiful. And even after everything she's done she's a hundred times more f*ckable than any of the self hating chubs out there.

917 days ago


1) ABC is not a station it is a NETWORK. For all you idiot commenters out there.
2) She was found innocent. That means she did not do it. Get over it.
3) Boycott all you want. You will start watching again when they have something on you want to watch. Most of you commenters are hypocritical bible thumping morons.

917 days ago


This is not new news. We already knew the Anthonys made that money off those pictures when this all started.
In fact, the IRS is after Casey Anthony for unpaid taxes on that $200,000.

917 days ago
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